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June 2016 Blog Posts (12)

Coaching Parenting Parallels

I try to talk to my adult children as often as possible. My daughter works in San Francisco and my son is in graduate school at Princeton. Both are in their thirties and by every measure quite successful, but I cant help but think every time I get off the phone there is always some advice a little reminder of lessons from their childhood that was reinforced. They learned principles, concepts of what was needed to grow…


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2016 GAIN Reflections

GAIN 2016 (1) In the past years I have written my reflections a day or two after GAIN ends. For various reason I have waited for almost two weeks. GAIN IX was the by far the best ever. I looked back on my reflections from past GAIN”s and I always say that the most recent was the best…


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What Can You Do With Time?

It can be too easy to be rep-centric when developing sports/tactical strength. Now, I'm not talking about belittling rep quality, I'm talking about using reps as the sole "determinant" of strength in the training environment.  Rep numbers are just one way to quantify work.  However, much of the manner in which sports and tactical strength is used outside of the training environment has to do with how one can apply strength in a given situation (i.e., time).…


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The First Year Coach: Lessons to be learnt

The First Year Coach: Lessons to be learnt

The first year you work in the job you know is the one that you want to make your career is awesome and terrifying at the same time. My first year as a Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach has been incredible and has taught me many things about myself and about the profession. I wanted to write a blog about my experiences and offer some advice to incoming GAs. My advice, I hope, extends to all Graduate Assistant…


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Last Two-Minute Reports: How Not to Assess NBA Referees

Before the season I had the chance to ask Jason Rosenfeld, NBA director of analytics, and Joe Borgia, NBA director for referees, if the league was doing any health or fatigue-monitoring of referees and relating it to referees’ on-court performance. “No, no we’re not,” was Borgia’s reply, even though it’s perhaps the easiest step the NBA could take to improve the product quality of games.

One quality control step that the NBA does take is to publicly review referee calls during the…


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Records - Made to be Broken

575ba50964c17.image Congratulation to freshman 800-meter runner Donavan Brazier of Teas A&M for breaking Jim Ryun’s 50 year old record. Yes a record that was 50 years old and on a dirt/cinder track. Absolutely amazing that the record has stood for 50 years when you think of the great…


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How Can You Create an Effective Home Gym on a Budget

While nearly 60 million people in the United States have a gym membership, according Statistic Brain, nearly 70% of them do not actually visit the gym. Forcing an hour of workout into your already busy schedule can be tough, especially if you do not live close to a gym. If you are a workout fanatic, the good news is that you can build a home gym in your garage for a relatively low price.…


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It's the PlayOffs. Time to Practice.

College football coaches have long enjoyed the extra time with players that qualifying for a college bowl gives a team. The extra team practices and skill development time are crucial for schools to build (or maintain) their programs. In fact, the benefit of the extended season probably has a greater greater payoff for the season to come than for any outcome in that final bowl game. The college…


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Countdown to GAIN 2016

Six days to GAIN 2016 at Rice University in Houston Texas. We have our largest turnout ever although the goal is not to be big we have achieved our goal numbers. Too big and the personal interaction and sharing that makes GAIN special is lost. We have delegates from all over the world and the US. Our three areas of emphasis: Athletic Development Coaching, Sports Medicine and Physical Education are well represented.…


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Can Do

Please don’t tell me what you can’t do; I am not interested in that. I want to know what you can do and what you will do. Define your possibilities not your limits. Figure out how to be the best you can be and start doing it now!

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Wise Words From Two Great Coaches

JUAN Over the past three weeks I have been fortunate to speed time with two great coaches, professional colleagues and most importantly close friends and great people – Juan Osorio now the manger of the Mexican National team in soccer and Jim Radcliffe, head S&C coach at…


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