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I am looking to get back into collegiate and professional strength and conditioning. I'm currently looking for volunteer and internships opportunities. I have been doing personal training for the past 5 years and through that I got to work with a handful of athletes along with general population clients. I currently run the Carmel USA Wrestling Club middle school strength program that is ran 6-8 weeks during the fall semester and spring semester. I want to continue to gain experience to help me reach my goal. I have attached my resume below.


I have been a weightlifting coach/strength coach for 6 years along with being a fire fighter in the Greater New Orleans Area and a Combat Fire Fighter in the US Air Force for 6 years before that. I want to make coaching elite athletes(collegiate/pro/tactical ops) my full time profession. I have never coached at that high of a level but know that given the opportunity, I will demonstrate my abilities as a motivator, knowledge of the craft and more importantly my dedication to learn from those above me. 

All I need is the opportunity!

Brad Raines


My name is Taylor Kontaxis, I am seeking a GA position or an internship for Fall of 2017. I have had two previous internships one at Wichita State ( DI ) working with Men's and Womens Basketball and Womens Volleyball. My other internship was with Northern State University ( DII ) working with Wrestling, Softball, Baseball, Swimming, Soccer, and Volleyball. I will be graduated this Summer of 2017 and currently working towards my CSCS certification. I have attached my resume and cover letter. I am free throughout the day via email and phone. 

Attached is my current resume, thank you for the opportunity!

Good Evening,

I am interested in obtaining a role as a Graduate Assistant in 2018, as I hope to further my development as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

In terms of experience, I currently serve as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Lithia Springs High School in Douglasville, Georgia where I work hands on with Football, Wrestling, and Track and Field. Prior to my current role, I was a Strength and Conditioning Intern at Northern Michigan University in Marquette Michigan and Louisiana College, located in Pineville, Louisiana. Before entering the college ranks, I served a private Strength and Conditioning Coach at Ocular Sports in Powder Springs, Georgia. In my years of experience I have worked with a wide variety of teams, and have had the opportunity to differentiated programming for many sports. My main sport over the years has been Football, however I have also worked with Men's and Women's Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball, and even Cheerleading.

With previous experience in the field, and gaining the experience I have gained as a Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the high school level I feel I ready to step into a Graduate Assistant role and further my knowledge as coach. In terms of certifications, I will be working on obtaining my CSCS this Winter/Spring, and I'm currently set to obtain my USAW certification in the next month. 

My coaching philosophy is also centered on fostering growth and relationship building with my players as young men. Through my building of relationships I emphasize growth, accountability in all aspects, a blue collar work ethic, and molding young men into future leaders in society. As a coach I have a holistic approach to building an athlete that prepares not just for play on the field, but as they maneuver through life having the necessary tools to be great citizens, fathers, husbands, etc.


I hope this description provides some insight into what I know, and what I could offer as a member of your staff.

To give a little more detail as to what my experience embodies, I have attached my resume to this post for future reference.

Thanks for the time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Coach Jon Davis

Lithia Springs High School

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach






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