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No Pain, No Gain?

No pain, no gain was a very prevalent attitude when I began coaching in the late Sixties and surprisingly it continues to persist today. I personally have never been able to figure out the appeal of this approach. Proper training in the weight room or on the field demands that the athlete be pushed to test their limits. Some workouts are very difficult and other workouts will almost seem easy. This ebb and flow of hard…


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Tony Maddalone On This Week

On this week I talk with Tony Maddalone and learn about his unique path from coaching to business. His story is very relatable to many in our field and his candidness was greatly appreciated. Have you even considered what we are exposed to during the many hours of training and doing what some many of us enjoy? Getting in the trenches, rolling up…


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Coaching is a process with a foundation in pedagogy, supported by science, forged in experience, proven & tested in the competitive arena. Lest we forget coaching is not about training, technique, tactics and strategy, it is about people. We are not coaching numbers in an algorithm; we are coaching human beings who are individuals with emotions and feeling. The coaches who make a difference are coaches who focus on…


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Bastardization of Functional Training

Unfortunately the concept of functional training as it has evolved and been co-opted by the “fitness industry” has been bastardized and compromised into a weird amalgamation of crazy exercises without any logical progression or justification. It is more than exercises; it is a systematic sequential and progressive approach to training for the rigors of competition. There is no magic or mystery, just application of basic…


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The Continuum of Function

Movement is a complex event that involves synergists, stabilizers, neutralizers, and antagonists all working together to reproduce efficient triplanar movements. Therefore the basic foundational principle of functional training is to train movements not muscles. Sport scientist Roger Enoka put it best: “The function of a muscle depends on the context in which it is activated.” Different movements use muscles differently.…


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CrossFit as a Secret Ingredient for Maximum Strength

CrossFit is making a significant impact and gains more and more attention as the time goes by. As a matter of fact every one of us probably knows someone that’s addicted to this program. You can easily recognize him or her by the crazy determination, peak physical condition and ability to withstand even the harshest challenges someone throws ahead. Let’s see why it is so, and why this particular way of exercise gives you the edge you wouldn’t have otherwise?

What is a…


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Tactical Training Session

Here's a look at my tactical workout this morning:

Time: 0930-1015, Conditions: Warm, Humid, 85 degrees with 90% humidity

Volume: 4 Rounds; Up to 30 seconds rest between exercises; 2 minutes between rounds;

Tire Flip (330…


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The "Complete" Adaptable Athlete

To thrive in the performance arena demands a versatile highly adaptable athlete whose training reflects the demands of the sport and the needs of the individual athlete. We must recognize that for the body to execute movement, whether it is a sustained endurance activity, explosive bursts or fine motor skill that all parts and systems need to work together in harmony. Movement is a symphony not a solo. You can’t do a…


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Rethinking Easy Access Protein Drinks

I'm not a big supplement guy.  Certainly, this is an area for debate, but I think most athletes can get what they need recovery-wise and pre-workout from the foods they eat.  However, I am a realist here, too.  I do believe that following a strenuous workout the body does need nourishment to…


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TSAC Pyramid: Part 4

This is the final version of my TSAC Pyramid.  The end result of moving up through the pyramid is not just a fit-fighter, but one that is ready to perform and accomplish the mission.  The upper levels in the pyramid represent just that.  

Questions I might pose in this level include: Am I ready to perform the…


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What is Functional Training?

Functional training is a label for a concept. As with any label it is subject to various interpretations. I originally conceived it as multi lateral training integrating various training modalities (medicine ball, stretch cord, weight training, dumbbells, body weight etc.) to produce significant adaptation in specific performance parameters. It trains all systems of the body while recognizing and respecting the wisdom of…


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Power Block's Jay Vollmer On

This week on I wanted to ask Jay Vollmer about equipment I have seen, but had a bunch of questions about. As I have traveled around the world in this field, it is something that I commonly see and more need to talk about. If you are tight on space, or need to get a bunch of people moving, the options are endless with the Power Block. We talked…


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Supplements That Really Make A Difference

In the world of bodybuilding, there are several names that keep popping up often; these are

the supplements which make it possible, stretch the limits, and enable the process of

bodybuilding to evolve. Thanks to the structure of our bodies, we are allowed to consume and

take these supplements on a daily basis. But, as every person is different in genetic structure,

different types of supplements will have a different effect on each person. Some will…


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Process of Training Planning and Application

Adapted slides from my presentation at the Special Olympics of BC Coaching Summit on April 25th, 2015. This presentation was aimed at educating their volunteer coaches on basic concepts around training program design and application.

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Toenails to Fingernails

The body is a link system; this link system is referred to as the kinetic chain. Great training and optimum performance is about linkage – it is how all the parts of the chain work together in harmony to produce smooth efficient patterns of movement. Conventional academic preparation still focuses on studying individual muscles based on classical anatomy. This is where the confusion begins as to what is functional…


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Physical Training: What Transfers

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Strength – Functional or Measurable?

Functional strength training is not about measurable strength. How much you can lift or how many foot-pounds of force you can express on a dynamometer are meaningless numbers. Instead quality of movement, rhythm, synchronization and connections are what is important. The goal is always the ability to apply the strength that is developed in the actual sport performance. How is the force expressed? Can you…


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Football Top 10

Below is a list of the top 10 high schools that have produced the most NFL picks over the years.  The numbers represent data over many years and one thing I find interesting is that schools with very successful programs at the high school level produce a much smaller number of NFL players than probably most of us think.  This in no-way diminishes their…


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Perils of Reductionism

A reductionist, mechanistic approach that segments the body into parts and separate systems results in biased one-sided training regimens. This creates robotic athletes that are good in a sterile training environment but have difficulty transferring training to the sport. If you are doing too much of one thing then you are probably not doing much of something else, it is a zero sum relationship. The result is an athlete…


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How Do You Get Your Athletes Fast?

So there's this thing called Twitter, where you can share your thoughts in 140 characters or less. The benefit is can share small chunks of info and that can be digested and internalized very easily. The negative is that you can sound very vague, opinionated, and downright arrogant.

I've tweeted over 2400 times and there have been plenty that I…


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