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TSAC Pyramid, Part 2

As I continue to develop this TSAC pyramid or model, it's really making me think about the big picture. 

One fascinating aspect of this view is that it takes looking at the whole, the highest point on the pyramid, to really…


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The Gap

The gap is the difference of where you are now in your training and where you need or want to be in your performance. Obviously the wider the gap the farther you have to go. Regardless of the width of the gap the training and preparation is always a process of working to close that gap. It requires constant vigilance so that one component of training does not get out of balance with other components and the necessary…


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Strength as a Skill

We need to rethink how we conceptualize strength. It would be helpful to conceptualize strength as a skill, a finely tuned skill at that. Think of it not as a sledgehammer that delivers a blunt blow. Rather think of it as a pinprick, a very high force concentrated in a very small area. To do that demands incredible coordination and synchronization.…


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That’s what they do at the U

I continually and constantly see this – high school strength and conditioning programs that blindly copy university programs, especially in football. What they do at the U has nothing to do with what should be done with growing and developing athletes. At the U they are working with mature men and women who they got to select at the high school level you are working with a very heterogeneous population of growing boys…


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Triangle of Athletic Performance

Motor Skill Variations


The off-season strength and conditioning program for football normally begins in January every year with the exception of the NFL with the collective bargaining agreement, which states that teams begin their off-season programs in late April.  The fundamental elements and the variation involved for developing college football players is the purpose of this blog.  The game of football demands the athlete be fast, strong, and…


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What is in a practice?

In sport, practice determines success.  How athletes practice their craft can be traced to many successful well-known athletes.  The question that is always asked when looking at the elite level athletes is whether it was hard work or god given talent (genetics).  I have had the privilege to work across broad level of athletes.  I have worked with middle school all the way up to professional athletes.  Over the course of each athletes development one thing is a key factor.  That factor is…


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Gravity - Think About it!


Use Gravity - Don’t abuse it

Tough to live with - Impossible to live without it

You can't see - But you know it is there…


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Paul Robbins talks NBA, Fatigue and Conditioning On

On this week I finally catch up with Paul Robbins. Paul is one of, if not the best, energy system specialists in the world (If no one said it first, I did.). He now evaluates the actual game demands of NBA players, and other professional sports, which has given him valuable insight into how we are preparing players for games. He worked with the…


Added by Robert Taylor, Jr. on May 25, 2015 at 9:57am — No Comments

Thought for the Week – Marginal Gains

The majority athletes and coaches that are searching for marginal gains, that final one or two percent that get them to the top of the podium would be better served redirecting their effort to the first 98%. Get that right, know the basics master the basics and touch on the basics daily and the marginal gains will come. Nothing magic, no secrets, no special exercises just sound well planed productive work.

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A Day of Remembrance

Memorial Day, not to be confused with Veteran's Day, is a day to remember those who have died while serving in our armed forces.  In the last 14 years, we have many to remember here in the United States.  God bless those who have fallen in dedicated service while defending our liberty.…


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Being the Best You Can Be

If you want to be the best you can be then get started now, don’t wait. Commit and go for it. No holding back, no restraints, do everything that is necessary and do it now. No talk, just clear action oriented goals. Use setbacks as stepping stones, mistakes and failures as opportunities. Just like the Little Engine that Could, keep saying: "I think I can, I think I can" and YOU WILL!

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Risks for Cheerleaders

In doing some research for a book project, I learned something new.  This comes from The Washington Post, "Cheerleading poses by far the greatest risk of catastrophic injury to young female participants of any sport. According to a…


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More is Better Blues

Volume is a seductive trap. At younger training ages virtually anything an athlete does will make them better. The more they do, the better they get – up to a point. That point is something we recognize as the point of diminishing returns. But despite the diminishing returns it is very tempting to continue on that path because that is what got them to that point. This is where the more is better blues occurs in the form…


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Rethinking Cooldown

Let take a close look at the cooldown. Obviously it comes at the end of the workout. Too often it is an after thought consisting of some mindless activities to get rid of lactate or some such nonsense. Instead it should be considered an integral part of the training session. Don't think of it as the end of the current session, think of how you can use the time to set up the next training session. As an alternative to…


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Thought for the Week - Being Comfortable

Progress and learning do not happen when we are comfortable. True growth occurs when we are outside our comfort zone. High achievers, winners, are comfortable with being uncomfortable all the time and they make others uncomfortable as well. If you are comfortable maybe you need to rethink where you are if you aspire to be the best.

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Talking MLB With Jim Malone On

This week Jim Malone and I catch up about all things Major League Baseball (MLB), strength training, and even a bit about what to expect at conferences and clinics when you are passionate about becoming better. This is a excellent candid episode. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Presentation titles are being added for the 9th Annual SC/AD Conference in Baltimore, MD on Friday and Saturday, July…


Added by Robert Taylor, Jr. on May 18, 2015 at 9:16am — No Comments

The TSAC Pyramid

I'm finishing-up a TSAC book I am writing and developed this pyramid as a concept for physical training from the perspective of creating hardy and productive tactical entities.  I will say that the writings of Coach John Wooden have deeply affected my coaching style.  To me, it is completely evident why Coach Wooden was so successful in life.  Along…


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A Systemic Effect

When we talk about sports science and physical training, aren't we really trying to better understand how human systems adapt and respond to both training and performance over a period of time or during a continuum of preparation and competition? …


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The Legal Side of the House

If you have a moment, take a look at Texas House Bill 1227, introduced into their State House.  Perhaps, if you live in Texas, contact your legislator and ask them to "NOT" support the bill. 

There seems no end to the attack on physical education in the public school…


Added by John Mikula on May 15, 2015 at 7:27am — No Comments

A Different Menu

At this point in my progression, I don't put elite stock in any one exercise or class of exercises, this includes Olympic lifting and straight-line sprinting.  The vast needs of most competitive athletes and tactical warriors I have found requires a robust buffet menu platform. 

It's amazing how fast the body and mind adapt to the training menu that is being served.  It is also very interesting how quickly athletes lose…


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