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Dynavision Sports Hires National Business Development Specialist

Cincinnati – Tuesday, June 28, 2011 – Dynavision Sports has hired Dan Sellers as a national business development specialist. Effective immediately, Dan’s job is to accelerate the integration of Dynavision technology throughout professional, collegiate and youth athletic programs across the country.  


Dan Sellers attended the University of Cincinnati on an athletic scholarship, going on to play six years of professional football…


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Assistant Strength and Conditioning job

There is an assistant strength and conditioning position open at Tennessee State University. You can apply at


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GAIN 2011 Wrap-up

In past years I have written this wrap-up within a day or two of the conclusion of GAIN but this year it has taken me a bit longer to assimilate the whole experience. Frankly I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. GAIN Team 2011 It was an experience. We grew from 42 participants last year including…


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Ask Questions

CrossFit Hustle Coaching Tips, Part 3 of 4


As coaches, we’re paid to know. Our athletes expect us to be able to know where the elbows need to be in a front squat and what needs to be in their fridge at home. We often explain movement to athletes, but do not take the time to ask questions.

There are two types of questions you should consistently ask: one that ensures understanding and the other to promote comprehension.

• With new athletes not hip to our…


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Keep It Simple

CrossFit Hustle Coaching Tips, Part 2 of 4

As a coach, you know the ins and outs of movement. You know the muscles being worked and whether the anterior or posterior chain is being utilized to complete the task. As you should!

When it comes to coaching, the athlete doesn’t need to know all the fun knowledge you’ve picked up over the years. They need to know how to complete the movement…


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"Do" vs. "Don't"

CrossFit Hustle Coaching Tips, Part 1 of 4

After a while of coaching, we can spot flaws in movement a mile away. While it’s important the athlete know what they’re doing incorrectly, it’s more important they know how to fix it. This is where verbiage is most important. Using sentences that emphasize the “Do” of an act will fix problems faster than the “Don’t”. Here are two examples. Decide which you’d rather hear as a…


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Barefoot – What’s the big deal?

No doubt on certain topics I am a bit of a cynic and a confirmed curmudgeon and one of those topics is barefoot running. What is the big deal? Barefoot running has been in my toolbox since I was athlete. I did not know about forefoot, rear foot, varus or valgus back in the day but I figured out quickly that if an athlete ran barefoot they ran quietly and quiet…


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Questions & Concerns from Youth Soccer Coaches on Fitness

Although this is written specific to soccer it can easily apply to all game sports at the youth/developmental level. In this case think of the principles behind the this not what is sport specific.

1.   When is it appropriate to begin formal speed…


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ROTI (Return on Training Investment)

Is what you are doing in training making your athletes better or is it just making them tired? If your athletes are improving do you know why? What is working? What isn’t working? Do you know what performance variables are contributing to the improvement of your athletes? Chances are it is not that magic “one off” hard workout you gave them last week nor is it the super exercise you pulled off some random site on the… Continue

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Dynavision’s I-SPAN Technology Tests Players as They Prepare for the NBA Draft

LOS ANGELES – Friday, June 24, 2011 – NBA prospects Brandon Knight and twins Markieff and Marcus Morris were recently featured on episodes of ESPN: Sport Science, highlighting their mental and physical agility as they gear up for the draft. The segments were centered around Dynavision Sports’ I-SPAN training technology, which measures players’ visuo-motor and movement skills under varying conditions.


“As a point guard, you have to be able to think a couple of…


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Summer of Learning

So I am currently the Assistant Strength Coach at Butler University where I am working with Women's BBall, Men's Soccer, Golf, Track, Swimming, and Tennis.   I figure I need to write down some of the ideas I have had for future reference for myself or others if they care to read them.  I just took over Women's bball this summer and it has been a good challenge for me because they are a my first "Big time" team.  Since the season I have really hit the basic lifts hard because during the season… Continue

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Oklahoma State To Begin Construction On Sherman E. Smith Center

Oklahoma State is going to begin construction on the Sherman E. Smith Center.  Strength Performance Network discovered the following article on Oklahoma State's website:


STILLWATER - Oklahoma State Director of Athletics Mike Holder has announced that the University will begin construction on the Sherman E. Smith Training…


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Circuit training - day 1

Yesturday i started circuit training my 2 football players from Hudson Catholic h.s in Jersey City, NJ. I have been training these two consistantly for 2 years now, and strengths have improved dramatically as well as speed times decreasing, and vertical jumps in the 30's. I felt like this is a great time of the year to circuit train them so that yhey can inxrease mental toughness and self-confidence.

The circuit went as followed:

3 rounds of 4 drills with 3 sets in each… Continue

Added by Giovanni Grassi MA SCCC CSCS Pn1 on June 23, 2011 at 11:33am — 4 Comments

Heavy Lifting, No Rest, Candy: the Bulgarian Method

Strength Performance Network ran across the following article posted online by The Wall Street Journal.  What are your thoughts?


Ivan Abadjiev knows a thing or two about heavy lifting.


U.S. weightlifters haven't won an Olympic gold medal for 40 years. Now they're hoping the Bulgarians can…


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Lean as A Sprinter

Dear Strength Coach,

I learned and developed the speed cross crawl as an exercise for sprinters. However, when the speed cross crawl is done in the right interval format, it is a great exercise to bring out definition in the abdominal region

The speed cross crawl is a part of our soon to be released “Ground Based Abs” program, that can be yours FOR F.R.E.E

To Your…


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Auburn's Sanders Not Afraid to Run Upfront

Guest blog from ESPN's Chris Low:


Kevin Yoxall, Auburn’s veteran strength and conditioning coach, stopped making predictions on guys a long time ago. 

But in terms of how hard a kid has worked in the weight room and how much bigger and stronger he’s gotten in a little more than a year, Yoxall doesn’t mind saying that sophomore defensive end Craig Sanders might be somebody to keep an eye on in the fall. 

“I look for the young man to become a player in this…


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Pallof Presses or "Belly Presses" For Core Stability

This is by far one of my favorite exercises that we use with our athletes at Endeavor.  The great thing about this exercise is that there are so many variations to perform them (split-stance, tall-kneeling, 1/2 kneeling, & 1-leg) and it trains the core the way that it was intended.  One of those ways is to resist rotation at the lumbar spine otherwise known as "hoop" stresses that most people associate with rotational sport athletes.  However, that rotation should be occurring primarily… Continue

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Overhead Lifting Considerations

Even though I consider the typical “shoulder” day ridiculous, in my opinion there are many ways to do certain overhead lifts properly (aka not seated) to keep a person’s shoulder safe.  Typically, the best athletes generate the most force through their lower extremity whether it is sprinter, baseball player throwing a ball, soccer playing kicking a ball, or a football player creating power from  his feet to lay a hit.  Basically, the legs are the powerhouse to produce the power in athletic…


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In Memory of Strength & Conditioning Coach Terrance Brooks

Strength Performance Network was forwarded the following email regarding the death of Strength and Conditioning Coach Terrance Brooks:


"I am saddened by the loss of fellow Strength & Conditioning Coach and great friend Terrance Brooks.  Coach Brooks, the Director of Strength & Conditioning at Sacramento State University, died Monday during surgery at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento,…


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GAIN 2011 Kickoff

Just a few hours from registration and the start of the fourth GAIN Apprentorship. It is hard to beileve this is the fourth one, how time flys! We will be working hard to learn and sahre ideas to define the field of Athletic Development. Been really busy the last four days here in Houston preparing. This is going to be the best ever. 60 people will be attending including faculty. Most of the faculty came In yesterday. Sure… Continue

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