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The University of Minnesota has a paid internship position available beginning June 2017- June 2018.

Interested applicants should follow the link below to view the posting under internship descriptions. Applicants must apply via the gophersports website using the internship application link.

Internship: Strength and Conditioning Supervisor: Cal Dietz, Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning-Olympic Sports Required Qualifications:  Bachelor's degree  Experience in strength and conditioning  NSCA or CSCCA certification (required by NCAA) Preferred Qualifications:  Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology or related field Internship Description: The goal of the internships in Strength and Conditioning are to promote the development of young coaches, contribute to the progression of the human performance field, and provide the highest level of service to the U of M student-athletes. Interns will have the opportunity to assist the lead strength and conditioning coach in respective facilities with implementing cutting edge technology and methodologies giving the intern an extraordinary learning opportunity. A one year appointment allows the intern to assist with an entire training year and provides the unique opportunity of getting to develop coaching relationships with teams and athletes over an entire competitive season. This is a valuable perspective for anyone wanting to enter the field, as the intern will learn the importance of consolidation and management of stressors within the athletes training and living environment and techniques and strategies to do so. Interns will engage in the formation and implementation of comprehensive training plans with particular emphasis on Men’s and Women’s Hockey, Men’s Swimming and Women’s Soccer. The interns allow the strength staff to provide a higher quality of service across teams as they have additional hands-on assistance during training sessions. Interns will have an initial period of observation, followed by supervision as needed. Review will happen on a daily basis. You are expected to ask for assistance when needed. Cal Dietz (Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning) will mentor this internship. A general description of the internship opportunity is as follows: Receive “hands on” learning experiences with: 1. Assist in monitoring and implementation of strength and conditioning programs for various sports. This includes setup for warmups and workouts, technique instruction during strength training, speed and agility, conditioning and recovery sessions. 2. Assist with post-workout recovery methods and post-workout nutrition. 3. Assist with athlete evaluations and screenings and performance testing. 4. Assist with data collection, data entry and evaluation for athlete monitoring systems and athlete recovery questionnaires. 5. Assist with delivering strength and conditioning curriculum to volunteer student interns which includes demonstration of exercise technique, explanation of programming setup and terminology, assisting with research for lecture topics, and assist with weekly practical coaching sessions. 6. Assist with daily facility cleaning and maintenance. Assisting with stocking post workout nutrition coolers and fueling stations at various facilities. 7. Assist in research regarding training methodology, human physiology and sports performance. You will be invited to participate in an on-going ICA intern development program. 

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