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Research on Weighted Sled Sprints!

    Every coach has a used a sled at some point in their career to externally load a sprint movement in to increase the demand for horizontal ground reaction force. We do so because the added stimulus over time induces specific adaptations to the neuromuscular system allowing for larger horizontal ground reaction force. As coaches we only want what is best for our athletes so we asks ourselves how much is too much weight on a sled sprint? I came across a good article on “The Effects of…


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Ideas on Being a Coach

Coaching is not something you do, it something you are with every fiber of your being, there is no half way you must be all in. The journey is long and rewarding because of the opportunity to guide athletes in their development athletically and most importantly as people. Here are a few thoughts  and concepts that I have found to be valuable in my exeriences from 44 years of coaching.…


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Newtonian Model for Sprinting

A very interesting read.

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Thoughts on Testing

When you are testing it is important to consider all of the following:

Know what you are looking for, there are periods of training where you should see marked improvement and other times when you should see stabilization or even slight regression on certain tests. Remember the tests should reflect the…


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Mental Toughness, Boot Camps, Navy Seal Training and Other Nonsense

628x471 I have said many times in this blog that mental toughness is in many ways is a myth. In my experience as a coach and athlete the athletes who produce in the competition are the ones who are there everyday physically and mentally in training doing what they are supposed to…


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New Olympic Lifting courses available!!

I have put together two new Olympic Lifting courses that might be of interest to anyone wanting to improve their coaching and training abilities utilizing the Olympic lifts.  The first is the Basic Olympic Lifting Certification (BOLC) which is an 8 hr., all "hands on" learning day.  It is good for CEUs from NSCA, CSCCa, ACE, ISSA and NASM and goes over the lifts as well as how to take care of strength and flexibility issues to make your athletes better at the lifts.  The other is for those…


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Post-Activation-Potentiation (PAP) for the athlete - Theoretical and practical implications

Post-Activation-Potentiation (PAP) is a physiological principle that many resistance training programs are starting to implement. The athlete performs a strength exercise (bench press, squat, deadlift, etc.) and super-sets a ploymetric immediately afterward. The plyometric must be in coordination with the strength exercise - If the athlete performs a set of squats, their PAP exercise would be box jumps, lunge jumps, tuck jumps, etc. If the athlete performs a set of bench press, their PAP…


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Essential Coaching Strategies- Part 1 w/Nick Winkelman [New Podcast]

In this brand new series titled ‘Essential Coaching Strategies’ I am joined by Nick Winkelman from Athlete’s Performance.

During this episode we discuss the following:

  • The concept of ‘Task Instruction’
  • Verbal Feedback Strategies
    • Applying sports axiology to…

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So You Want to Increase Your Athlete's Vertical…

How many times have you been told “Coach I want/need to increase my vertical”? I know I have heard this many times and very often in my population our athletes barely know how to land correctly let alone jump correctly. The first thing I want to do is stress the importance of progressing an athlete properly. We must always learn to land before we jump! With that said I read a great Journal article today that discussed the relationship between strength qualities and performance in vertical…


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To Do or Not To Do

Yesterday as I was working on some new training programs and evaluating the past training cycle when I came across a “new” exercise that I thought might solve a specific problem one of my athletes was having. The dilemma in this case always is, will the new exercise do a better job than what was being done before. It started me thinking that maybe I should keep the old exercise and change the emphasis; make an adjustment…


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Iron Game Chalk Talk

Recently I had the privilege to be interviewed by Ron McKeefery on his Iron Game Chalk Talk.

The topic was periodization.…


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Growing the Athlete

Growing the athlete is an organic not a mechanistic process. For years I have used the metaphor of building the athlete but over the past few years I have become increasingly uncomfortable with that metaphor. Certainly building is part of the process, but I find that building evokes a mechanistic image of constructing, of replacing parts as opposed to the cultivation of synergistic relationships between training means…


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Repetition in training for a sport or lifting weights helps with better athletic performance and injury prevention. In practice coaches run drills and plays over and over so an athlete can mentally and physically develop the patterns needed to learn the skill in their given sport. This repetition also leads an athlete’s body to adjust to the movement and thus reduces the…


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Middle Distance & Distance Running & Speed

Speed First! Yes you must work on speed first and foremost. It must be part of every training cycle. I find it quite amusing when I hear a runner say that I have been working on base work, but I have not started speed work yet. The problem with that approach is that they are not training to run fast, they are training to run far, and they hope that the fast will come. The inevitable result is undue soreness and greater…


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Skill, Power and Specificity

This is one of my very favorite sports videos, bar none, involving Darren McFadden from the Oakland Raiders.  I like it for the representation of how skill and physical conditioning merge on the field of competition.  It also is a visual gem for demonstration of a high degree of skill performed at game speed.  After watching the video, I'd like to ask some questions, just to…


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Single leg movements

I am at the high school level. We are about to begin our second 6-week microcycle in our strength and conditioning classes during the school day. We use density training and Olympic movements as our base program. First six weeks was highly succesful from a measurable standpoint. The athletes strength, explosive power, speed and jumping have all increased.

I'd like to start using some single leg movements in all three planes. Right now we use split squats, single leg body weight squats…


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Food for Thought From Martin Bingisser

Martin Bingisser is a Swiss hammer thrower and coach. His blog is on my must read list. I think Martin is one of the bright young minds in track & field. I find his ideas informative, stimulating and challenging. Here he is talking about his coach Anatoly Bondarchuk, a true coaching legend - “Dr. Bondarchuk’s coaching method: our focus is always on…


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Should a Strength Coach and Trainer get rings?

This past August I had reached my pinnacle achieved my highest goal of becoming a World Champ.   I was the strength coach for the 2012 Arizona Rattlers of the Arena Football League.  The organization chose to veer of the path that had won them a World title, (the first one in 15 years) by changing athletic trainers and dropping their strength coach position.  Why? $$$.  It’s always $$$.  That is not what this is about.  They just had their ring ceremony, as camp has started.  The only 2…


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Understanding the ADHD Brain & Sports Performance- Part 2

In part two of the podcast series ‘Understanding the ADHD Brain and Sports Performance’ Dr. Ari Tuckman and I discuss the following:

  • What are the two mental cycles that negatively affect peak mental performance for the ADHD
  •  Brain?
  • What are…

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Random Thoughts, Ideas and Observations

Coaching is teaching, the key to good teaching is communication and the key to communication is not more talking, it is more listening. Good coaches listen more and talk less. Then they act (not react) on what they hear.

Nothing ever happens in a vacuum. Everything is related. This is certainly true of the body as a kinetic chain and…


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