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Give Credit Where Credit is Do – Do The Right Thing

Do the right thing. If you use someone else’s ideas give them credit, giving credit to others does not weaken or diminish your status, in fact it strengthens it. In today’s world with the proliferation of information it is even more necessary.  There is no excuse for not knowing, if you think you have an original idea do a Google search and see if someone else has used it. That is not unreasonable. I learned in the first…


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WOD – Fundamentally Flawed

WOD is an acronym for workout of the day. Is a cornerstone of a popular fitness craze that needs to be totally re-examined in light of the injuries caused by it and the number of people put in the hospital with Rhabdomyolysis (That is for another blog at another time) Let’s look at WOD in the light of what training should be. The workout, the individual training session is the building block of a comprehensive training…


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Updated Sports Concussion Guidelines

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) has released an evidence-based guideline for evaluating and managing athletes with concussion.  This new guideline replaces the 1997 AAN guideline on the same topic. The new guideline is published in the March 18, 2013 journal.

According to the…


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The S&C Wasteland

Now is the time to take a step back and look at the approach to Strength & Conditioning as it has evolved. Basically what we see happening is that we have the means to an end (Strength Training) become an end unto itself. Instead of having sport demands and qualities of the individual athlete drive the training the emphasis is on chasing numbers in the weight room. One or five rep maximum has little to do directly with sport performance. In fact many times the emphasis on one quality,…


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The Basics – Mastery Nothing Less!

If you don’t get the basics right then everything that follows will be compromised. In my experience the difference between good and great is that that the great ones always pay attention to the basics and have flawless mastery of the basics. They never stray far from the fundamentals; in fact no matter where they are in their career they touch the basics everyday. Sure it is mundane, some have…


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The Football Clock is Ticking

Hey, high school football athletes, believe it or not, the clock is now ticking on your next football season.  This may sound like a remote statement, but in terms of sports-preparation, 12 weeks is a small amount of time.  Are you ready?  No, I mean are you really ready to accentuate your training and be prepared for that first day of actual football practices starting in early August?  If not, what's holding you back?  If your heading in the right direction, what can you do to further your…


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Getting There – Being The Best

The process of getting to be the best is not a straightforward linear path, it is a process and it takes time. In my forty-four years of coaching I have seen that many are called to walk the path but few actually choose. Yes you read that correctly. Many are called but few choose. The opportunity is there for many but few will make the choice because it is a difficult path that requires moving out of their Comfort…


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Olympic Gold Medla Coaching

I have been fortunate in the time since the Olympic games to spend time with seven coaches of Gold medal winners in Athletics (Track & Field) from the London games. In two instances I got to watch workouts and spend significant time with the coach and athlete. These are the commonalities that all shared:…


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Exercises, Drills & Stuff

Yesterday afternoon I was in Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain Trinidad watching over three hundred track & field athletes of all ages train but I could have just as well been in London, Brisbane or back home in Sarasota. What I saw was a bunch of drills and exercises; it was obvious in most cases the drills were just imitations of what someone had seen on YouTube or learned at a workshop. Drills and exercises…


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Going Through The Motions

Just getting in hours will not do it. Anyone can go through the motions, huff and puff and look like they are working. Just doing work is not good enough; you must train with ICEIntensity, Concentration, Effort. If you consistently achieve a high ice score eight to ten on a ten-point scale. A score of…


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The Learning Benefits of Using Squat Variations

It is widely accepted that the Back Squat is the "king" of all lifts.....or to be fair to the ladies we train, the "royalty" of all lifts. In other words, if you were only allowed to do one lift, the back squat would be it. In just the one movement, it provides major athletic benefits (speed, power, flexibility, balance, and of course strength). In just the one movement, it provides major health/wellness benefits because it develops the biggest concentration of muscles in your body, thus…


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Fun Workouts?

Quite often in the field of strength/conditioning and athletic performance we hear how workouts and/or training sessions should be fun.  I would like to question that I think this is true when working with athletes at a young age, let's say 12 or less; however, as athletes begin to mature the underlying focus should transition towards reward vs fun.  From a behavioral perspective "rewards", probably first external and then later internal, are what motivate us forward to engage in a behavior,…


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The Training Puzzle

Jigsaw Start with a clear picture of the finished puzzle, the picture on the cover of the box. What do want the athlete to look like physically and performance wise at the end of the training program? Keep this picture in mind all the time. This is the ultimate goal of…


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Anyone heard of or use Drop Zone flooring?

We have to fix some holes in our conrete where our platforms are.  Company doing the work want to put in this "1 thick "Drop Zone" flooring in that area along with cutting out and redoing some concrete....


Any help would be great, you can email or call me also.


John Janecek

Longview HS



Added by John Janecek on May 3, 2013 at 6:31pm — No Comments

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