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Yoga: Helpful or Harmful to the Athletic Population

Increasingly, I see the injection of yoga poses into athletic dynamic warm-up routines and in the overall training program of athletes.  I must admit, the two times that I've experienced significant injuries in the past 10 years both involved engaging in yoga poses.  So my curiosity is spiked if this practice is really helpful to the athletic…


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Cards have pioneer in female strength coach Balkovec

Awesome story by Lindsay Berra posted on the St. Louis Cardinals website:

The day starts early at the Cardinals' spring training facility in Jupiter, Fla., when the sun has yet to break the horizon and the outfield is still slick…


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Coordination: the key to effective movement patterns

It is a well-established fact athletes must possess coordination in order to execute the skills of their sport. This means that they must be able to contract the correct muscles at the right time and with the correct intensity. This is an ability that is trainable.

Many exercise programs are capable of doing this but only if they fulfill certain criteria. Most notable is that each exercise must be done with the correct or most effective technique (form). In this way the body learns…


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Too Squat or to Power Clean,That is the Question?

To Squat or To Power Clean, That Is The Question


With Olympic lifting at an optimal high in training facilities, I ask the question – to squat or to power clean?

What’s better? I know any good strength coach like Steve Bodanis, Dave Scott-McDowell, Scot Prohaska and John Blair will say it depends upon their program. I then ask, why do some coaches who I believe get their certificate over a weekend (more on this later, or see my article on…


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Rush to Sports Science

Just saw where another NFL team named a Director of Sport Science. I have been looking at this whole area while preparing for my presentation this Friday to EXB 179 Frontiers in Exercise Biology class at University California Davis as part of a series on The Role of Science in Sports sponsored by Dept of Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior. I will be speaking on…


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Head & Neck Training Specialist Certification

Head & Neck Training Specialist

Head & Neck Training Specialist Certification

Preparing and Protecting Your Athletes During Competition



Strengthening the head, neck and surrounding cervical structures is the ONLY organic contingency within our control to prepare individuals to withstand…


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Former Buckeyes wrestler finds refuge with football team’s strength program

Checkout this story written by Todd Jones of The Columbus Dispatch

Ohio State football: Nick Heflin loses big burden

Former Buckeyes wrestler finds refuge with football team’s strength program

Nick Heflin, who graduated from Ohio State in May, has been able to let go of the hurt from a…


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Who says anyone is too tall to squat????

Who says anyone is too tall to squat????


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Where did we lose our way?

LaSierra-Crop In doing research for my new book I have been looking at the decline of physical education in the schools and the effects this has had on the process of developing athletes. When I started teaching in 1969 this was the model program, a famous physical educator and coach…


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The Talent Code Part 2- Ignition

Here in part two of this podcast series on The Talent Code we discuss the following:

-What is ignition and why is it an important concept for coaches to know?

-The importance of passion that you witnessed in each of these talent hotbeds

-Gary McPherson- Tiny Powerful Idea

-Tiger parents vs Johnny Appleseed parents

-Ignition is…


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Looking for the answer? Gertrude Stein had it right when she wisely said: “The answer is there is no answer.” Despite those words keep searching because it is the process of searching that results in continual learning. By the way if you think you have the answer I suggest you look again.

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Can Do

Focus on what you can do. I get so tired of listening to coaches talk to athletes about they can’t do.  Find out what they can do and help them to do it better. By focusing so much on what they can’t do you take away what they can do. I am not saying to completely ignore your weaknesses, by all means work on minimizing them and bring up to the level of your strength, but in the process do not take away the strength. From a coaching perspective tell them what they need to do. Create a…


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Hard Work

Everyone works hard. How is your hard work different than someone else’s? Are you doing anything different that will separate you from the pack? Are you doing it better? It is more than time on your feet accruing more miles or chasing a black line at the bottom of the pool. You could train a monkey to do that. The challenge is to make what you do special, to make it fit the individual, to eliminate the fluff and focus on…


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How the University of Missouri Football Program Became an NFL Pipeline

Checkout this article originally posted on

How the University of Missouri Football Program Became an NFL Pipeline

The University of Missouri football team has spent the better part of the past 20 years mired in mediocrity. From 1994 to 2006, Missouri posted a losing record eight times, and their scarce bowl appearances featured names like “Independence” and…


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USF strength and conditioning coach suspended after criticizing Aaron Lynch

Content as posted on: ;

Not everyone at South Florida was happy that former Bulls DE Aaron Lynch was taken in the fifth round of…


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3 Exercises That Baseball Players Should Avoid


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Forget posterior chain, glute medius, transverse abdominis and all those other reductionist, mechanistic ways of looking at the body. Instead, step back and look at the whole kinetic chain. Look at how everything is 3d_chrome_chain_in_3ds_max_using_a_bump_map connected. Look at how the parts interact and work in…


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What’s Happening in Coaching?

Where are the coaches? There is a crisis in coaching. Who and where are prospective coaches being taught how to coach and how to teach? Sport and Exercise science has replaced physical education in college and university programs with a curriculum heavy on the sciences and no emphasis on pedagogy, how to teach. Over the past two months I have seen numerous examples of this. As an Australian colleague of mine observed, most young “coaches” today could not organize a drinking contest in a…


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Want to Be A Better Athlete, Build More Myelin

Here are a few links that discuss the role of practice and myelination of the brain.  Certainly, some "must" understanding points for anyone working with athletes:…


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