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Come and Meet the CoachMePlus Experts This Week

CoachMePlus Meet and Greets this Week:

To open up June, the CoachMePlus team will be appearing at events in Boston, MA, New York City and Buffalo, New York. The first stop takes place at American College of Sports Medicine's 63rd Annual…


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Change & Changing

Change is a constant, trite but true! Ultimately you success or failure as a coach will depend on how well you manage change. Change by its very nature is uncomfortable. I maintain that those who are best at managing and leading change are comfortable with being uncomfortable all the time. If you can accept that then change is something that you do rather than something that happens to you. Successful coaches initiate…


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Functional Warm-Ups

Over the course of the past 30 years, warming up has become a bigger and bigger focus for coaches, trainers, and PT’s. During the 70’s and 80’s, warming up was looked at as a simple 5-10 minute job followed by static stretching. Personally, having attended a small 2A high school in Kansas (about 100 total students), I know that this way of warming up is unfortunately still being used in some places today. It wasn’t until the late 90’s that coaches started to realize that dynamic stretches…


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In Remembrance..."Memorial Day"

Because of the great men and women of our country, we live in a free society and are able to pursue and live out our dreams of using physical-fitness, strength training and conditioning for the betterment of those we train and serve.

On this Memorial Day, take a minute to remember those who have fallen during military service to our country.  This workout is for you.…


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MLB Approves Wearable Devices; Will Other Leagues Follow?

In early April, Major League Baseball took an historic step forward in sports science by approving the use of wearable technology during games. Prior to the decision, none of the major leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL or NHL) made such an allowance.

The league’s rules committee approved the use of two devices:  The MotusBaseball Sleeve measures stress…


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Drills & Skills – Finding a Balance

I posted this yesterday on twitter “Simple choice with complex implications: You can do drills or you can train skills. If you want to get better at your sport train skills. Don't forget drills do not equal skills.” This needs a bit of elaboration; it is not an either or proposition, there is a place for drills if they are used properly. To often I see practices and training sessions that are essentially a drill-a-rama,…


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Learn About Your Athletes with CoachMePlus

Maximize game day performance by supplying strength and conditioning coaches, position coaches and trainers with quick, concise and efficiently delivered information. From off-field training data to player evaluations, your staff can assess the game-day readiness of your entire roster.

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Separating out deceleration as a separate training component is a fantasy. You have to accelerate to decelerate. It is essential a closed loop as illustrated by the performance paradigm. PerformanceParadigmIll Certainly deceleration is where most injuries and performance errors occur but to try…


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Joe Kenn Pushes the Right Buttons

Watch This Video…


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The Holistic Approach To Impactful Sports Coaching

The interaction between a coach and an athlete reflects a very dynamic relationship. When you are involved as a coach in an athlete's life, the complexity of your non-verbal agreement is of great magnitude. You're not just agreeing to instruct the athlete or make him or her bigger, faster and stronger. You're also agreeing to build trust, care about their hardships, help them overcome challenges and ultimately take an interest in them as a person as well as an athlete. This is called…


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"Slave" To All

Larry Blevins... A man of very few words.  A man that would rather SHOW you what it takes rather than to TELL you.  My father has shown me everything that I will ever need to know by being an example.  One of the lessons I picked up on at a very young age was  "the man eats last."  Some may view this gesture as chivalrous or perhaps just having a sense of formality.  Make no mistake about it, this is a lesson of leadership.  As a child, it always caught my attention that the person who…


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You Vs. The Enemy: The 4 F's

The consistency of my writing has been inadmissible lately and I apologize for that.  Usually I wait until I have something that is weighing heavy on my heart and mind that I really want to vent about.  There is nothing in this world that scares me worse than digression and failure.  I think this is the case for a lot of people.  Nobody wants to fail.  Nobody wants to fail but yet more and more people are embarking on that long discouraging road to failure.  This is what I mean by…


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Living Life Out Of Balance

People everywhere spend a lifetime trying to find balance in their life.  Life is a very dynamic structure.  There are many different aspects and variables that construct this ideal "balanced life".  This mindless pursuit of balanced progression is nothing but a rat-race that ultimately cripples you, leading to stagnation, wasted time and in…


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Influences - Father Alexander Manville, O.F.M.

Father Alexander was one of the biggest influences in my life. I received word last week that Father Alexander passed away. He was a Franciscan priest who was the principle of Bishop Garcia Diego High School when I attended, but more importantly to my intellectual, personal and spiritual development he was an English teacher. Father Alexander AKA Big A was a towering presence. He was a tall man; bald headed his height…


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An effective training program demands constant trade-offs. Every component of training cannot receive equal emphases. If one component is emphasized then another must be de-emphasized. Good training is often compared to a mosaic but in my mind that is much too static, it is more like a kaleidoscope, ever changing in a state of dynamic equilibrium. It is so much more than balancing volume, intensity and density as it is…


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Warrior Use Wearable Technology to Gear Up For Deep Playoff Run

The Golden State Warriors elected not to rest their starters down the stretch as they chased after the NBA record for the most wins in a single season. Head Coach Steve Kerr put it to a vote and his team said, “Go for it!” Superstars like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson played big minutes on their way to history as the Warriors won their 73rd game on the final…


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How Football Players Used Heart Rate Monitors to Up Their Draft Stock

On April 28, the football world gathered in Chicago for the first round of the NFL Draft. One by one, players were called to the podium by Commissioner Roger Goodell and handed the jersey of their new team. In the months leading up to the draft, many of those same players used heart rate monitoring technology to prepare for workouts that would ultimately…


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Sports Analysis and Sports Science: Unconscious Allies

The University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School recently held its annual Basketball Analytics Summit in Chapel Hill. Most of the sessions were featured the technical data analysis associated with business education, but the two-day program also included a handful of sessions focused on sports science and technology for injury prevention and…


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Improve Your Dribbling in the Paint With These Ball Handling Drills

In the past, basketball dribbling drills were practiced separately from sports performance training. However, we have found ways to increase ball handling skill through those drills while also increasing explosive movements needed to accelerate past a defender. This skill is especially valuable when you're in the paint or one-on-one against a defender.

These drills push the basketball athlete beyond the comfort zone, taking their ball handling skills to the next…


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