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Heads Up Tackling

The “solution” (or at least one of the solutions) put forth for the concussion problem is to change how the game of football is played, namely adjusting tackling form in a “safer” direction.

Here’s an interesting story that made the front page of just recently. (read more)

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Information All Athletes Should Know Before They Compete


Before you step on the field, walk on to the court, hit the ice or start your engines: Are you prepared for the rigors of your sport?…


Added by Dr.Ralph Cornwell Jr on April 29, 2014 at 7:59pm — 1 Comment

Strength Coaching Responsibility

No football coach worth his salt ever asks his players to take unreasonable risks on the field, so why do some strength coaches knowingly do so in the weight room? A “strength coach” is still a football coach, which means certain responsibilities should be implicit with the job. (keep reading)

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Some Random Thoughts on Sports, Coaching and Life

Advice from best selling author David Baldacci:

Don’t write what you know about, write what you’d like to know about. And never chase trends. Don’t write about dinosaurs because Crichton did, or codes because Brown did. Write something you’re passionate about and want to learn more about. Have fun with it. Don’t treat it as a job. Exercise your imagination, treat it like a game.”

This prompted my thoughts: Don’t always practice and focus on what you are…


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Thoughts on Coaching – Key Ingredients

I have been totally immersed in coaching coaches the last three weeks in New Zealand. On reflecting on what I saw and have seen throughout my career there are three key ingredients that are the determining factors in the difference between good and great coaches:…


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Are you a strength coach, trainer, therapist, athletic trainer, or fitness enthusiast looking to learn more from one of the worlds top sports performance programs in the country? Then this is your unique opportunity to learn from the team that has trained and prepared over 500 elite athletes across the globe from future NFL stars that come through the NFL Draft Program to high level amateur athletes that train with us day in and day out.

The Bommarito Performance System Level 1…


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Evidence-Based Practice

Unlike the physical rehabilitation professions, we hear and see little in the field of strength, conditioning and human performance in terms of Evidence-Based Practice. I wonder why?


Certainly, there is a vast body of strength and conditioning literature, but I find myself asking at times why so few seem to follow what the cumulative research says?  Recently, while at a well-known strength…


Added by John Mikula on April 17, 2014 at 3:30pm — 4 Comments

Cybernetic adjustment

Case Study:  Tweaking a standard hypertrophy protocol to accommodate for client readiness and progress.

A standard hypertrophy protocol for a fitness client in the third (or more) year of systematic training might be 4-6 sets of 8-12 repetitions with 60 seconds of rest in between sets.

The training should begin with a load that allow the client to perform 8 repetitions (the lower number in the bracket) with good form and a rate of perceived exertion of 4 out of…


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Lynx Barbell Needle bearing olympic barbell

Recieved by fedex today, and could not wait to put it to the test. I have been researchinig 7 foot 45 lb barbells for over 6 months and finally decided on this one by Lynx Barbell. I know it is not made in the USA which made me a bit hesitent but then again, it came down to what I wanted to pay for a quality Olympic barbell that will suit my needs for olympic lifts such as clean and jerk, cleans, and snatches. Not to mention I will also use this bar for any and all overhead presssing off the…


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Before Marginal Gains

Before you search deeply for marginal gains in performance it is important that you have taken care of what precedes marginal gains. Sometimes it is so obvious it is easy to overlook. It is really quite simple, it is a process that is necessary to achieve at the highest level:

Know the Basics…


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Simplification of Periodization Tips #15 + 16

Simplification of Periodization Tip # 15: Recent studies show that even stabilizer training must be specific to the target movement that the program aim to develop.  It is through the needs analysis that we understand the role of the stabilizing musculature in each movement pattern.

Simplification of Periodization Tip # 16: Instability in the landing can slow down the contact time during jumps that is one reason for emphasizing stability in landings before power in…


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This Small Joint

We live in an age where strength training and discussing potential for injury have really been thrown out the window.  The mere mention of such topics today seem to be akin to raising the quills on a porcupine.  However, on a regular basis in my field, I talk with athletes, tactical operators, and cross-fitters with shoulder joint injuries.  Often…


Added by John Mikula on April 8, 2014 at 12:52pm — 1 Comment

How Do You Get Results?

Do it better?
Do More?
Do Less?
Make the work harder?
Make the work easier?
Do it differently?
Stay the same?
Focus on strengths?
Focus on improving weaknesses?

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Major Characteristics of Periodization Systems

Last year I finished a book called Performance Optimization with Periodization for the Danish Sport Federation (my home  country - now living in Canada). Part of the task was comparing well known periodization systems to find out which one is "best".

After reviewing a large amount of studies (linear periodization, reverse linear periodization, daily undulating periodization, flexible nonlinear periodization, conjugate periodization and block periodization) I felt that I reached an…


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 We live in a time when being submissive, going along to get along and struggle is looked down upon. We live in a time when confrontation, battle and fight are curse words. Too many want to take the easy path too many want to comfort those that are struggling to reach a goal. We simply say to those that are in the battle "GETUP/SHUTUP!" HCT!

Added by Dwayne Hct Springs on April 2, 2014 at 10:21pm — 1 Comment

Movement Screening for the High School Athlete

Are you going to the NSCA Southeast Regional Conference on April 11-12?

In this ‘special event’ podcast series I will be interviewing a variety of presenters over the next few days who will be speaking at this years event about their topic.

In part one of this podcast series I have a conversation with …


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