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Craig Fitzgerald Joins Penn State's Football Staff as Head Strength Coach


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Penn State head football coach Bill O'Brienhas announced the appointment of Craig Fitzgerald as Director of Strength and Conditioning for Football.

Fitzgerald joins the Penn State staff following three seasons as Director of Football Strength…


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Building on Strengths

I was rereading some parts of the book Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath last night and it made me think about applying those concepts to training athletes. So often in evaluating our athletes and subsequently designing the training programs we focus on the weakness, what they can’t do and ignore the strengths, what they can do. We work so hard on the weaknesses that the strengths erode, in…


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Teaching the 1-Leg SLDL using a Band

One of the hardest movements that most athletes take to grasp, in my opinion, is hip hinging, but more specifically, hinging on one leg.  It is for that specific reason that I feel that everyone should be able to do it with technical proficiency and why we include it in our dynamic warm-up for everyone.  Most of the errors that I see with 1-leg SLDL are……


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Sport is not isolated from society; it is a microcosm of the society in which we live. So it is naïve to think that the discipline problems that exist in society will not exist on our teams. We can bemoan the lack of discipline or we can do something about it.

For the young athlete to learn discipline demands guidance. We as coaches…


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Is Personal Training Overrated?

From time to time, parents and/or kids at my school will opt to see a personal trainer instead of participate in our school's strength & conditioning program. We know this is a decision made at all levels of scholastic sponsored and even professional level sports. There are a lot of reasons athletes and/or their parents choose to go outside of the particular organization they are affiliated with: the most popular probably being that said parents and/or athletes think an outside source…


Added by Dave Schall on January 28, 2012 at 1:00pm — 3 Comments

Lessons I have learned Earning An Advanced Degree From School of Hard Knocks

The following are some lessons that have learned in my years of coaching. I was going through some files yesterday and I found this list that I wrote in 2005 after two particularly negative professional experiences in the previous year. I thought it would be worth sharing. Some these were hard lessons to learn and some were quite apparent from the day I started coaching.…


Added by Vern Gambetta on January 27, 2012 at 6:55am — 3 Comments

Athletes needing to get back in shape safely and quickly try Swedish Interval Training !!! Similar to HITT style

Having Worked with athletes from D1-D3, many times you get athletes that need to get back in shape. Often you get some whom have not been in summer workouts and want magic to happen before the start of camp! Not going to happen!!! The approach has to be fast but safe. This Swedish Interval Training is what I often use to address this. (mostly at D3 many athletes are back home in summer,school does not pay for any housing or food). I do this 1-2 weeks with them and then smoothly get them back…


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Facilitating Sport Science

The difficulty of having dialogue about the "sport science" area is perplexing.  Open discussions about issues in the field are not only discouraged but can just disappear without any explanations.  True sport science that involves interaction between sport scientists, conditioning coaches, and sport coaches seems to be virtually non-existent in the U.S. as a former mentor of mine Dr. Mike Stone has pointed out in articles and presentations. 

In the U.S., we have universities that use…


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Make It Simple!

Anyone can make things complicated; the genius lies in making things simple. In designing and implementing a training program nothing could be truer. I have said many times in this blog – simplicity yields complexity. The body is smart. It has the ability to take simple basic movements and turn them into magical patterns of coordinated skills. Master the basics; the simple and the complex will follow. Put the body into…


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"Athletic" specific vs. "Sport" specific....Is one better than the other for high school athletes?

In an age when sport specialization is becoming more prevalent, and at younger and younger ages, you might say that the result of this culture shift has led to the creation of all the workout programs, program philosophies, and personal "trainers", we now see. Each with some sort of an endorsement that they will create the next blue chip athlete. When it comes to high school athletes, can we consider training every boy and girl from…


Added by Dave Schall on January 25, 2012 at 3:00pm — 2 Comments

Be A Leader: Ray Lewis' postgame speech

1 Winning Drive takes viewers inside the Ravens' locker room after their loss in the AFC Championship game.  Listen to Ray Lewis' postgame speech:

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Make It Count

Make every rep, every, run, every jump and every throw count! Work without a purpose is not training, it is just work that will make you tired but will not make you better. To have real purpose the work must be meaningful and mindful. Each training session is part of an ongoing process of self-improvement – progress toward the ultimate goal of excellence in the competitive arena. Don’t waste any opportunities to get…


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How should we view weightlifting's role in strength & conditioning programs?

In the "strength & conditioning program" context,is there a difference between Training weightlifters knowing that the byproduct of that will also result in a better athlete, and Using weightlifting to train athletes knowing the same outcome?

Added by Dave Schall on January 24, 2012 at 11:00am — 19 Comments

Some Thoughts on Recovery - Part Four

There are some simple basic guidelines for restoration depending on the timing in relation to the workout. Within the workout, allow adequate rest between exercises and the various types of work based on the type of work. This rest should preferably be active in nature. A major recovery consideration intra workout is proper nutrition. During the workout this should consist of fluid replacement and carbohydrate…


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Importance of the College Football Strength Coach

Blog from Cavalier Power:

How important is a College Football Strength and Conditioning Coach?

I just read an article in which Nick Saban and Urban Meyer called their Strength and Conditioning Coach the most important assistant…


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Thoughts on Recovery - Part Three

The key to management of the recovery process is a sound system of monitoring training to accurately assess the stress of training. Monitoring is analogous a compass that keeps training on the correct path.  It occurs on several levels, all of which are important.  The simplest level is just recording the results of the workout.  This is a dual responsibility – for the coach and the athlete. It is not an option, it is…


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Thoughts on Recovery - Part Two

The global objectives of recovery/regeneration and the general strategies to address them are:

1) Restore Glycogen Levels -. The goal of recovery is Glycogen levels to at least to pre exercise levels. In order to be effective carbohydrate (CHO) should be taken within a 2-hr. window after exercise. Low…


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Road blocks

As an assistant strength coach, I don't deal directly with most of the coaching staff or administration (AD, Compliance officer, etc.). That's the head strength coach's job and I don't envy certain aspects of it. But it does give me the opportunity to see certain road blocks in advance and  to think ahead of how I might handle many of the obstacles a fledgling program might face. 

It seems in most cases, if not all, that the coaches and administrators with whom I work simply don't…


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Titans Reject Jeff Fisher's Attempt To Hire Strength And Conditioning Coach


The ink has barley dried on Jeff Fisher's new contract with the St. Louis Rams. Since signing the deal on Tuesday, Fisher has been in the process of filling out his coaching staff. Those efforts hit a road block on Thursday when the…


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