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For all of the College Strength & Conditioning Coaches it would be interesting to get your opinion on the comments Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis made regarding the NFL Combine...




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I agree a great deal. The best preparation would be if my guys would just keep coming to the Spring Semester Conditioning. They could get it for free.

On the other hand, it is nice to work with someone who will prepare you for exactly what to expect at the combine. As Steve Plisk says (and I paraphrase): it is like taking a test and you already know the answers. I, personally, do not have the time to do that. Some collegiate strength coaches do.

I had a guy leave school (not finishing his degree) to go out of state to go train. I let him know that I would help him any way I could, but his decision was to leave. Sure, he is getting more personal attention than I could give. However, as Marvin Lewis says, he can already run, jump, play, etc. He is genetically gifted and has a talent for his position. How much does that month of training mean to his chances? Very little in my opinion.

Any other angles on this?
he said the way they go about it is "asinine." not the actual work itself. i think thats the point you are missing.

trust me, you take some dudes who had almost zero work ethic when it comes to training and conditioning for a 4 year college career then all of a sudden they are going to "get ready" in 6 weeks? then you have people like ESPN make them out to be some Workout Warrior because they are at some training facility their agent hooked them up with. to me its all one big hype machine. like he said, the film doesnt lie

i took the opposite approach. if i had a kid with crappy work ethic that wanted me to work with them to get them ready, i kindly recommended they head elsewhere. i learned my lesson after waiting around many a saturday morning on dudes who would never show.
We had 2 guys get picked up this year, 1 guy drafted in the 5th, the other a priority free agent. both are on rosters, obviously when the chips fall they have to still make the team.

the QB went to fisher sports in arizona to train and work on his throwing mechanics. this was great for him, he was highly rated, played in the east west game and had some"questions" on his throwing technique because we were in the gun all the time. he got one on one training and still worked some on his running. he did great at the combine, ran a 4.85 - the fastest we had im at was 4.91, and more importantly he threw awesome at both the combine and our pro-day. he had to go somewhere to train, it wasn't about his #'s it was about him being ready to throw and play under center and as you know our OC was on the road recruiting and i by no means could help him with that.

The OL stayed and did everything with the team, the 6am runs, the 7:15am lifts, and even the team conditioning. his goals were to gain weight, he went from 295 to 317, and be in shape for when he got the call to camp. this kid ran a 4.83 & 4.85 at his pro-day and packed on 20+lbs, in the summer at 295 he ran a 4.80 for us. He is a workout warrior and did great in all the tests and worked with our OL guy and the former OL guy from time to get ready for his position drills.

2 totally different cases, the same result, I think it depends on the kid and what he has to work on, we couldn't have prepared the QB to be the best he could be for what he needed, and the OL would have gotten less out of being somewhere else, his goal was to test well but more importantly be in great condition to fight and make the team.

The one thing the scouts always stressed to me was time and time again guys train for the "tests" and not the game, get to mini-camp and tap out because they are gassed. at the end of the day the #'s and film might get you a shot, but no one makes it if the can't get through practice.
I have some colleages in the nfl (strength&conditioning) and they flat out told me they dont like the combine prep programs. I do understand working with the 1 on 1 training but what if they have a totally different philosophy about running, jumping, etc? Then you have to learn everything all over again there way. As they mentioned earlier, why not stay with your coach who got you there in the 1st place. Then again I understand working with a qb coach just 1 on 1. The point Im trying to make is you gotta make the right choice and make sure your in the right situation.

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