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Work S.M.A.R.T.

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Get Your Mind Right With Dr. Rob Bell On

Presentation titles and itineraries for the STT Regional Events in New Jersey and Virginia on Feb 14 and 28 respectively are being added to STT today. These line ups will once again feature interactive and engaging presentations, demonstrations, lectures, and learn-by-doing segments. Check it out at

Remember that for staffs or coaches who want to bring 5 or…


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Some Random Thoughts

I write down random thoughts that are stimulated by what I am reading or I see in my coaching. Here are few that might get you thinking:

Combine instinct with intellect

Don’t let urgent overtake…


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The Journey Continues

I started the day today the first day of my 45th year of coaching with a dryland session with the Sarasota Sharks at 4:55 AM. I began coaching in January 1969 (An El Niño year of near record rainfall – 40 plus inches, fortunately we had just gotten a new asphalt track so we never missed a workout. Amazing what 440 yards of bad road can enable you to do when you don’t know any better) at Santa Barbara high…


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Creating a New Generation of Super Athletes [Part 1]

In this podcast series I interview Mark McClusky, author of the New York Times Best Seller 'Faster, Higher, Stronger'. Here in part one we discuss the following:

-What's the story behind "The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be your ownly sustainable advantage." (introduction)

-Why should coaches know about this idea of 'the aggregation of marginal…


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Make Practice Count!

Anyone can work and go through the motions of training. That will even get you a little better for a short time (Longer if you are gifted with exceptional talent) but eventually you will have to pay the piper. Make practice count, come to practice fully engaged in mind and body. Train with purpose and direction. Have a plan for each session, work the plan and immediately post practice evaluate the plan and get ready for…


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2014 My Year in Books

This is my top ten list of the 125 books I read in 2014 and ten honorable mentions. This list could have been easily twice as long as there were so many good books that I read last year.…


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What Matters

As we start a new year just a brief reflection on what matters in coaching. As coaches we do not coach sports, we coach people who participate in sports. The human element, seeing the athlete grow athletically and as people is what makes coaching so rewarding. Records, wins and championships pale into insignificance as time passes; it is the relationships that are remembered, the struggle not the triumph. Take a moment…


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