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More on Drills

It is important to be clear on one thing regarding drills. If you use a drill or drills know why you are using the drill. In my experience drills are most effective in closed skill activities where they can be used to correct a part of the movement or reinforce a concept. But always go back to the whole movement, remember Whole – Part – Whole. In any situation drills are most effective when the athlete has a clear image and feeling for the end result – the…


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The Seduction of Drills

Ask yourself we do we spend so much time teaching and perfecting drills? Wouldn’t the time be better spent coaching skills? No doubt drills are seductive, some even look like the skill, we can repeat them until they are flawless and then what? 95% of drills have no transfer to skill so what is the attraction. Focus on what will make the athlete better at their sport, not better at drills. There is so much good evidence and practice today in nonlinear pedagogy…


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Meaningful Practice

I know the term deliberate practice is the current buzzword but I don’t think it is getting the job done. Words create images and images create action, so I use the term meaningful. Meaningful clearly communicates what I want from practice, it leaves little room for nuance. Practice must have a clear plan and purpose that the athlete understands. It must relate to the competitive demands of the sport the athlete is preparing for. It must be relevant to physical…


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How to Build the Best Home Gym On a Budget?

Building a home gym requires a lot of strategic planning, however, when it comes to the budget, it really depends on your ambition. You see, going with the most expensive machines, treadmill and exercise gadgets is an idea that will cost a small fortune, yet you will be surprised just how much can be done with little to no cost. Therefore, in this guide, we will focus on the essentials and then proceed to add an item or two you might want to get but that you…


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Fitness Tips from Different Corners of the World

Every culture in the world has its own set of traditions and habits that help people get in shape and stay fit no matter what, and diversity is exactly what makes those cultures unique and worth mentioning. So, if you’re up for some useful fitness tips from different corners of the world, you’re definitely at the right place. Here are four of them you’ll absolutely adore, so check them out and enjoy!…


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Growing the Athlete

Growing the athlete is an organic not a mechanistic process. For years I used the metaphor of building the athlete but over the past few years I have become uncomfortable with that metaphor. Certainly, building is part of the process, but I find that building evokes a reductionist mechanistic image of constructing, of replacing parts as opposed to the cultivation of synergistic relationships between training means and methods and the systems of the body. The…


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Forest for the Trees

In course of day to day coaching it is easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. Good or bad training sessions can easily get blown out of proportion. The same is true with exercises, sets, reps and rest intervals – coach the athlete that is in front of you that day. Keep the big picture in mind. Never lose sight of the ultimate goal – preparing the athlete to thrive in competition.

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Never Forget Gravity

Use Gravity - Don’t abuse it

Defy it - But you can’t deny it

Enhance Gravity - Don’t chance it

Resist Gravity - It will persist…


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Workout after a surgery – when to start?

Having a surgery is never a pleasant experience. It's a stress to our body, so we must be careful during the recovery. The secret is to find a balance between doing some easy exercises in order to keep the blood flow and minding the fact that our body will need a longer period of time before it's…


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Refinement is fine tuning the practice after the basic technical model has been mastered. When that is robust then and only then should you think about looking at attending to the finer points. Often, we are in a hurry and try to do this too early in the process and the whole technical model erodes. Refinement does not have to pertain to just technique or skill it also can refer to development of physical qualities. Initially the athlete will begin with global…


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Making Some Training Sense

I love to train.  I love to teach and coach, too.  I just have a keen interest in the whole process.  Having said this, I find myself examining some strength and conditioning practices and am having difficulty making sense of training.

I don't believe the process should be too complicated in helping prepare others to do battle, functional as a tactical operator, or compete on the athletic playing field.  An elemental…


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Looking for a Graduate Assistantship

I am currently looking for a graduate assistantship in strength and conditioning. I would be willing to send any info requested if you are looking for someone. 

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Some Totally Random Thoughts on Training

Observe laws of motor learning and principles of skill acquisition.

Consider all types of muscle action – Eccentric/Concentric/Isometric is designing a strength training program.

Structure of movement must resemble what occurs in competition.

Sensory input must resemble what occurs in competition.…


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GAIN White Papers

Go to and scroll down and download the PDF’s of these GAIN White papers. More will be coming over the next several months. I hope you enjoy and find them useful. Any feedback would be appreciated. Also if you are interested you can watch the opening talk of GAIN 2018.

Athletic Development - Defining the Discipline…


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The Role of Repetition in Leaarning

Repetition is the mother of learning. We are what we repeatedly do. I doubt anyone would argue with those points. The task then becomes to carefully chose what we repeat. It is necessary to have a clear idea of the technical model you wish to achieve and a plan to achieve the desired technique. It is very important to fit the technique to the person not the person to the technique. More is not better. Bernstein’s concept of “repetition without repetition” is…


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Good Training or Bad Training?

To understand what good training is, you must separate fact from fiction and style and marketing claims from programs that have substance and produce consistent results. Along the same line of thought beware of false prophets bearing gifts. Nothing easily attained is ever worthwhile and nothing worthwhile is easily attained. There are no secret programs or shortcuts to athletic excellence. Great training programs focus on fundamentals and build on the basics.…


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Routine - The Cornerstone

The cornerstone of effective practice is routine. A set routine is the basis for consistent practice. Great athletes and great teams have set routines for training that do not vary. In fact, with individual athletes training routines sometimes border on ritual. Routine allows the athlete to focus on the task at hand. There is security in having a routine. It gives an anchor point to build the training session upon. Start on time, have specific objectives and…


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Announcing GAIN 2018 Faculty

Our faculty is a very special group with a tremendous breadth of experiences and a track record of excellence in their chosen fields. They know how a performance team works, how all aspects of athletic development complement each other and most importantly they understand the process of developing athletes. The faculty and their willingness to share and interact make GAIN special. They know how to connect the dots and still stay grounded in the basics. They…


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Your Brand

In a traditional sense a brand is a name or a symbol. In coaching and teaching it represents you and what you stand for. You are your brand. Who you are? You action and your words define who you are to others. How honest you are with yourself will clearly define you. Be yourself and true to yourself. Live your core beliefs. Be the brand you want to be. A good place to start is genuine concern for others through your actions and words.

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Failure and Risk

In order to succeed you must take risks, you must operate well out of your comfort zone. Risk implies that there is a chance of success or failure. Most of what holds coaches and athletes back from achieving ultimate success is not fear of failure, but fear of success. If they succeed, then they must do it again and probably be expected to do it better. This brings pressure, most of which is self-imposed. That being said to be highly successful failure must be…


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