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Performance Paradigm

Movement is quite simple and from that wonderful simplicity comes the complexity of sports skill and performance. Twenty-five years ago in an attempt to better explain movement and how we should effectively train movement I came up with this simple diag…

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Similarities between the beginner and the world class athlete.

Long term periodisation of the number of effective exercises for a given athlete and client.

It is often stated that beginners should use a high number of different exercises in order to create a "base".

However, some beginners are so unfit that there a very few exercises that they can perform correctly and safely. In other words there is only a low number of exercises available that will help them move forward towards their stated goal.

This observation highlights an…


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The Eye of the Beholder

It is interesting to listen to coach’s talk about what they see when observing movement. Are they really seeing what they think they see? Human vision is incredibly acute and at the same time fundamentally flawed. The longer I coach the more I realize that more often than not we see what we think we see rather that exactly what is happening. Whether we recognize it or not we all have a tendency toward a confirmation…


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You Have To Do The Work

Lets not fool ourselves to get better you have to do the work, that is a given. Make no mistake that everyone who achieves at a high level does the work. All that being said just doing the work is not enough, anyone can work it is work with direction and purpose that produces results. We have this mistaken notion more prevalent today because of the “10,000 hour” myth that all you need to do is to punch the clock,…


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General vs specific training.

According to the dictionary "general" means can have several related meanings for example 'not specialised", "not specialised", , "including micellaneous items", "applicable or true in most cases". All these meanings of the word general can relate to the concept of "general strength training" and "general physical preparedness".

The meanings of the word "general" may convey the idea that exercises and training methods in "general strength training" can be chosen without particular…


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Best new weight bench!

Hi folks, just wanted to give all of you the opportunity to see the latest video that I posted, showing the old way vs. the new way, of doing a dumbbell chest press.

Follow the link above to see the video on my website, then like us on Facebook, if you like the video.

Thanks, Robert

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Tactical Strength and Conditioning Convention - HALO

If you are in the Norfolk Virginia area April 16th - 18th come visit our booth at the TSAC convention at the Waterside Marriot. Try out the Halo for yourself and see why the USAF,11 NFL teams and dozens of college programs including the Texas Longhorns and the Nebraska Cornhuskers are now using The Halo to strengthen their athletes necks and protect their brains.HaloStrong…


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The Front Seat of the Bus

A couple of days ago one of my former White Sox players now beginning his career as a manager in the Orioles Minor League system posted a picture of himself sitting on the front seat of the bus, a traditional place for the head coach or manager to sit. It was great to see him sitting in that position because I know he has worked to earn it. I quickly sent a message off to him to wish him good…


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The 'YOUR BEST' Mindset- Interview w/Dr. Carol Dweck [podcast]

In part one of this new podcast series titled ‘The YOUR BEST Mindset’ I am joined by Dr. Carol Dweck, best selling author of ‘Mindset- The New Psychology of Success’.

Below are a few topics from our discussion:

  • What inspired you to write the book ‘Mindset’?
  • Give us an overview of ‘the…

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Come Sunday

The key to successful coaching is planning. The more detailed the planning the better. For me Sunday has always been the day for planning. It has been this way for 44 years, it has almost become a ritual, and certainly it is part of my Sunday routine. During the week I keep detailed notes on the workouts – what worked and what did not work. Did training go according to plan? What adjustments were needed? I use the long-term plan as a guide with each Microcyle having specific goals and…


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Are linear and non-linear periodization really that different?

April 2nd, 2013

Last fall I was commissioned to write “Performance Optimization with Periodization” for the Danish Federation of Sport.

“Performance Optimization with Periodization” is going to be a 100+ page book to be used in the education of coaches within the Danish Sport System.

I am currently investing most of my writing time in “Performance Optimization with Periodization”…


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GAIN Apprentorship

GAIN is an acronym for Gambetta Athletic Improvement Network. This emphasis is on network to connect professionals in order to facilitate learning and sharing of ideas. In my career I served as an apprentice to learn coaching skills and techniques and have been fortunate to h …GAIN_logo_new


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Coaches You Should Know- Dr. Craig Duncan

This podcast episode of ‘Coaches You Should Know’ features a discussion with performance coach Dr. Craig Duncan.  Craig has lectured in the field of sport science for over 12 years and has focused on the areas of growth and development of the elite athlete and maximizing athletic potential. He has specialized in the sport of…


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