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Trigger points - hypersensitive knots of tissue that form between other tissue - can have a drastic effect on athletic performance.  The traditional medical community tends to ignore trigger point therapy and instead rely on medications and physical therapists and athletic trainers tend to rely on ultra sound, stim, ice and taping.  Research is showing that ultrasound and electrostimulation are basically worthless in treating trigger points.


The issue here is that when there are trigger points present in a muscle, the contractions and toxic waiste buildup, will hinder stretching and strenfthening.  These facts should be paramount in the minds of anyone helping athletes to perform better. 


I find that eliminating trigger points prior to strength training, provides the athlete with a much better chance of improvement in strength and flexibility.


Triggers cause all kinds of pain and discomfort.  The trigger may be in one place, but the actual pain may be in another place.  This is why focus on the actual site of pain may not help.  Rather , we sould trace the pain back to the trigger and eliminate it.


Check out my sebsite where trigger maps are located.


I'd be interested in your thoughts.


Doc Warnock, LMT

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