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Last week the question came up about how to control your weight room. You are the king of your castle. The landlord of your tenants. The sheppard of the sheep. 

I had to look to find the proof... Attached is the proof we used to have blown up and placed in the weight room. These weight room rules, and the DO IT RIGHT banner (normally painted) have been everywhere I have been over the past 10+ years. 

Rules are only as good as the person who enforces them. You have to be prepared to enforce the rules with the kids you want to strangle, and you 5-star D1 college bound athletes. There can be no favoritism, there can be no different translation. They are what they are. 

Again, this is what works for me. This is what my head coaches, administration, and team trainers enforce and adhere too. It works for us and what we do. You must find a middle ground, but DO NOT forget. Strength coaches are as good as the efficiency and effectiveness of their product.


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