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The effects of Foam Rolling on Myofascial Release and Performance

Healey K, Dorfman L, Riebe D, Blanpied P, Hatfield D.Journal of Strength And Conditioning Research 25, Supplement 1. 2011

Who: 26 healthy college aged individuals with normal BMI, divided into two groups.

What: Each group came in on two different days and performed a standard dynamic warm up (walking lunges, walking knee to chest, side squats, walking butt kicks, frankensteins and penny kickers) followed by either 30 seconds of foam…


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My Interview with Joe Kenn abou this Highland Games Experience

Joe Kenn is undoubtedly one of the most experienced and knowledgeable strength coaches in the industry.  As the head strength & conditioning coach of the Carolina Panthers and founder of the Tier System, coach Kenn is one of the most sought after presenters in the country.

Over the last 20 plus years, “House” has coached athletes at The University of Louisville, Arizona State University, The University of Utah, Boise State University, and his Alma Mater, Wake Forrest…


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2013 GAIN Teaching Schedule

Many of you have asked what the GAIN program looks like. This is time schedule and the topics for 2013 GAIN. You can see it is a total immersion program and quite comprehensive in it’s approach. Not a moment is wasted, every opportunity for learning is used. In another post I will talk about the faculty.…


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Running Mechanics - Part Three

To correct running mechanics it is best to use Fault/Reason/Correction Paradigm. First identify the fault in the mechanics. Then find the reason for the flaw and then correct the flaw. Look at the big things first in the context of the PAL Paradigm. Get a sense of the flow of the action, before looking at specific considerations. Focus in on smaller pieces of the puzzle only after global…

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Running Mechanics - Part Two

Great Run Tech The starting point for running mechanics is a basic technical model. That technical model is what man must do sprint at top speed. Therefore in teaching to improve running mechanics we must start with sound sprint mechanics and extend those concepts out to longer…


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Running Mechanics - Part One

Running is a fundamental locomotor skill. It is a very natural activity. Unfortunately because of our sedentary lifestyle and activity deprived society this natural skill rapidly erodes in accordance with the law of reversibility. As with any skill if is not used it is quickly lost. Generally, young children run naturally with fundamentally sound running mechanics. We need to insure that this natural activity is…


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First Semester of grad school is over

My first semester of grad school wrapped up today. I feel pretty good about the way everything went. I am expecting solid A's from my classes. Experience is the backbone to any coaches career but education are the legs which we stand on. I feel that attaining a M.S.K. in Coach Education will help me take my career to the next level. I learned so much in one semester and can't wait to see what the next semester holds. Also having an advanced education shows future employers that you are…


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GAIN 2013 – The Experience

IMGP0339 I am in the midst of GAIN withdrawal syndrome. What is that? Well it is actually pretty simple, after you spend five days with highly motivated coaches, therapists and teachers who are hungry to learn and willing to share and you leave there is a very empty feeling. It is…


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What is wrong with 6 minutes on the bike?

In the movie, The Mechanic, starring Jason Statham as a professional killer and Donald Sutherland as his mentor, Donald Sutherland’s character has a revolver with the inscription “Victory Loves Preparation.”

If you have seen The Mechanic, you will know that Jason Statham’s character was the prepared one and ultimately did not do Donald Sutherland’s character well!

Anyway, when I was asked to present a workshop on warm-up and cool downs, I thought that …


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One Exercise is not enough

Any significant change in any bio-motor ability requires months and years of systematic continuous training.

The exercises that the beginner can perform correctly without injury will not result in performance improvement for the advanced athlete.

Vice versa, the exercises that results in performance improvement for the advanced athlete may injure the beginner.

Further, each exercise will only be effective for a period of time, after which it loses its effect. This is the…


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Deep Neck Flexor Activation for Soccer Players

Soccer Training: Injury Prevention

The deep flexors of the neck play a pivotal role in core functioning and performance.  In theory, they may also play a role in preventing concussion-like symptoms.  The picture below shows a common postural neck position referral pattern to headaches.  You can see the person is stuck in a forward head posture which puts the posterior neck musculature in a shortened positioned thereby inhibiting the…


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Defy Your Limits

On Memorial Day weekend I took 4 teenage boys (one was my step son) up to the High Sierras in central California to go camping. It was sort of a rite of passage for them. They asked me to take them. I was a little surprised, these are true city boys. Let me put that in context. We live in Redondo Beach, California. It is basically part of Los Angeles although it is at the beach. The boys think a tree grows dates or coconuts – what’s a pine cone? Camping to them is going to a shabby hotel in…


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American Development Model



With the very notable recent success of hockey athletes coming out of Pittsburgh, PA, perhaps all sports coaches and youth association directors would benefit from viewing the ADM for USA Hockey (attached).  The concepts employed have research-based merit and represent a logical progression for developing athletes,…


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Developing Athletes

I have signed a contract with Human Kinetics to write a new book tentatively titled “Developing Athletes.” In many ways it is a follow-up and update on Athle…


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Athletic Gaines NFL Vet Program Internship

Athletic Gaines is now accepting applications for its  internship program starting on June 17th till Aug 5. This is an unpaid position however interns will receive experience working with top NFL combine and veteran players. Interns will also receive Athletic Gaines clothing. We are located in Hollywood, Los Angeles so all chosen interns must live or be able to move near the area as well as have transportation. Please send resumes or ask any questions to Feel free…


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Functional Training – Method or Madness? Part Three

All movement is functional; it is just to what degree is it functional. Function is integrated multi-directional movement. Functional movement is meaningful movement that is part of a chain reaction, not an isolated event. Movement occurs on a continuum of function. Some movements are more functional than other based on the end object of the training.…


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Functional Training – Method or Madness? Part Two

I have never been reluctant to challenge conventional wisdom and it was conventional wisdom that was causing us to stagnate in training. It just was not getting the job done. I felt there had to more than max V02 and other artificial measurements of performance, more than just mindlessly running straight ahead, more than excessive emphasis on heavy lifting, more than fancy machines that isolated body parts and…


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Age & Expereinces

Hopefully with age comes wisdom. I don’t think I am any smarter today at age 66 that was at 26 or 36; I think I have learned from many experiences, some good, some bad, some successes and some failures. I certainly have many more questions than answers. I think the key is continually learning. It really is an attitude, a mindset, you can learn from anyone and any situation. I try to learn from everyone I meet and from…


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