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Training Session Considerations

Each training session should a have general theme. This general theme in turn should be supported by objectives for each component of the training session that are very specific and measurable. When planning an individual training session, ask yourself what do I most need to accomplish? How does that fit into the bigger picture? Carefully consider the time available. The key is to design the sessions so that there is a…


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Periodization in Perspective

Matveyev did not invent Periodization. He was one of many who formalized the concept. Because he was Russian, and the Soviet Union was the dominant geopolitical force in the communist bloc, Soviet ideology tended to prevail even in sport. I believe this explains the dominant influence of the Soviets in the literature of training methodology. Certainly others like Harre in the GDR, Nadori in Hungary all made significant…


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The Child Obesity Plague

In a recent study released today, 1 in 6 children are considered "obese".  This isn't a new revelation and I'd venture to say that the results of this study made few raise an eyebrow given that the sight of overweight children seems to move closer to the norm with every passing year.  

I'll stop short of saying that it's become an "acceptable" norm as I'd like to continue to believe the percentage of society that doesn't believe overweight children is acceptable still…


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Denver Broncos strength coach Rich Tuten not returning in 2012


Rich Tuten, the Broncos' strength-and-conditioning coach since 1995, will not be back in 2012.

Tuten notified several players that he was informed by the club his contract would not be renewed. The team confirmed it is in the process of identifying candidates to head its strength and conditioning program.

"After 17 years the Broncos have decided to make a change in their…


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Meyer relies on Strength Coach Marotti for tougher Buckeyes

Via BuckeyeXtra:

By Rob Oller The Columbus Dispatch

Coach Urban Meyer saved the best for last. Standing on the wooden floor of Value City Arena at halftime of Ohio State’s men’s basketball game against Indiana, he introduced — not a veiled guarantee…


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Conjugated periodization for collegiate athletics - a perspective

There are many approaches to strength coaching, but all have the same key goals – prepare the athletes for the physical rigors of competition.  This includes everything from foundational strength, sport specific conditioning, injury prevention and pre-habilitation, to team spirit building and psychological preparation, and many more things in between. 

But at the core of it all is strength and conditioning, as the job title indicates.  Studies repeatedly demonstrate that during…


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Strength Coach Corey Edmond excited to return to NC State


Before the head strength and conditioning coach position for the NC State football team opened up this winter, it had been quite some time since former four-year letterwinner Corey Edmond had been back to Raleigh.

In fact, it had been since 2003, when the Murphy Center opened, that Edmond…


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Offseason conditioning program vital for Miami


CORAL GABLES — Hurricanes coach Al Golden instituted a grueling offseason conditioning program last January, which he termed "U Tough" and which included a "Fifth Quarter" segment that truly tested a players' strength both physically and mentally.

This week, the 'Canes will be back for more —…


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Some More Biomechanics and Movement

Once you understand how the body functions as a kinetic chain then the next step is to train movements not muscles. The basic movements are rotating, bending, extending, pushing, reaching, and pulling.  Why is this so important? Neurologically the brain does not recognize individual muscles; rather it recognizes patterns of movement in response to sensory input. The…


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HSP Videos

The first round of videos are up on the new YouTube channel (which you can subscribe to here). …


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Biomechanics and Coaching

Biomechanics is the science of human motion. It is a science that helps us to understand the human body as a system of relationships and interactions that produce smooth efficient movement. It studies the effects of internal and external forces on the human body in both movement and rest. The challenge is to make this science that can be quite technical and complex practical and applied. I have found it helps to think of…


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Middle Tennessee's Jason Spray elevated to Head Football Strength Coach

Reported on

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – Middle Tennessee Head Coach Rick Stockstill announced today he has elevated Jason Spray to Head Football Strength Coach. Spray takes over for Russell Patterson.

“I really want to thank Chris Massaro and Coach Stockstill for this opportunity,” said Spray. “There’s not many people who get to work in this capacity at…


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Lou Riecke, Pittsburgh Steelers Strength and Conditioning Coach , 1970-1980

Posted by Pittsburgh Sports Daily Bulletin

Lou Riecke:

You started off lifting weights in high school, correct? What got you started as a weightlifter and what did you enjoy so much about it?

Well, I wanted to gain weight to play football. I always was a skinny kid. A fellow in class lifted – I…


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USC's third-year strength and conditioning coach talks about offseason progress

Write-up by ESPN

LOS ANGELES -- The USC Trojans got back to work this week with winter offseason conditioning efforts under the direction of strength and conditioning coach Aaron Ausmus. Over the next two months, Ausmus will be in charge of getting the team ready for 2012 spring practice, and WeAreSC sat down with Ausmus to…


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Training - Some Random Thoughts

What is training? Training is not about the hurt, pain, not about puking and being at the max in each workout. That is not training. Training is systematic; it incorporates hard workouts and easy workouts to allow the body to adapt. Work is easy, training is hard. Anyone can do mindless work that wears out the body; not very many can focus and put the pieces together to systematically improve performance over…


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Where is the Athleticism?

Where have all the athletes gone? At first that may seem like a very naïve statement, but lets examine it further. Look beyond the numbers, the spectacular performances at the elite levels of sport. Injuries are skyrocketing. What is missing? It is athleticism. We know it when we see it! We talk about it, but do we know how to develop it? What is it? Lets begin by defining the term. Athleticism is the ability to execute…


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Boese Named Aztec Football Strength & Conditioning Coach


Jan. 12, 2012

San Diego State head coach Rocky Long announced the hiring Thursday of Joey Boese as the Aztec football team's strength and conditioning coach. Boese (pronounced boze-EH), who played collegiately at Wisconsin, comes to The Mesa…


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Extra Strength: The Most Important Hire A College Football Head Coach Can Make

Via ThePostGame:

You've never heard of them, but Mickey Marotti and Bennie Wylie are two of the most important football coaches in America.

They're hires made within the last year at Ohio State University and the University of Texas, and they are already altering the future of both programs dramatically, in more ways than you could…


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Middle Distance & Distance Running and Speed

Speed First! Yes you must work on speed first and foremost. It must be part of every training cycle. I find it quite amusing when I hear a runner say that I have been working on base work, but I have not started speed work yet. The problem with that approach is that they are not training to run fast, they are training to run far, and they hope that the fast will come. The inevitable result is undue soreness and greater…


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Mach Sprint Drills – A Personal & Historical Perspective

I am going to lend a bit of a historical perspective on the Mach sprint drills. I must emphasize that this is my perspective and opinion based on discussion, observation as well as my coaching experience. I was first introduced to the Mach drills in 1975 by a group of Canadian athletes training in Santa Barbara Calif. They showed me the drills and gave me an article on the drills written by the originator of the drills,…


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