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Difference Makers

The difference makers can be events, people or situations and much more. Mindset matters, maybe much more that we think. Accepting challenges and working in the discomfort zone are difference makers. Ultimately, you the coach are the most significant difference maker.

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Dave Tenney Of The MLS Seattle Sounders On

This week I reconnect with a coach I had several meetings with while in the college ranks to share what we were doing at Loyola College. Dave had a HUGE notepad of questions geared towards heart rate training, sport-appropriate and position-appropriate soccer fitness programming, and much more. It was fun to flip the script and ask Dave questions on the show plus learn from his experiences at the professional level. I…


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Role of Olympic Lifting in Athletic Development

In the athlete development process Olympic style weight training has occupied a large role. This has both good and bad implications. Olympic style weight lifting is a training method that is excellent for developing power. Competitive Olympic lifting consists of two movements, the clean and jerk and the snatch. The derivatives of those movements are what make up the majority of the training exercises. There is no…


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The Coaching Process

Coaching is a process that has a firm foundation in pedagogy (practice of teaching), supported by science, forged in experience, proven and tested in the competitive arena. Part of the process is maintaining a delicate balance between pedagogy, science, experience and ultimately the results in the competitive arena. Today my concern is that with a huge shift toward science and analytics we no longer have the necessary…


Added by Vern Gambetta on April 28, 2015 at 8:00am — 1 Comment

What is Really Wrong with Strength and Conditioning

This is an issue that won't be solved anytime soon. maybe I have made a bigger deal of it than most. But, I believe true dialogue will benefit all coaches to improve this profession.

Added by Mark Watts on April 27, 2015 at 11:46am — 1 Comment

Sandbag Turkish Get-Up to Help to Escape Off Bottom

In referee’s position, especially in the 3rd period when the top guy is trying to hang on, secure riding time points, or still looking for a turn; wrestlers in the bottom position need to have the not only the strength, but the efficiency of movement to get to their feet.

At Functional Fitness-Applied Strength & Conditioning, we use the sandbag for the Turkish Get-Up to provide a transferrable loading pattern of resistance to enable the wrestler to understand efficiency of… Continue

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Competition and Leadership

In the training environment it can be easy to associate promoting competition with developing leaders and this can be a mistake.  Developing the attributes of competitors involves leadership, but they are not one in the same.  Inviting competition into the training barracks can be healthy and necessary if…


Added by John Mikula on April 26, 2015 at 9:50am — No Comments


Learn to ask the right (appropriate) question. Be willing to ask the hard questions others are unwilling to ask. Here are some questions I find myself asking quite often:

What is the difference?…


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Coach Taylor Talks With Dr. William Sands On

This week on I get a history lesson from Dr. William Sands. Dr. Sands has been in the field of strength and conditioning for a long time, and shares his stories about competing against the Soviet Union, the state of the current iron game, and much more. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this episode.

I will be posting the itinerary for Friday and Saturday, July 17 and 18 soon. This line up is…


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Should we be growing leaders by way of physical training?  Absolutely, but it's difficult if the training constructs don't offer trainees opportunities to lead.  There's a vast difference between competition and leadership, yet, these two terms are often interchanged today.  Leadership abilities need to be harnessed, challenged, and grown…


Added by John Mikula on April 19, 2015 at 8:06pm — 2 Comments

The Human Body – A Perspective

Think of the body as a versatile musician who can play beautiful classical pieces and shift rapidly to jazz riffs and then in the next instant to a hip hop beat. What is wondrous is that all this can occur on demand in an instant. The body is not a machine. It is highly adaptable and self-organizing designed for optimization of movement. The body is capable of getting in amazing positions and shapes but it is not about…


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Real Smart People

I don’t why it took me forty years to figure out that the smartest people are not the ones who are always talking and telling you what they know. The real smart people are those who are listening and asking questions. Stay away from the “experts” with all the answers – chances are they are selling something or have had one experience many times with no breath or depth to the experience.…


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Becoming a Mentor to Young Coaches

The goal of this video is to help coaches develop a comprehensive and meaningful curriculum to serve as a guideline to mentor and develop young, aspiring strength and conditioning professionals.

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The Job of Coaching?

Coaching is not a job it is not an industry! It is a way of life, a lifestyle, a profession. It is fueled by passion and driven by dedication to improving the lives of the athletes we work with work. To adopt this lifestyle is not for the faint of heart or the dilettante. Extrinsic rewards are few, fame and recognition is minimal and fleeting. The joy of coaching is not in the championships and the world-class athletes…


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The Mental Side

There's a mental side to training that can't be neglected.  The question really centers around how do I approach this area?  It could be easy to use logic and say "Big lifts + heavy weights = mental toughness," and the rest will take care of itself, right?  But, this…


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Analytics, Training and Performance

I guess I'm a data guy in regards to training, testing and performing.  For that matter, I'm more of an analytic.  I find myself continually trying to ask better questions and to better understand what is going on in the moment. …


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Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Howard Luks On

This week features an orthopedic surgeon who may be ahead of his time. Dr. Howard Luks caught my attention through his social media work and willingness to share real life injury details. This episode is a "MUST LISTEN TO"! Let me know what you think of this episode please.

Friday and Saturday, July 17 and 18 is next up for the STT events. The 9th Annual SC/AD Conference will once again be at a great…


Added by Robert Taylor, Jr. on April 13, 2015 at 4:17pm — No Comments

YOUR Needs Analysis

Your needs analysis, your specific requirements, what you need to be doing to be getting closer towards where you want to be. This very brief post will attempt to contextualize and map out the route that needs to be taken in order to do this. Not ‘this rugby player needs to get stronger’ <- that is frankly shit and pretty obvious, dig deeper and understand what needs to happen and how it needs to happen.

Rate the qualities that are required within your sport, do…


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Coaching Tips From Chef Bobby Flay

Yesterday I caught the end an interview with noted chef Bobby Flay. He offered two pearls of wisdom that I found very appropriate for coaches. The first one was to never rest on your laurels, constantly strive to get better, keep an edge. The second was to stress the fundamentals everyday. He reminds his chefs everyday to salt and pepper both sides of the meat. Everything is based on repetition of sound fundamentals.…


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