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Rethinking Core Training Part One

The fundamental underlying philosophy is that all training is core training. Without a fully functioning core, efficient movement is not possible. The core is involved in all movement as a major

factor in control of movement
. Currently core training

is the buzzword in training. We need…


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The all-knowing doctor!

The following is from my blog at

Orthopedic surgeons know what they're talking about when it comes to the body. . . . . .sometimes!?!? While I value a Doctor's opinion when it comes to assessing and diagnosing joint, and tissue injuries I don't often value their opinion on sports performance.



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Normal Gait Mechanics

For optimal function and resistance to injury and to better

understand exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish with

training, it is first important to understand the mechanics of a

healthy foot and ankle complex before we begin to discuss dysfunctional

patterns and how to approach their management.

At foot-strike the health foot contacts the ground on the lateral aspect of the foot in a sligjhtly supinated position with the majority of weight…


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Outdoor Track Season - Tue Workout

Warmup W
3x50-40-30 from blocks or 3pt stance
4x150 rest 7mins
4x30 sled pulls+25lbs

hang clean 4x3x215-225-245-255
depth jumps 2x5
squats 3x3x385
bench+row 3x3x285+3x8

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New Group

I just created a new group here on the SPN: Sport Science. Come on over and take a look. If it's something you may be interested in, please join. We should get some great discussions.

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Dedicated Dorsiflexion Work

While it’s not an exercise with direct specificity to running or any sport in general (and while a host of factors will affect the type of stress the lower leg has to endure), what’s your general take on a bit of direct dorsiflexion work with something like a D.A.R.D.?…


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Steps in Designing a Training Program

Venice VB Training Program for 2009

I thought this would be helpful to you if I shared the process I use to begin a new training program. It is blend of art and science with heavy

dose of experience thrown in. It is important to remember that this is

the beginning of the third year of working with this team. The rising

seniors and a couple of the juniors are at a relatively advanced

training age and have an excellent work capacity.… Continue

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Acceleration Teaching Progression

This progression is something I have used for years as the starting point of a speed development program. It is simple and effective.

PAL Paradigm™…


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Hip Replacement

Preparing to have my R Hip replaced-Non candidate for resurfacing-I am a runner-mostly 5Ks. Any runners out there who had their hip replaced??



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Hamstring Dysfunction and Running

Hamstring pain and tightness is a common complaint in the running world, as such, today I hope to shed a little bit of insight into the chronic hamstring dysfunction.

If your hamstring is acutely injured and swelling, pain, and bruising are present, then what I am about to say is not going to be the best idea. In such a scenario, you’d surely benefit from some rest

and a few visits with a skilled sports medicine professional. That

said, if you are able to run…


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Running Economy: Barefoot vs. Shod Running

In yesterday’s post we discussed briefly the three general foot

strike patterns. If you recall, the habitually barefoot athlete most

frequently strikes the ground with a FFS or MFS, whereas the shod

runner most often makes contact ahead of his center of mass with a

RFS. This differentiation is critical for a number of reasons, and

particularly energy return and increased economy.

It seems that prior to foot strike, the barefoot athlete…


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Barefoot running vs. Shod Running

Barefoot running has become an increasingly popular in the past several years as more and more examples find themselves falling into the popular media. So what is the deal? Is there any credence to the


Yesterday we gained an elementary knowledge of the foot and ankle’s anatomy. Today, you’ll take home a comparison of mechanics in barefoot subjects and those who wear shoes.

Before we begin, it would be prudent to define a few things. The…


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Regain the Frontal Plane

As I was working with a runner recently, she made a salient

observation from her running career. Athletes are more durable and

better performers than runners. Last week, I argued a few points for

why I believe runners need more of a multi-lateral approach is that too

often runners cease being athletes and at that point trouble arises.

We know that asymmetries can lead to a great deal of dysfunctional issues from the ground up and that asymmetries of all…


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Upper Crossed Syndrome II

This is the second part of Upper Crossed Syndrome that appeared at my blog With upper crossed syndrome the first thing we need to work on is releasing the over-active area including the pectoralis complex as well as the levator scapula and upper traps. There are several methods of decreasing the tone in the over-active group. Soft tissue work is by far my…

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Push ups and stress fractures

I got this comment on yesterday’s post, and thought that it would make an outstanding blog for today.

What I do know that might interest you involves stress fractures with military recruits in the Army. Stress fractures are one type of injury that has a huge impact on recruits in the Army. To be

able to predict stress fracture would be a very good thing. A physical

therapist I know who did some work on attempting to predict stress

fractures found something…


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Target Heart Rate Training

I know. You’re probably saying “here he goes again” and you are correct. You’re thinking “Come on, don’t attack the target heartrate zone idea too”. Sorry. Here we go again. Every time I have this conversation with a group I always get the question “ If this stuff isn’t true, why is it plastered on the front of every treadmill”. I can’t really answer except to say that it probably came out of the legal department.

The truth is that target heartrate zone training is a highly flawed… Continue

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What happened to just running?

I hear this question often, and it perplexes me every time.

When you look at the sport of distance running, the average high school cross country runner has an injury risk of 33-47% over the course of the season. There is evidence showing that military recruits

have up to a 75% likelihood of injury in the first ten weeks of basic

training, which includes a great deal of running. The majority of

these injuries are the result of repetitive stress, and, in my…


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Consolidation of Stress

With more and more runners finally seeing the benefit of training beyond the trails and are doing more resistance based and movement based exercise, a common question is how should one place resistance

training sessions in relationship to their running sessions.

Such a question has led to the development of a lot of discussion on “consolidation” of training stressors. Much of this discussion and advice has been based off of discussion/ideas from the

sprint or field…


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Who Wins - Mental Toughness or Daily Discipline?

Who Wins - Mental Toughness or Daily Discipline?…


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