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Oregon suspended newly hired strength coach Irele Oderinde without pay for a month, the result of incidents over the last week that left three Ducks football players hospitalized after offseason conditioning workouts that were led by him.  

Post season winter workouts are often the toughest team workouts in a football strength and conditioning cycle.  They are meant to push the athlete and instill a greater sense of team as the athletes push one another to complete the workouts.  But, how much is too much?  Moreover, with advancements in technologies that enable athlete monitoring, could technology have prevented the experience at Oregon by notifying a coach when an athlete is physically depleted?  

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It is interesting that with all the technology Oregon has that it didn't prevent the incident. A Performance Director at another university commented to me the irony with Oregon is all it would have taken to prevent was a good coach and a stopwatch.  It is interesting the NSCA pointed out the coach was not NSCA certified but seemed to do nothing in 2011 with Doyle and the Iowa situation which seemed worse (more players etc). Doyle was CSCS I guess?  The Oregon coach got suspended without pay while to my knowledge nothing was done to Doyle.

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