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I am selling multiple pieces of commercial gym equipment. The equipment is generally in good shape and ready to use, most larger pieces have been disassembled for ease of storage/moving.

$350 Each-Hammer Strength Incline Bench w/ Spotter Stand (Blue Frame/Black Pad)

(SOLD)-Hammer Strength Flat Bench (Blue Frame/Black Pad)

(SOLD)-Nautilus Lateral Raise Machine (Blue Frame/Black Pad)

$350 Each-(3)Hammer Strength Flat Bench (Silver Frame/Purple Pad)

$350-Hammer Strength Decline Bench w/ Leg Brace (Silver Frame/Purple Pad)

$300-Hammer Strength ISO-Leg Extension (Silver Frame/Purple Pad)

$400-Hammer Strength Prone Leg Curl (Silver Frame/Purple Pad)

$450-Hammer Strength Abduction Machine (Blue Frame/Black Pad)

$300-Hammer Strength Seated Leg Curl (Blue Frame/Black Pad)

$300-Hammer Strength Seated Leg Extension (Blue Frame/Black Pad)

$300-Hammer Strength Tibia Machine (Silver Frame/Purple Pad)

$900-Hammer Strength Linear Leg Press (White Frame/Black Pad)

$180-Hammer Strength Commercial Plate Stand (White Frame)

$500 Each-(3)Hammer Strength Olympic Platform (Finished wood, no logo 6'X8')

$150 Each-(2)Dip/Hanging Leg Raise Stand (Gray Frame/Purple Pad)

(SOLD)-Powermax Olympic Plates (2x45, 2x35, 2x25) (57 cents/pound)

(SOLD)-(11)35lb Rubber Bumper Plates (52 cents/pound)

(SOLD)-(6)ProMaxima 10lb Bumper Plates (50 cents/pound)

$500-(28) Steel 35lb Plates (Combination of York/Olympic Barbell (52 cents/pound))

If you have any questions, please contact me and I will answer as quickly as possible.

I am willing to listen to reasonable offers.

Benjamin Wojtas

AAPHS Strength and Conditioning Coach


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