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Athlete Directed Coaching

In this brand new podcast series I interview Roy Sugarman, Phd, author of 'Motivation For Coaches & Personal Trainers'. He is also serves as the Dir. of Sports Psychology for EXOS.

Here in part one of this podcast series we discuss the following:

  • Why is behavioral change so hard?
  • The phrase that EVERY coach and parent…

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GAIN 2014 – Wrap-up/Summary #2

2014 GAIN Faculty

The faculty sets the tone for the GAIN experience. Certainly they can be measured by their professional accomplishments, but most importantly they are characterized by their…


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Is Strength training safe for kids???????????

I am sure as coaches you have been asked this a few times... I Hope you can use some or all of this article for parents or your website!

What age is the right time for my child to start lifting weights?

After completing my weekly fitness show on THE SCORE, here  I was sitting in Starbucks, watching people eat up those yummy cookies that are…


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GAIN 2014 – Wrap-up/Summary #1

It has not quite been a week since we ended GAIN VII. Usually I write a wrap-up the day after but this year it took me longer because it was such an overwhelming experience I needed more time to assimilate what I saw & learned. We raised the bar again! The whole GAIN experience just underscores the nature of a network – When excellent people who are passionate and knowledgeable gather magic happens. The sharing…


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Strength and Conditioning for Youth Soccer Development

Strength and Conditioning in Youth Soccer

Growing the Game through Strength and Conditioning.  Questions may be asked, like, what significance does it play in soccer and to what degree? Is it dangerous for youth development? and so forth. Expanding this specialized training to the soccer population as a whole…


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Speed Drills for Sports

Speed Drills For Pro Sports

Since my last few articles, “To Squat or to Power Clean, That Is the Question” and “How to Train the 40-Yard Dash in the Weight Room – Part One & …


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Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Squat!

I often hear that the squat is the king of exercises. While I believe that exercises are tools and should be used for the right situation, let me just say that I think there are a lot of situations that can benefit from a good ole squat. I constantly find myself reaching into my tool box and pulling out the squat as my exercise of choice. However, when done incorrectly the squat can be dangerous because of the high loads used. So with that in mind…


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GAIN VII - 2014

It seems like just yesterday that 22 of us gathered at the Holiday Inn Sports Complex in Sunrise Florida for the first GAIN. Today at Rice University in Houston Texas we start the seventh iteration of GAIN with 42 attendees (20 new attendees and 22 returning) and 12 instructors. From day one it has been special but it keeps getting better each year. Why? Because of the people, the amazing instructors and attendees…


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The Talent Code Part 3- Masterful Coaching with Daniel Coyle

In this podcast series I interview Daniel Coyle, New York Times Best Selling Author of The Talent Code Here in part three of this podcast series we discuss the following:

-What’s your definition of a Master Coach?

-Let’s discuss your concept of ‘coaching love’

-The 4 Virtues of Masterful Coaching

-In your…


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What is Cluster Training?

                Perhaps the most important factor in developing a long term training program is that it is designed to introduce appropriate training variables, in a systematic/logical order, so as to stimulate the improvement of specific…


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Pursuing Marginal Gains

Pursing marginal seems to be the ongoing mantra in sport today. I can understand it when I see someone on the brink of a world record or a championship pursuing marginal gains in a legal and ethical manner. What I don’t understand is when I see teams and athletes pursuing marginal gains and ignoring the basics and fundamentals of sound training. There is no sense pursuing the last 2% until you have taken care of the…


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An In-Season Training Guide for Baseball Pitchers

Baseball season is in full swing and every team’s success no matter the level depends upon consistent, quality pitching. The ability of a pitcher to throw consistently without losing velocity is imperative. Subsequently, pitchers staying healthy may be the single most important factor for a team’s success.

Read the Article Here

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What to look for in a Strength Coach

If you are just getting into the spirit of using a strength coach or personal trainer and want to know what to look for, hopefully I can offer some advice. I have been in this field for over 14 years and have seen a lot. I’ve traded new information with colleagues, and used mentors and libraries of information to learn what I now know. But the learning never stops! I am always seeking what is best for my clients.

Many people have asked me what to look for when hiring a strength coach…


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How Do I Design a Training Plan Anyways? Part 1: Needs Analysis

                Designing a training plan for a new athlete or client is sometimes a daunting task. How are you to know what exercises to use? What order to put them in? What qualities to train? Which methods will to use to produce these effects so that the athlete may adapt and get better? In this article series I will attempt to break down the process of planning training for specific goals in order to present the process in smaller more manageable chunks. This should help any coaches…

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Who is in charge of the movement?

I am very excited to see a number of teams across the league (speaking here of the NFL) beef up their 'sport science' programs where they are filling formerly non-existent roles of Sport Science Directors or Performance Mangers. I think this has been a long overdue step that needed to be taken if America's most popular and prosperous sport will continue to evolve even further. That all said, I think there is still a void of staffers on a team that should be considered if the performance of…


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What matters most in coaching?

If I were writing this 30 or 40 years ago it would have been a very different blog post. I would have focused on technical knowledge, the importance of understanding training theory and the nuances of periodization. Don’t get me wrong all of that is important if you want to be a good coach, but if you want to be a great coach there is more to it than that. The technical part can be learned fairly easily through study,…


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High School Football Athlete - Case Study

I started working with this athlete on March 12th 2014.  He is a 5'10, 205lb sophomore that played Linebacker for his JV football team.  He has been lifting weights and training for 3 years.  Last year he trained at a facility called Power Train and hurt his right shoulder bench pressing.  He was able to play part of this past football season with it, however while making a tackle he hurt it even further.  He ended up having a tear in his laburm and had to have surgery on it.  Before we…


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To the young strength coach from the young strength coach

Advice for the young strength coach, by the young strength coach

Let me start off by saying that whatever is written here is not necessarily right or wrong, it’s just some things I, as a young strength coach, have encountered in my 4+ years and hope that it helps the next guy in line. I am writing this article because I’ve read others like it but from season vets. I want to offer a perspective from someone who is still relatively new to the game and…


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D Day

I guess you would be living in a bubble if you did not know that is the 70th anniversary of D Day. For my generation, the baby boomers, this occasion has special meaning. The people who were our role models, teachers and coaches were men and women who served in WW II. The sacrifies they made to preserve our way of life are beyond comprehension. Wherever you are today take a moment of silence to…


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More Reflections & Recollections

Communication is the key – Master all modes, don’t forget non-verbal (Body Language) it may be the most essential.

Do what is right! Never compromise ethics and core beliefs to win.

There are no gray areas in regards to drugs – either you are a druggie or your not.

It is impossible to train ANY physical quality in isolation. You can design and write the workout that way but the body is smarter than that.

Many injuries are preventable – not through injury…


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