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Communication and Coaching

To be an effective coach you must communicate clearly with those who you are coaching. Communication completes the feedback loop that gives you and the athlete a sense of self worth. Sometimes it is not so much the content of the message, but the mode and medium of the presentation that ultimately determines the effectiveness of the message. It was Marshall McLuan who said: " that the medium is the…


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Priority Training

It is so easy when designing a training program to include too much “stuff.” I know over the year I have been guilty of this. I want to make sure that I touch all the bases so I end adding an exercise here, a drill there and pretty soon I have so much “stuff” I can’t see the forest for the trees. This shotgun approach aims to hit a little bit of everything but mixed training yields mixed results. The result is that…


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Grabbing the Brass Ring – Are you ready?

This is post nuBrass ring mber 1,000 since I switched the blog to TypePad, I think it only fitting that this is about grabbing the brass ring,…


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There is Gain Without Pain

No pain, no gain was a very prevalent attitude when I began coaching in the late Sixties and surprisingly it continues to persist today. I have never been able to figure out the appeal of this approach. Proper training in the weight room or on the field demands that the athlete test their limits. Some workouts are very difficult and other workouts will be quite easy. This ebb and flow of hard efforts interspersed with…


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Masters of Movement

Body control is the body’s ability to put together a series or pattern of movements that allow the individual to execute a task smoothly. With that being said I believe the display of body control during all forms of training is paramount to athletic development. Nothing screams "ATHLETE" more then fluid, coordinated movement executed with precision at high speed.  Besides safety in training, this is the main reason I focus so hard on technique. Ripping a bar off the ground with no technique…


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Functional Training - Thoughts & Concepts

Functional Training is the systematic progressive integration of training modalities (medicine ball, stretch cord, dumbbells, body weight etc.) to produce significant adaptation in specific performance parameters based on the “Step to Success Model.” The step to success model is based on the following paradigm:…


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Training and Perfromance Plateaus - Solutions & Suggestions

What are solutions to breaking a plateau or preventing the occurrence of a plateau? The most basic solution is to carefully plan your training and competition. Be sure that built into the plan there are frequent systematic changes in the training stimulus, the training routine, as well as the training environment. In the plan pay particular attention to the sequence of work so that training components are complementary.…


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Training and Performance Plateaus – What & Why

Once an athlete has been training for any period of time it is inevitable that a plateau in training or performance will occur. Usually the reaction is one of panic. What now? There is no need to panic just realize that plateaus are a normal part of training progression. Performance improvement and training progress are not linear. There are periods of stagnation, just as there are periods of rapid improvement, hopefully…


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Drills With and For A Purpose

With the instant availability of thousands of drills on the Internet I wanted to give some of my ideas on using drills effectively. My first question always is: Does the drill lead to something? If it just something you learned at a clinic or saw on the internet that looks then think again before using it. No drill is an end unto itself. Can you design a progression involving the drill that will enhance what comes after?…


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5 questions at the NFL scouting combine

Post from USA Today:

INDIANAPOLIS – Cam Newton was determined to take the scouting combine by storm last February.

Maybe too determined.…


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Fast bench press - Eccentric and concentric training for strength stability, explosiveness, and power

Today’s lift consisted of a variation of bench press that’s called fast bench press. The athlete controls the weight on the eccentric contraction of the chest, ideally for 2 to 2.5 seconds, and then explodes as fast as possible concentrically contracting on the way up. The sets and reps were 5X5. The weight was 60% of the athletes 1RPM. I’m in favor of this type of lift because of how it can be applied to sport specific movements, particularly in football and even more specifically with…


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Miss. State Strength and Conditioning Clinic

Best clinic I have been to in a long time.  Many thanks to Coach Balis and his staff for a fantastic job.  Great speakers and demos.  Made some great contacts and got some great ideas I can use with my own athletes.  Anyone who lives in the Mississippi area needs to come to this clinic next year.  Well worth your time.

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NSCA Wisconsin State Clinic

The 2012 NSCA Wisconsin State Clinic will be held Saturday, April 14 at Carroll University's Center for Graduate Studies in Waukesha, Wisconsin (just outside of Milwaukee). The lineup includes professionals with experience in personal training, rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning. It will be a great opportunity for learning and professional networking. A link with more information and online registration is included below.



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Unstable Surfaces for Training - Why and Why not? (Part Two)

What are disadvantages of using unstable surfaces? The inherent disadvantage of using unstable surfaces is that the ground moves under you. This only happens in a few sports. If the surface is too far away from the normal competition surface there is a risk of developing a skill set that makes them able to handle the very unstable surface but has no relationship to the actual activity. The danger is that overuse of the…


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Is The NFL Combine Really Testing Sport Relevant Speed?

With the NFL combine coming up, many in the world of strength and conditioning are begining to focus on "combine prep", which is completely different then preparing to play your sport. Combine prep prepares you to be successful at the specific tests that are to be performed at the combine, not to develop the attrinbutes that will help you improve on field performance. The 5-10-5 and L-Drill are programmed agility drills that give a comparison of lateral movement skills. The problem is that…


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The Crossfit Discussion

We've received quite a few comments since posting the "Crossfit Daily Workout" on SPN. It's great to see the diversity of thought. We're enjoying the debate which is, afterall, one of the reasons SPN exists.

Allowing for professionals like yourselves to debate the appropriate (or inappropriate) application of current strength and conditioning programs and techniques is necessary for the progression of the entire industry. Without healthy debate there can be no progress. As Adam so… Continue

Added by David Harris on February 18, 2012 at 11:28am — 1 Comment

Unstable Surfaces for Training - Why and Why not? (Part One)

Lets take a quick look at how using unstable surfaces in training evolved from my personal perspective. About 25 years ago I began to experiment using unstable surfaces with healthy athletes after observing that athletes coming back for ankle sprains and even ACL tears seemed to have better functional balance and control of their bodies. I felt that if we could incorporate what they had done in rehab with healthy…


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Thoughts on Testing - Part Two

Do not use testing to:

Select a team; team selection should be based on results in the competitive arena of the actual sport. Tests can verify what you see or do not see in the competitive arena, but they should not be the sole criteria for team selection.…


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New Tennessee Weight Room Includes MMA Cage

Post from

Players will be able to walk straight from the 120-yard practice field into the new weight room — a 22,000 square foot "multilevel thunderdome of power," as it's called in UT's promotional video for the facility. Along with the standard free weights, machines, cardiovascular training equipment — which will be situated on a deck that overlooks…


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Jeremy Lin Pre-Season Workout

Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks has been the latest craze the past few weeks. Here's a recent video posted on Strength Performance Network highlighting his pre-season workout:

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