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What High School Strength Coaches Should and Should Not Take from College S&C

College strength & conditioning is often considered the upper echelon of our field. World class athletes, multi-million dollar facilities, and massive salaries to match. It makes sense then that high school coaches try to mimic college strength programs with their own teams. Sometimes this is a great idea, but often times it leads to major problems.

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APRE and High School Athletes - What You Need to Know

Exercise programming and periodization for off-season and in-season training play a huge role in the desired outcomes that a strength and conditioning coach wants to see in their athletes.

Strength coaches should be well aware of Newton’s third law, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In athletics, force production is crucial because an athlete who produces more force is often at a better advantage than his or her opponent who produces less…


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So You Just Got Your First S&C Job...

You did it! You wrote a killer cover letter, wowed them in the interview, and landed the job. Now the real work begins, but besides coaching your teams, here are a few other things you should do now that you’re hired.

What to Focus on First?

Once you land the position there are three areas you should get to know well, your resources, your coaches, and your team(s). Knowing your resources can help you make the most of your athletic complex and develop programs…


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Why This High School Banned Shoes From the Weight Room

When I was a strength and conditioning intern at California University of Pennsylvania, I read a long article about the dangers of the different types of shoes that people wear. Obvious shoes made the list including high heels or tight dress shoes, but the article also discussed how most modern shoes are causing problems with feet, back and even hips. The article went on to detail the benefits of not wearing any shoes at all or at the very least switching over to …


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Impact of Physiotherapy on Sport-Related Injuries

Quite common in the world of sports, injuries are an inevitable reality for most sports players. Whether they don’t put effort into getting a proper warm-up, lack conditioning, or simply have poor training methods, the injuries they suffer are usually serious, often sidelining them for games or seasons, and unfortunately, sometimes even ending their careers. In order to cope with different injuries they endure while playing sports, many of them turn to…


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