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I havent been on here to post much lately, but I'd like to try to jump start this group.

Homemade Equipment - What do you have and a brief explanation.

- Softball Pull Up Grips - Softball with an Eye bolt through it, chained to the rack.
- Homemade med ball - basketball stuffed with sand and replugged with a tire repair kit, and inflated.
- Tons of homemade grip equipment - Hub extenders, thick grips, pinch blocks.
- Slosh Pipe
- Sled - Bent and welded metal
- Rolling Pullup Bar - Pipe suspended from an I beam.
There's a lot more, I'll just have to think about it. Post 'um up!

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I got a softball with eyebolt through it also, 2x4 with eyebolt through it for pinch lifting, thick bars 2and 3" wrist roller out of pvc pipe, viking press out of wood.
I just added a huge homemade equipment directory to the website for everyone's use.


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