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I am taking on an 8th grade female hooper this summer.  I have the agility and speed stuff set for the workouts, but I also want to increase her strength.  The problem is that she has no prior lifting experience. So my thought was to stick with bodyweight exercises.  Besides push-ups, dips and pull ups does anyone have any hoop related exercises that they perform regularly?  Thanks

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I gotta tell you I think limiting yourself to bodyweight only exercises is a mistake.  Shes in 8th grade, so this is a great time to teach her basic technique for lifts like the squat and deadlift.  Few moves have more carryover to sport and are better at building full body strength than the squat and deadlift in my opinion.  But if youre really not comfortable with it, then Id say multi-directional lunges and physioball hamstring curls are great basketball specific exercises that should be a part of any baller's program.  


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