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Striking a Balance: Time

The idea of “striking a balance” is one that I’ve supported for quite sometime, and it seems that in the process of doing so, I’ve been misunderstood by several individuals. For clarification, when I say

balance, I am referring to the appropriate mix of training components

to optimize performance in a specific sport or event group–running,

sprinting, paces, jumping, mobility, flexibility, strength, power,

therapy, etc–and not the ability to maintain…


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Coaching Speed In

Let not overcomplicate this. You coach speed into the athlete by training speed at the appropriate time in the workout, using an appropriate method and dosage for the time of the training year. You train speed out by doing all sorts of general non specific work and slow “base building” type of work. Remember you are what you train to be! To be fast you must train fast. When I hear a coach say I have not started speed work yet, I just smile and I hope we can compete against those teams often.

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Finding Value in Dismissed Lifts: The Bench Press

The Bench Press is a lift that is loved and loathed in the

performance circles. Those with a background in powerlifting and a

“get athletes strong” philosophy on one end frequently use the

exercise, while those on the far left of the “functional” continuum

argue that nobody lays on their back and pushes in sport, so it

shouldn’t be done. Also you have the fraternity faction who only knows

four lifts–the bench press, the bicep curl, the dip, and the sit… Continue

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Neck Trianing..... why do you or why dont you train the neck in your program?

Head injuries in sports are an epidemic – and Mike Gittleson is sticking his neck out to do something about it.

Gittleson believes the concussion risk for men and women can be reduced through what should be a tenet of any training program: neck-strengthening exercises.

Gittleson, though, has learned first-hand that most schools don’t place nearly the same…


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Dysfunction - Now What?

You have done whatever movement screen or evaluation and you have found a "dysfuntion." Now what do you do? Do you do anything? Does this finding disqualify the athlete from training or competing?

Added by Vern Gambetta on May 21, 2010 at 2:34pm — 2 Comments

Muscles that Matter: The Piriformis

While there is much made lately about training movements and not muscles, and many place a higher credence in neurodevelopmental/neurological

approaches to patterning (I am one), I still believe that there should

be importance placed upon the kinesiological approach if for nothing

else than simply understanding movement better.…


Added by Carson Boddicker on May 21, 2010 at 2:00pm — 3 Comments

Overreactions to Good Generalities: Dorsiflexion

Last week I wrote a bit about the overreaction to the “core stability” issue, today I’ll talk a bit about the idea of dorsiflexing whilst running. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, this

is in relation to the idea that many strength and conditioning coaches

cue athletes to dorsiflex your ankle during sprinting. While it sounds

nice and gives a coach a reason to stand there, does it even matter and

if yes, why?

A common answer is one I…


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Core Competency: The Overhead Press

A while ago I wrote an article detailing two “must own” training interventions called “core competencies.” In summary, a core competency is something that a person or company sees central to the

way they get things done.

After writing that article, I thought it would be interesting to identify what “core competencies” must be met before an athlete should utilize X, Y, or Z exercise. In essence, it is simply discussing a

matter of early-stage progressions to…


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Interview with Sports Performance expert Jim Kielbaso:The Business of Personal Training

In 15 years working in strength and conditioning, Jim has worked with notable athletes such as Jalen Rose, Antonio Gates, Willie Green and Paris Lenon to improve their performance.

Listen in as Jim talks about:

  • How he went from a college strength coach to running his own facility
  • The different “mind set” he needed to create a successful training business
  • What it takes on a day-to-day…

Added by Dave Durell on May 18, 2010 at 1:28am — No Comments

Championship Season Immunity Lulls, Cortisol, and Inflammation

It is that time of year again; the time where athletes and coaches

are drawing to a peak to finally show off why they toiled away for the

last six months and built upon a lifetime foundation of fitness. For

many, it’s a time of great happiness, but for some it’s also a time of

great frustration. You see, it is this time of year where months of

intensive exercise can pay off or where the months of (a bit too much)

intensive exercise can bring an athlete to his… Continue

Added by Carson Boddicker on May 17, 2010 at 12:29pm — No Comments

NSCA Bulletin Version 32.05 (May 2010)

