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Just want to know what coaches across the nation are doing as far as strength and conditioning competitions with there teams or what type of scoring systems are ran for testing. Want to get different ideas on creativity of these systems/competitions and how you use it to motivate your athletes.

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Great topic idea, Sergio. I'm trying to come up with a "scoring system" for our Men's Soccer team for when they return from summer break. I'm currently thinking something along the lines of having them earn 10 points total, and having different things break down at different point values, for example our conditioning test being worth 6 points (so that it's impossible to pass the entire thing without passing the conditioning test) and other things, like strengh indicators (squat, high pull, etc) being 1 point apiece. Any suggestions are definitely welcome.

Jordan, haven't got much response but from asking a couple coaches have gotten different ideas. One idea I heard is that they classify each score as Gold, Silver, or Bronze. So say on a test, whether its agility, conditioning, strength max's, you set a standard for each category on what it takes to be a Bronze Lifter, a Silver Lifter, or Gold Lifter. So just an example, if you take a max clean, you can say if you clean 225 thats bronze, if you clean 235 silver, 245 gold, etc. Thats one way I've heard & they accumulate all the assesments together and reward the athlete by categorizing them into a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Lifter.
At UCLA, they did something similar with there football team where they categorized every assesment into the following scoring systems: high school, college, all-conference, & all-american.
Hope this helps, I'm still open to more ideas and want to know what other programs are doing as well. How is everything going at WMU? What teams you working with?

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