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Due to a greater rate of force development with the hang clean,it makes me wonder why pull from the floor exclusively, or at all for athletes????

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Weight Training Tips for Guys


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Weight Training Tips For Ladies


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Dr. Jim Stoppani on Talking Nutrition, Training And More.

I read Dr. Jim Stoppani's book from and had to reach out to him. This week on I talk nutrition, training and more with Dr. Jim Stoppani. I had a blast with our conversation before and after too. But what we recorded for this episode was great. Let me know what you think of this episode please.

Friday and Saturday, July 17 and 18 is next up for the STT events. The 9th Annual SC/AD…


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The Podium Set

Mr. Kuehl, my high school basketball coach used to tell us that we do the whole the whole practice to get the last the last two minutes because that was where the games would be decided. He emphasized that it was the last two minutes that we worked for, that is when we were tired and we had to execute. It was the time to find that little bit extra. This idea has had a huge influence on my thinking over the years. Today I…


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More Training Do's and Don'ts

Know your strength and weaknesses as a coach. Accentuate your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Define yourself do not let others define you

Design training sessions that foster and encourage discovery. Do not create robots or athletes completely…


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Thinking About Strength

In athlete development, with the obvious exception of the preparation of a weight lifter or a power lifter, strength training should be a means to an end. At times it will be the absolute focal point of training and at other times it will play a subservient role. It is important to be constantly aware of where it fits and how it supports and interacts with other training components. In order to see things differently it…


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The Big Picture

We see what we are trained to see. The message here is to learn to see with different eyes. Broaden the perspective. Work to eliminate bias. Always keep the big picture in mind. Once the big picture is lost then it is very easy to lose control of the whole process. The training then becomes a ship without a rudder. Big picture thinking demands that everything always be kept in context. Use the analogy of the symphony.…


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Training - The Process

Training and preparing athletes for competition is a process. It is not a framework, model and definitely not an algorithm. Each athlete is a case study of one. There is no set formula for preparing the athlete, there are principles and guidelines, but the process demands coaching, being there with the athlete or team day by day, session by session to make adjustments and refinements to keep the training on track toward…


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University of North Alabama Strength & Conditioning

University of North Alabama FALL Internship

University of North Alabama: Department of Strength & Conditioning is accepting applications for Strength and Conditioning Interns and/or Volunteer Assistants for the Fall Semester of 2015.  Responsibilities include: assisting with the supervision and training of the University of North Alabama’s strength and conditioning Varsity programs; assisting with…


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4 Thoughts on Accommodating Resistance

Accommodating resistance has been one of the most misused training tools. Once popularized by Louie Simmons and the WSBB method, now you will see bands and chains at every school and training facility. The issue I always have with noobs using bands and chains is always in the intention of application.  Most people are using bands and chains for social media purposes and not for the training effect. How do I know if you are using them correctly?…


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Some Training Do's and Don'ts

With the young developing athlete – Keep it very FUNdamental.

The can do and want to do are quite different, do not be a hurry.

The female athlete - Recognize the differences and coach the differences.…


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Movement, Function and Motor Learning

I like the discussions of late talking about movement, function and motor learning.  For me, I don't think we talk about these topics enough in the field because they really do relate to producing positive outcomes in those we work with.  Ignore them, and your results will be cloudy. 

In some settings the terms "function or functional" pertain to how one progresses in terms of abilities, skills and competencies while…


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What It Takes To Be A Successful High School Strength & Conditioning Coach

Training high school athletes has now become a multi-billion dollar business. In fact, it is now uncommon if a high school DOES NOT have a dedicated strength and conditioning coach working with their athletes.

However, this job is not as simple as it may seem and requires a unique approach to designing and implementing training programs for high school…


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Thoughts on Function

Function is meaningful movement, it is not an isolated event, and it is movement that is leading toward something not an end unto it self. Movements that are less functional are movements that repeat themselves and are isolated. For example the leg extension or leg curl repeat themselves, they are essentially an end in themselves. Contrast this to the lunge that is progressive and can lead to many variations. The body is…


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Debunking Dynamic Effort: 4 Ways to Enhance Your Speed Sets

The dynamic effort method is one of three methods documented by Dr. Vladimir Zatskorsky and popularized by Louie Simmons. The basic premise is that in order to create tension you must either lift as heavy as possible for that repetition range, lift submaximal weights as fast as possible, or lift submaximal weights for as many repetitions as possible.…


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Factors to Consider when Developing a Plan

Here are some factors to consider when developing a comprehensive training plan. This is not rocket science, but each factor must be carefully considered and factored into the plan.

Demands of the sport and the position or event

The qualities of the…


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Training, Testing and Competing

During the past few years, I've had many that I work with and train who use training programs such as Cross-fit, Insanity, P90X, ect to prepare for their tactical fitness test.  The results as such have nearly always been negative.  After, the befuddled individual usually asks something like, "I…


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Kevin Boyle Talks Combine Training And More On

Friday and Saturday, July 17 and 18 is next up for the 9th Annual SC/AD Conference. A great venue and even better line up of presenters are on tap. Find out more at

Remember that for staffs or coaches who want to bring 5 or more, there is a discount available. Take advantage of this opportunity by emailing me at…


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