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I see this question pop up on boards all the time. Where did you guys pick up your odd objects to train with? I'll start with part of my list:
- Keg - Paid deposit at a distributor - $30 in NY
- Sangbag - Military Duffel bag off of Ebay($9ish) and stuffed it with all kinds of stuff. An "official" one coming from APT.
- Large Tires - A local tractor tire place. -Free
- Small Tires - Garage down the street - Free
- Stones for pinching - Local Park - Free
- Pulling Sled - Welded it up from scrap metal coming from my bro's work - free
- Farmers Walk Handles - Pitbull Strongman - $135ish
- Pressing log - Pitbull Strongman - Don't recall, around 150.
- Mace - Ryan Pitts over at Stronger Grip
- 2 in rope - McMaster Car - 50 feet around 145 shipped
- 3 in rope - 60 feet, $60 used from a person I met online
- Shot puts - Some online track store - 16 and 20 lb around $88
- Pushing/pulling sled - Local machine shop - $165

I'll stop there, what and where did you guys pick up your un-ordinary equipment?


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I have made the majority of my stuff but my sleds I make are made from car and truck tires and the total cost to make one sled is just a couple of bucks. You can see some picks for ideas on my website: My sandbags are military duffle bags but I do plan on getting some good ones from Josh Henkin. I have also gotten many ideas from the Diesel Crew guys-Smitty and Jedd. Just keep your eyes open and you will be surprised at what you can pick up for free and train with. For example, I helped my brother-n-law remodel an old house and kept all the old window weights from it-I came up with training workouts for them and now I train my athletes with them.


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