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Hey everyone, I hope this finds you well. I was curious if anyone has any good sources (web, dvd, books) on sprint technique and also on drills to improve speed. I would really appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks a lot in advance.

Will Stewart

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Check out the DVD's from Parisi Speed School, they do some really good stuff. Explosive Running by Michael Yessis is a good book to get also
thanks for the help Paul. i appreciate it.
speed dynamics - dvd set
I agree with the parisi suggestion as well. 40 yd was informative. They also spent some time researching and studying the 40yd before making the video. I am looking for some more resources as well.
You could take a level 1 USA Track and Field course. They are usually on the weekends and what you would want to do is found the back ground of the coach that is instructing it. I know if you are able to attend a USATF course that Loren Seagrave is instructing you will come away with alot of info about sprint training.

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