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How to Treat Hamstring Injuries

Unfortunately for frequent runners, as well as other athletes in high-endurance sports, the hamstring muscle truly is your Achilles heel. Injuries ranging from a mild strain, all the way to a complete tear in the muscle tissue or the tendon are very common, and they require first aid on the spot to mitigate the pain, and then rehabilitation combined with an exercise program depending on the severity of the injury.…


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Tactical Athletes?


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Nurturing the Athlete - It Takes Time

My father was a gardener and I remember the first time he took me to work with him, I was probably ten or eleven years old. As any youngster, I was impatient and full of questions. I wanted to know why this patch of garden had no plants. Why we had to water this area and fertilize another section. Why we had to trim these plants and let others grow. I wanted to know why he didn’t plant all the seeds at the same time. He explained it to me, but I must admit that…


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Real Change

Change will come not by finding new answers to old questions, but real change will come from abandoning the old questions, stop trying to answer them, leave them. Ask new questions and reframe the old ones. Asking the same old questions just leads to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, not a real practical solution for the problem at hand.

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A Few Definitions

Here's a few definitions that have a lot of meaning in training:

Organism: a form of life made up of mutually interdependent parts that maintain vital processes.

Machine: an apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions used in the performance of work.

Interesting how these two words are similar, but vastly different.  Yet, in the training world the connotation is often to train the body like a machine.  In all…


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Nutrition: Setting Realistic Goals by Cameron Forbes

My name is Cameron Forbes and I am currently in my last semester of graduate school at Meredith College seeking a Master degree in Nutrition. My passion for nutrition started in high school when I was looking for an edge on the competition in athletics. I took this passion with me to NC State University where I graduated with a B.S in Applied Nutrition. While at NC State I worked as a student athletic trainer and a sports nutrition intern my entire undergraduate career. I…

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Authentic Leadership

To be a leader you must have followers. Carefully watch who real follows whom. Carefully watch the dynamics of a squad. The athlete who screams the most often and the loudest is often identified as the leader. Why? Because he or she is voluble and calling attention to themselves? If you observe closely the real leader is the one who says little, but when they speak everyone listens. They are there in victory and defeat with a pat on the back and an appropriate…


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Ancillary Work?

To label work such at hurdle mobility drills, mini band series etc. as “ancillary work” is a misrepresentation of what that work is and what needs to be done. It is not ancillary, it is essential work, a component of any sound training program. It is basic and remedial designed to address each athlete individual needs. It is most effective when woven or threaded through the fabric of the actual training sessions. This type of work can be excellent to lead into…


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S&C = Athletic Daycare

The sport coach sends the athletes to do S&C in the weight room without any idea of what they will do. There is little or no accountability of the S&C for the athlete’s performance or the lack thereof. I compare it to taking you preschooler to daycare, they get tired, you get a break for a short time, and they take better naps. You need to expect and demand more than daycare if you are a sport coach.

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Cross Training

Frankly I have never been a fan of the term cross training or the concept. I have seen it used too often as just another way to get tired. By definition Cross Training “… is when an athlete undertakes training in a discipline other than their main sport for the sole purpose of enhancing performance in their primary event.” (Hawley & Burke P. 31) It has been primarily used as a method for retaining training adaptations. What we are really talking about here is transfer of training…


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Why, Why Not?

Why does the Newtonian, mechanistic reductionist approach that focuses on minutiae and the parts persist? Why not a quantum approach that focuses on relationships and connections, flow and rhythm. The former is comfortable because it allows people cleaner definitions and seemingly straightforward solutions, in some ways it simplistic because all you have to do in that approach is be a technician. If you understand how all the muscles work, what inhibits, what…


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We do that!

Great if you do that then why do you have hamstring injuries and ACL tears. Why do your teams run out of gas in the fourth quarter or last part of the season? It’s not the exercise. It’s how you are coaching the exercises that make the exercises meaningful for the athlete. Just doing it is not good enough. It must be done better with intention, direction and purpose.

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Is your work working?

Is your work working? How do you know? Look closely at what you are doing? Look even more closely at what you are not doing? Eliminate the fluff, the stuff that makes you tired but does not make you better. Set your priorities based on the need to do, the areas that will provide results. Follow the words of Francis of Assisi “Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

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Position Available- Midwest Orthopaedic at Rush Sports Performance Manager

The Sports Performance Manager’s role is for the development and supervision of the day to day operations of the Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush Sports Performance Center in Oak Brook Illinois. This person will report to the Facility Manager (FM) to create a symbiotic relationship between the two sectors. This person will also work with the Clinical Research Director to assist in research implementation in the sports performance…


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Dinosaur or Cockroach – Adapted or Adaptable?

Do not look for adversity, look for opportunity. Ask yourself what I can do each day to make the athletes that I work with better. Carefully study the movements of the sports – understand the forces and how they are produced and reduced and train accordingly. Get away from artificial limiting beliefs about what the body cannot do – focus on the infinite possibilities that the body presents to solve movement problems. Train movements to enhance coordination and…


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I will hold to my belief that the concept of the 24-Hour Athlete is a valid concept that we should not comprise on. Conceptually and in reality, we need to get our athletes to lead lives that are con…

I will hold to my belief that the concept of the 24-Hour Athlete is a valid concept that we should not…


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Some Thoughts to Stimulate Thought

Respect is earned not bought

Knowledge and wisdom eventually win out over hype and promotion

Coaching is special because of the impact you can have lives and the daily lesson you learn

I coached 23 years before I produced my first video – it took me that long to learn something that I could share…


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Fitness Tips You Need To Implement in 2018

Most of us are well familiar with resolutions about leading a healthier life, which we usually make a the end of the year. We also know that very few of them materialise in the following year for a number of reasons. The first one is that our enthusiasm and motivation fade as the year progresses and old routines kick in. Next, we often set unrealistic goals and when we realise we can’t achieve them, we simply get frustrated and…


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Training Speed In

Let not overcomplicate this. You coach speed into the athlete by training speed at the appropriate time in the workout, using an appropriate method and dosage for the time of the training year. You train speed out by doing all sorts of general nonspecific work and slow “base building” type of work, in short emphasizing volume. Remember you are what you train to be! To be fast you must train fast. When I hear a coach say I have not started speed work yet, I just…


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The Good Old Days – Looking Back to Learn & Move Ahead

As I reflect over the past 49 years of coaches there were some things that were cornerstones of a productive system sport that do not exist today. I hope you all realize that I am not living in the past, but we MUST learn from the past, not repeat it.  Here are some areas that I think we could certainly look at and learn from:

Sport was centered in the schools – Therefore teachers were the coaches.…


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