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The 2011 Arnold Sports Festival's “strongest man”

COLUMBUS, OHIO, USA – MARCH 5, 2011  The 2011 Arnold Sports Festival has come to an end.  Its closure brings with it the crowning of the 2011 Arnold Strongman.  Those of you familiar with the world of strongman competition may find the name of this year’s champion surprising:  Brian Shaw.  While Brian has risen steadily through the ranks, this is the defining win of his young career.  On his way to raising the Louis…


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Boxing Nutrition

Just thought I'd get some ideas for the best way to approach a boxers diet especailly when considering pre weigh in, post weigh in, and pre fight meals.

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Get Off the Fence

Get off the fence and get off your ass, take a stand, have a point of view. In the field of athletic development today there are many issues that need to be addressed. Many of you can offer solutions, please get active? Speak up, your point of view and opinion is valued. Don’t be a sheep blindly…


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SPN at the 2011 Arnold Sports Festival

Strength Performance Network (SPN) is at 2011 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio, USA.  SPN, via Strength Performance Television (SPTV), is broadcasting events live online at: in addition to recording events for online viewing at the end of each day.  


The Arnold, which holds the distinction of being the largest multi-sport festival in the country, is entering its 23rd year and boasts…


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Rules to guide training certainly are important. But as a wise man once said, rules are made to be broken. No rule is etched in stone. Use rules as guidelines, not strict boundaries that hold you back and stifle spontaneity. Use just enough rules to get you pointed in the right direction. The body is not a machine, get it…


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Seesaw Principle

In training every component cannot receive equal emphasis each session or each training cycle. Nothing occurs in isolation. You can write it that way in the plan, but on the track, field, pool or weight room one training component always affects another. In fact there are many co-dependent relationships. In addition every physical quality has different a time to adaptation. For example adaptation to work on flexibility… Continue

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Building Excellence One Step at a Time

Forget benchmarking and adhering to best practice, if this is your standard you will reach the same level of mediocrity as everyone else. If you want to achieve excellence don’t follow the pack, lead the pack. Raise the bar and forge a new path. Don’t dumb down your expectations and goals and the means of achieving those goals. Increase the demands on yourself, your staff and your athletes; raise expectations and the…


Added by Vern Gambetta on March 3, 2011 at 5:36am — 2 Comments

Good Training - Bad Training

Good training is elegant in it’s simplicity. Everything is planned. The execution is crisp, clear and focused. There is no fluff. The emphasis is on the need to do exercises, drills and movements that produce results and meet the objectives of the workout. Everything is manageable, measureable, and motivational. Manageable in that it can be done efficiently in the time available. Good training will… Continue

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