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Common Sense of Training

Yesterday I highlighted the nonsense I have been seeing in training. Today lets talk about some common sense in training. Any effective training program is based on sound fundamental principles. There must be a clear progression. No workout can or should stand-alone. No component of training should be trained in isolation. All components of training should be trained at all times in different proportions based on developmental level of athlete, phase of the training, and training emphasis.…


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Coastal Carolina University Summer and/or Fall Internship

Coastal Carolina University is now accepting applications for the position of SUMMER AND/OR FALL Strength and Conditioning VOLUNTEER INTERN. You will have the opportunity to assisting with supervision and execution of strength training programs for various sports, teaching student athletes’ proper technique and equipment use, attending to the daily maintenance of the training facilities, participation in weekly projects, and professional development…


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Free Your Minds - Training Sense & Nonsense

Yesterday in three different situations I saw the nonsense of training.

Randomly putting together a series of exercises with no connection to each other and inappropriate for the athlete and calling it functional training is nonsense.

Stupidly trying…


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Books, Gorillas and Training Lessons

I have some concerns about the progressive development of athletes today.  Too often, athletes are trained as if they were exact words on the pages of books like Essentials of Strength and Conditioning.  I don't mean to belittle the book, I like it and have read it many times.  Yet, the essence…


Added by John Mikula on February 24, 2015 at 8:30pm — 2 Comments

Bridging the Gap

We have been talking about bridging the gap between science and practice in sport for thirty plus years. You have to ask yourself with all we know today why is there still a gap? In fact in many ways with the drive toward more “sport science” the gap has widened with coaches and coaching being marginalized. Why? Ask yourself who is driving the bus? Who is ultimately held accountable for the athlete's performance? When a…


Added by Vern Gambetta on February 24, 2015 at 8:14am — 1 Comment

North Dakota State University Strength & Conditioning Internship – Olympic Sports

North Dakota State University Strength & Conditioning

                                                            Internship – Olympic Sports

The North Dakota State University Strength & Conditioning Department is actively seeking interested students to fulfill UNPAID internship positions with our Olympic sports program for summer 2015.  Interns will take part in a formal internship curriculum and can expect to…


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Crucial Questions

These are basic questions every coach should ask on an ongoing basis as a check to make sure training is on target.

What are you doing?

Who are you doing it with?…


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Overhead Squat

I often see our ahletes turn their hips slightly when performing overhead squats. What suggestions have worked for you when you see this type of form break.

Added by Richard D. Zacholski on February 21, 2015 at 1:13pm — 1 Comment

Practice Based Evidence & Coaching Significance

In the move to evidence based practice are we shooting ourselves in the foot once again? So much “evidence based practice” is questionable, inaccurate, fraudulent or flat out wrong. I put my stock in practice-based evidence that I can support with good science where I can. In 45 years of coaching I have found that where it is necessary to produce results coaching (clinical) significance trumps statistical significance. I…


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Free The Children

We are effectively working hard to destroy a generation of children by what we are doing and not doing to them in the name of education. The headline in our local paper last Sunday was: Mandatory Cramming – Students and Schools are anxiously bracing for this years vast array of tests. Is there any relief in sight?



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Get The Knowledge To Prepare YOUR Athletes for Competition

fic Research

Get The Knowledge To Prepare YOUR Athletes for Competition

Get The Knowledge To Prepare YOUR Athletes for Competition

Head & Neck Training Specialist Certification

Head & Neck Training Specialist Certification

Preparing and Protecting Your Athletes During Competition…


Added by Dr.Ralph Cornwell Jr on February 18, 2015 at 11:05pm — No Comments

Get To Virginia On Feb 28. Exciting Line-Up Of Presenters And Demos!

The STT Regional Clinic on Feb 28 in Virginia will be here before you know it. We are getting closer to a second sold out event. Be sure to register today to reserve your seat at

Remember that for staffs or coaches who want to bring 5 or more, there is a discount available. Take advantage of this opportunity by emailing me at …


Added by Robert Taylor, Jr. on February 18, 2015 at 4:55pm — No Comments

What can Periodization Principles do for you?

I am excited and proud to be able to offer Periodization Simplified – How To Use The Flexible Periodization Method “on the Fly” as a downloadable resource.

We created Periodization Simplified – How to Use the Flexible Periodization Method on the Fly to be the most comprehensive coverage of Periodization Principles that exists today.

We created Periodization Simplified - How to Use the Flexible…


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Forget LTAD Let Them Be Kids!

It is one thing to say that young athletes are not miniature adults and then to turn around and treat them as miniature adults by imposing adult training, competition and practice schedules on them. They are young and still developing and need to be treated as such. We need to get away from emphasizing where they will be, their future potential, there is time for that later, put the focus on where they are now and build…


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Some More Books for Educated Coaches

Coaching books Here are some that I neglected to share last week. I want to call you attention to two true classics – Science of Swimming by Doc Councilman and Modern Training For Running by Ken Doherty. These are two books every coach…


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The Trouble with 40 Yard Dash Times

This article is way off base. It assumes that all 40-yard dash times are comparable. There is no set protocol for timing 40’s from level to level. Running surfaces will vary; there is no control for…


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Guru or Coach

Guru is all about style - Coach is all substance

Guru is a fountain of information & disconnected facts - Coach is about knowledge

Guru has secret training methods - The coach is open and shares…


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Using Kettlebells For Sports Performance [Audio Workshop}

Are you currently using Kettlebells in your training program?

In this first ever Coach Your Best Podcast-AUDIO WORKSHOP I teamed up with Coach Steve Cotter, one of the world leaders in using Kettlebells with elite athletes.

Here in part one of this workshop we discuss the…


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Focused Training

Multitasking does not work in life nor does it work in training. In designing and implementing an effective training session focus is essential. It is tempting to include more, to tick off the boxes so speak so that you touch all bases in a training session. Instead it is imperative to have a specific objective for the training session and a very focused means to achieve the objective. Less is more, trite but true. Give…


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Some Books for Educated Coaches

Here are books that I recommend if you want to consider yourself an educated coach. All these books are books I find myself referring to on an ongoing basis. Some are classics and some are contemporary. No doubt they represent my bias and my background in Track & Field, which has served me well in my career.  There are a few more I will add later.…


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