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True North

Keep your compass oriented to true north – true north is a strong guiding force, no hype, no false prophets, no guruism, and no quick fixes – Just straight facts. What is true north? It is quite simple, nothing fancy or especially trendy, it is the basics. It is fundamental movements progressing to more complex movements as the fundamental movement skills are mastered. It is sound training principles guiding the…


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The Arnold, Eagles, Nike And More...

Two weeks until you can learn from a IMPRESSIVE line up of presenters in New Jersey - Keith Gray of the Philadelphia Eagles tops the list for sure. Reserve your seat today at

The itinerary for Feb 28 in Virginia is also posted for you too. This event will probably sell out. So register today at …


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Decoding the Science of Flow [New Series]

How can you CONSISTENTLY feel and perform your best?

In this brand new podcast series on decoding the science of flow, I decided to go to the world's leading source, Steven Kotler, author of the book 'The Rise of Superman' and find out how we can tap the…


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Writing Programs: My thought Proccess

One of the questions I get a lot is how do I write programs for my athletes.  Most people don’t seem to understand how much effort goes into this.  There is a lot of research involved when you work with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. I read the journals every month to keep up with the latest information that is currently in the field.  I am not going to pretend I read every article every month but I pick out the ones that I am interested in or that pertain to an athlete…


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Injury Prevention - A Transparent Process

Injury prevention is implicit in a sound comprehensive training program. The program must address all components and dimensions of training in a balanced manner. (The key here is multilateral unbiased training) Train the athlete in a program that addresses sport demands and meets the athletes individual needs and 99% of injury prevention will be taken care of. Simple in concept but complex in application but it can and…


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Football Agility: It's not about the strength

I know that my thoughts in the blog post that I wrote here probably won't be the most popular among many S&C Coaches in our field. And, honestly, that's perfectly fine. However, I firmly believe that we must look much more closely at how complex the football agility equation really is & begin to constructively think of ways in which we can impact each of the important factors at-hand in its regard.


To read the full blog, click this link:…


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Many strength coaches and personal trainers find periodization to be rigid, generic and complicated

Many strength coaches and personal trainers find periodization to be rigid, generic and complicated - and even irrelevant - that is why I am sharing Flexible Periodization Method.

Do you ever make changes to the training programs that you have created for your athletes and fitness clients? What do you do if your athletes/fitness clients stop making progress?

If you ever create ANY form of changes to the…


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Youth Sport Today – How We Got There

Where we are today in youth sport today with the “pay to play” model did not happen overnight. This post is meant give some historical context for why we are where we are today. This is excerpted from my new book that I am working on called “Developing Athletes.”

1969 when I started coaching was probably the height of…


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If You Use Sports Performance Technology...

Do you currently use technology within your training program?

In this podcast series I interview Coach Jose Fernandez, one of the world's leading sports performance technology consultants who works with four of the English Premier League…


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Looking Through A Different Lens

I’m kind of a sports science guy in some regards with an in the field type background.  It’s taken many life and professional experiences to shape my training mindset today.  I don’t see this as being a constant rather it seems to be a state of flux. 

The foundations for promoting changes in human…


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The Secret – The Way – The Answer

There are no secrets.

There is no one-way.

The answer is that there is no answer.

So stop looking for secrets, stick with the basics and build on them. Don’t look for…


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Developing Athletes - Art & Science

This whole process of developing athletes is both an art and a science. This is a careful blend, not an either or proposition. In today’s world of rapid change and scientific advances it is easy to get caught up in the science and minimize the art. It is very important to strive to constantly achieve a balance. Coaching practice should be rooted in science, but ultimately it is practice-based evidence that is important.…


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Strength – Global Considerations

Of all the biomotor qualities strength may the most all-encompassing. There is no form of motion that does not require some expression of force; therefore all sports will derive benefit from sport appropriate strength training. The key here is that it is sport appropriate. The physical quality of strength is the underpinning for the optimum development of the other biomotor qualities.…


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Not All Force Production

Often, we in the profession discuss force production and try and design methods of exercise for athletes to produce more force in the training setting.  This will make them more "forceful" on the competition field, too, right?  Maybe.

In the lab, we can…


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What is the purpose of training?

Do you have a purpose to the…


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How do I Register For the CONCUSSION SUMMIT?

First, go to and fill out the contact us form. Once we receive…


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Child Champions – Where are they now?

Trophy chasing and medal hunting at young ages is frivolous at best and harmful to the long-term development of the athletes. Child champions and age group record holders do not have a good track record of long-term success. Undue emphasis on results gives the youngster and their entourage a distorted sense of their actual abilities, value and self worth, which seems to stifle the desire to keep working to improve. The…


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Look for connections in the body.

Train to enhance the connections.

Take advantage of the connections.…


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A Conversation With Dan Trink

The line ups are STACKED for the STT Regional Events in New Jersey and Virginia on Feb 14 and 28 respectively on . YOU HAVE TO REGISTER TODAY! Seats are going quick. Reserve yours today!

Remember that for staffs or coaches who want to bring 5 or more, there is a discount available. Take advantage of this opportunity by emailing me at …


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It’s not the weight room

A beautiful weight room with polished floors, tons of weights, machines that go bing, beep and burp surrounded with walls of mirrors all in a strictly controlled air conditioned environment set at an optimum 72 degrees may not be all that it appears to be. It’s not the weight room it is what happens there that matters. Is real coaching going on or is supervision with everyone doing the same program? It’s not the weight…


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