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GAIN 2016 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is GAIN?

This is a community of professionals eager to learn and willing to share ideas and information. GAIN is not about more exercises, sets, reps and training methods it is about passionate people who pursue excellence with honesty, integrity and respect to make a difference in the lives of the people we coach…


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Acute:chronic workload ratio key to minimize risk

Tim Gabbett's acute:chronic workload ratio is a key to minimize risk and maximize fitness...Track it easily with

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Subjective measures of fatigue, sleep quality, DOMS better than heart rate indices

New study shows that subjective measures of fatigue, sleep quality, DOMS are more sensitive than heart rate indices to detect daily fluctuations in training load in elite soccer players.

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PLAY first! - That is where it all starts. Sport is not supposed to be work it is play. Start with free play that is natural and instinctive; it does not require coaching or supervision. In free play the children, not the adults, determine the structure so they follow their instincts and explore all dimensions of movement with the only limitations their imaginations. The youngster will learn the joy of athletic movement…


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20 Tips for a Successful Athlete Monitoring Program

This article includes 20 tips and tricks from experienced coaches, therapists and researchers that will help you implement and manage an effective, sport-specific and financially sustainable athlete monitoring program.


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Should You Let Your Athletes Choose Their Sets & Reps

In part two of the podcast series on 'Strength Training & Coordination w/Frans Bosch' we discuss the following:

  • Can you explain in a little more detail your approach to letting your athletes choose their sets and reps? (the concept you discussed in pt 1)

  • What are one or two practical drills that coaches can…


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Under four weeks until New Jersey and seven until Virginia.

The time is NOW to register for the 6th Annual Strength and Conditioning/Athletic Development New Jersey Clinic on Saturday, February 13. Register on-line today to reserve your ticket to tour the NutraBio facility with CEO Mark Glazier too. Find out more info at


Registrations have already started coming in for…


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Tactical EP Position

Hey, there's a permanent, full-time EP slot available at Westover Air Force Base in Mass.  Applicants do need to have "status" (former military or full-time govt employee).  The job closes tomorrow, a great opportunity for an EP with a tactical-training mindset.

Here's the job link:…


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How to Train Smarter and Harder : Monitor optimal training loads

Evidence-based athlete monitoring is key to train smarter and harder and preventing injuries. And it is both simple and cost-effective as described in this must read paper from Tim Gabbett

The app automates the monitoring of all parameters described in this paper (week-to-week load change,…


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Strength Coach as a Leader

A strength coach is a leader, right?  I think so, but it can be a very difficult transition from someone who puts workouts together, to that of being a coach or clinician, and to assuming a leadership role in an organization or entity.  At least it has been for me. 

None of this progression has come easy for me, but this is the path that I've gone down.  So, what has it taken for me to…


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Some Food For Thought

Specialize in being a generalist.

Seek knowledge, not information.

Balance theory and practice…


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Defining Success

On an on-going basis "success" in the training environment has to be defined and redefined.  What does it mean to highly value "Winning the Workout"?  Defining success precedes accomplishing success.

Too often winning in the strength business means to move a load that's as heavy as possible and at all costs from point A to point B.  Perhaps, in an ego-based culture that is succeeding, but…


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Bringing Westside to West Point

So, here I am living out of a car and sleeping on a couch, but coaching at the most historically significant institution of higher learning in the country. It was my dream job. My military background combined with the high quality character of these cadets made it a great situation for me. I knew what these young men and women are up against once they graduate and knew how to balance their military training with the athletic strength & conditioning due to my familiarity with the…


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Stephen Hawking

HawkingWWE Today is Stephen Hawking’s birthday. At age 21 he was given three years to live! Never give up!

"More than five decades after his diagnosis - and now almost…


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Great Advice

Otis-Redding_3166180b “Be natural, be you” was Sam Cooke’s advice to Otis Redding who was trying to imitate other soul singers. The rest is history; Redding had his own sound that we all know so well. For me the message from this is powerful, define yourself and be the best you can be. It…


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Rules to Travel the Functional Path

Have a Plan, Execute It & Continually Evaluate & Adjust It

Build the Complete Athlete - All systems work together – Integrate don’t isolate

Train all components all the time - Use It or Lose It…


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The Journey Continues

Today I had the first training session of my 46th year of coaching, a dryland training session at 4:55 AM with the Sarasota YMCA Sharks. It has been an adventure – a journey of continual learning and discovery that started with Santa Barbara High Track in 1969.

Coaching is craft that takes time to learn; you can never stop…


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Saturday Speed Training

Dynamic Warmup 

Stabilization Hurdles (6 mini hurdles) x 2 each direction 

Fast Feet on low box 4x8 seconds 

Banded High Knees in Place 4x8 seconds 

Butt Kicks 4x10 Yards 

Power Skips for Height 2 x 25 yards

Power Skips for Distance 2 x 25 yards


Front Resisted Sprints 5x20 yards 

20 yard Sprints 5 x 20 yards 


20 yard Chase Drill 3 each role 

Wall Drill Position Planks 2x30 secs each…


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