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Fake Fundamentals

Tony Liebert, a youth hockey coach in Madison Wisconsin coined this phrase to describe fancy drills that look cool but have no carryover to what happens in the game. How much of your practice consists of “fake fundamentals”? Once again it is important to remember that drills do not equal skill. More drills make you better at drills not the sport. Think about what you are doing and why and how you are doing it. Ultimately…


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What are you really doing?

Is what you are doing making your athletes better or is it just making them tired and predisposing them to injury? I have asked this question numerous times in this blog. I keep asking it because I see more highly specific work being done without the commensurate return in results and an alarming rise in training related or training caused injuries. The current trend is to be more sport specific in training. I get it to…


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What if?

What if there were no strength coaches?

What if there were no personal trainers?

What if off season football was playing baseball or running track?

What if there were…


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Evidence Based = Research

Practice Based = Experience

Effective coaching demands a blend of the two, the art and the science. The ultimate measure is reproducible results by resilient…


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Performance Monitoring

Supercompensation is a theory that drives S&C principles,yet its biggest assumption is that the rate it occurs is in uniform w/ all athletes.

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Bann1 This post is in honor of the birthday of one of my heroes (I don’t have many) – Sir Roger Bannister who is 87 years old today. He refused to believe in barriers. He broke the four-minute mile barrier while training one hour a day during his residency in medical school. He…


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Quality over Quantity

Ford Motor Company used to have a saying to the effect that "Quality is Job One."  I think this fits nicely into athletic development, too.  Reinforce the quality of training that is being done during each session, rather than just emphasizing assembly-line production quantity. 

This includes the quality of coaching, too.  How can I better communicate expectations?  What teaching strategies can I employ?  How can I offer a…


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The basics are the essential foundation of performance at any level of sport.

Know the basics

Have command and mastery of the basics

Don’t deviate from the…


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Words matter! So use words that matter. Words can be helpful or hurtful. So select words with intention to gain the desired attention. Use action words that evoke the desired outcome. Be on point. Clearly coach the correction. If one word will work don’t use two. Be a twitter coach – get the message across in 144 characters. Make the words count!

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A New Creed

Athletic development is a long-term commitment.

Challenge the status quo of current training methods, commit to thinking differently.

Continually seek to define and redefine the purpose for training.

How to train is defined by purpose…


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What Culture

Author Simon Sinek describes the “Why, How, and What” of a business culture as the Golden CircleWhy relates to your purpose, How relates to the process of how you do something, and What relates to the by-product of what you…


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Were Talking

Coaches love to talk. They talk even when no one is listening. They talk just to hear themselves talk. Stop talking! Start listening! You will be surprised how much your coaching will improve. We need to remember that coaching is not something we do to the athlete; it is something we do with the athlete. How can we work with the athlete to help them be better if we don’t listen?

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What you need to know about SUPs

What are SUPs

Standup paddling is the best. Folks also call it “sup” which is an acronym for Stand Up Paddling. If you’re a millennial, then basically this type of paddling has been with us for the majority of our lives. About a decade ago, the first paddlers arrived, but sadly the venerable paddleboard isn’t considered a first class citizen like the bicycle. The balance of power is shifting, so there’s more…


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The Why of GAIN

IMAG0729 I just finished reading Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why for the second time. It got me thinking about the why of GAIN. For those of you who don’t know GAIN is an acronym for Gambetta Athletic Improvement Network. I plan on GAIN being the main…


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Is there any there there?

Learn to look beyond the hype, the marketing, the promotion and see what is really there. What is the substance? Evidence based? Where is the evidence? Is there practice to back up the evidence? What is their body of work? What is the why? You will notice that gurus and keyboard cowboy coaches focus on the what and the how usually backed up by volumes of “peer reviewed” journal articles. That’s not good enough. Call BS…


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Injury Prevention – Getting It Right

In so many ways injury prevention programs are a lost cause. My sense of it is that the more time spent on injury prevention the more injuries there will be. Do I have proof with hard numbers? No rather it has been my observation over the years. The current emphasis on injury prevention has led us down a one-way dead end street. More time devoted to so called “injury prevention” to the exclusion of time spent on actual…


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The Concept of Foundation

As a coach for many years I bought into the concept that I had to re-establish the base, in essence starting over each year. Slowly I came to the realization that I was stifling the athlete’s development; we were talking two steps forward and one step back. You don’t have to start over at the beginning of each training year because training accumulates from year to year. Use the metaphor of remodeling your house and…


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The human brain outsmarts sport technology (perceived fatigue vs. HRV)

Self-ratings of morning fatigue, sleep quality & DOMS works better than HRV measurements to monitor daily fluctuation of player readiness. . Another proof that technologies are good but monitoring athletes' perceptions are better.

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Challenging Beliefs

One the difficult aspects of a strength and conditioning practice is to understand why we believe what we believe and then to consistently challenge the "why" question over time. 

The interesting thing is, I often find beliefs in the field which I don't agree with.  Rather than just using my own intellect or lack of to discount my initial disbelief, I want to understand why I feel this way.  This means research the research, research the outcomes.

Ultimately, I want to…


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Agility is the ability to recognize, make a decision, react, start, move in correct direction, change direction if necessary, & stop QUICKLY. Quickly is a time span of hundreds of a second up to three to four seconds in most sports. Agility is not an isolated physical ability, nor is it as general a quality as it is often presented as. It is closely tied to specific sports skill and tactical situations. Much of…


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