For those interested, the latest NSCA bulletin has been published: Version 32.05, concerning the month of May 2010. Among other topics, new in this bulletin you will find:

  • Certification exam prep materials available online
  • Student assistantship applications
  • Certification news
  • Exams calendar
  • And more.....
To view and/or download the bulletin,…

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Baylor Athletic Performance Clinic - Saturday, June 5th

3rd Annual Baylor University Athletic Performance Clinic

When: Saturday, June 5th


• 8:30 – Registration

• 9:00 – Welcome and Staff Introduction

Kaz Kazadi, Asst. AD for Athletic Performance, Baylor University

• 9:15 – Coaching the Coach



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Charlie Francis, Indoor and Outdoor Repercussions

In honor of the passing of legendary track coach, Charlie Francis I spent some time yesterday and this morning re-reading The Charlie Francis Training System and picked up a gem from the regeneration


Before I get into that point, I have to credit Charlie with his excellent utilization of a multidisciplinary performance paradigm for his athletes. The…


Added by Carson Boddicker on May 13, 2010 at 1:30pm — No Comments

Certifications - Meaningful or Meaningless

How many letters after your name do you need? How do I know what certifications are meaningful and which ones are bogus? Do ability to pass a paper & pencil test really qualify one to coach? Who is training and teaching coaches? Who is teaching the basics? When and if I hire experience and coaching ability far outweigh letters after a persons name.

Added by Vern Gambetta on May 13, 2010 at 12:52pm — 8 Comments

Transverse Abdominis, Conscious Control, Running, and Kettlebells

The transverse abdominis is a cool muscle. It originates at the iliac crests, inguinal ligaments, lumbar fascia, and the lower six ribs and inserts into the xiphoid process, the linea alba, and the pubis.

It is a muscle that some call a local stabilizer, others call the inner

unit, and others call the holy grail. Unfortunately, in the past

decade with the “core training” obsession, much of the TA talk and

training has been less than…


Added by Carson Boddicker on May 12, 2010 at 2:00pm — No Comments

The Myth of Core Function in Sprinting

The emphasis of “core” training and particularly the emphasis on training the core as an anti-rotation, anti-flexion, and anti-extension entity has reached a point where we have overreacted and, as coaches,

may potentially be harming our athletic development. Now don’t get me

wrong, I’m not coming down and saying that we are over emphasizing core

training and that we shouldn’t be training it in the weight room with

respect to said functions. Instead, I’m asserting that…


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It's the System!

Air, water, dumbbells, smartbells, free weight, machines, altitude, submersion – use whatever you choose – all is for naught if it is not based on sound training principles grounded in sports science and proven practice. It is not the training methods or the exercise, it is the system. When and where does the method fit? When is it appropriate to include? When is it inappropriate? How can the training effect be measured? The fact is that sound training requires direction and purpose. The goal… Continue

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What else?

This is a question that I’ve come to realize is not asked frequently enough by people in professions interested in optimizing and/or restoring the function of athletes.

In yet another revelation encountered at Optimum Sports Performance by way of Neuromuscular Therapy-America, there are a number of certain things that must be addressed within the bodies of all athletes seeking optimal performance from any level.

1. Posture

2. Trigger Points

3.… Continue

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Some Lessons from the School of Life

Know yourself – Be honest with yourself

Define Yourself – If not, you will never be comfortable with who you are.

Accept that change is a constant. Be a change agent

Lead don’t follow and don’t look back to see who is following.

Know the difference between “I can’t” and “I won’t.”

Never take yourself so seriously that you cannot laugh at your self.

Learn to listen more than you talk. That is why we have two ears and one… Continue

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Iowa City S & C summer internship

we are in need of a few more interns for our summer strength and speed training program. visit our web-site for more info and contact me via email at

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