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Injury Prevention

Every sound training program should incorporate an injury prevention component. It has been my experience that the best “injury prevention” programs are almost completely transparent. If the training program is well designed to meet the demands of the sport and takes into account the qualities of the individual athlete then you should see no difference between injury prevention and performance enhancement. Another way to…


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Coach What Happens

So often we get caught up in coaching something we think happens rather what actually happens. In today’s world there is no excuse for this. We have sophisticated game analysis information and biomechanical analysis to break down individual skill so that we know exactly what happens. It is important to recognize that each individual has a style that is his or her expression (interpretation if you will) of technique. If…


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Tips To Decreasing 5-10-5 Agility Shuttle Time

The 5-10-5 agility shuttle is the staple for finding out how quick an athlete is simply because it defines the word agility to its exact science.  The ability to accelerate, decelerate, stop, and reaccelerate without losing balance is basically all summed up in this one drill.  But how can we do all of this in a matter of the fastest time possible?  Simple.  Just as you are trying to get your Olympic lifts more explosive and your 40 yard dash time faster, you must have an increased…


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Twitter Coaching

Index I must admit when I first heard about Twitter I thought it was frivolous. My thought was how dumb, what could you possibly say in 162 characters? Now I get it. Get to the point, be precise and concise and get the message across. The same holds true for coaching. Start your workout with a brief…


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Wake Forest Names Greg Brittenham Director of Athletic Performance for Men's and Women's Basketball

Wake Forest Athletics reports:


Aug. 26, 2011


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - Former New York Knicks assistant coach Greg Brittenham has…


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to succeed u need to form good habits. if you consistently do something it becomes second nature. i was thinking about my post about stretching, and how i go through periods where i will consistently stretch at least twice a day, and there other periods of time where it doesn't cross my mind. The consistent periods are because i have gotten in a rhythm. As a student your scenery and your routines change, but when they do you must make room for good habits. It's the same for people who get in… Continue

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trail running/obstacle running

being stuck inside because of the all and might irene has resulted in me youtubin it up, and now all i want to do is obstacle running. I found 4 or 5 good ones, and i am going to give them u the links:…


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now when people rush a workout they tend to skip out on the stretching that is the last thing you should skip out on. I like to do a static stretch right after I wake up and right before i go to bed. There is nothing more relaxing than stretching and listening to some easy listening before bed. Stretching at these times are important because at night is when you are most flexible to increase flexibility you stretch when you are most flexible. When you wake up, you are least flexible, so it is… Continue

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Workout Ideas when pressed for time!!

Some of you all may be pressed for time when it comes to getting in the gym. If you have 30 minutes then this workout is for you. First, take about 8-10 minutes to warm up and get the body warm. Whether you want an upper body day or lower body or even total this concept still applies. Pick two exercises that work the front and back of a particular body area(ex: Chest and Back) and superset both exercises. I would focus on High repetitions when dealing with supersets but that is optional. This… Continue

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Ways to Increase your Bench!!

It's called the Bench Assault. A friend of mine showed me this routine. You take 70% of your Bench Max and you aim for  5 sets of 12 reps with that particular weight. It will be tough to get all 12 reps depending on how strong you are. If you can not do all 12 reps after the first or second set then do as many reps as possible. Trust me it works!!! I am benching 365lbs and I rep out 315lbs 7-10 reps!!!!

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Post Workout Fuel

After your workout whether it be intense or moderate, your body needs fuel. Replenish your body with either a Post Workout  shake or some type of Carbohydrates. EAS and Muscle Milks make ready to drink Post workout shakes. Within the first 30 minutes is the best time to refuel. Don't cheat your body!!!

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6 meals a day

i can't wait for college to have control of when i eat. Metabolism works better when you can eat often and in smaller portions. instead of having 3 big meals having 6 meals separated by 3-4 hours is better. It is also important to eat before and after you train. it is bad for your engine to run on e. A difficulty some people have with food is they see it as a pleasure rather than a energy source. to keep with the car metaphor our preverbal gas. Eating 6 meals a day takes planing but once you…


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so there have been a lot of arguments about tilapia. Tilapia is a cheaper fish because they are fast growing, more supply cheapens the price, classic economics. The pro's of tilapia is that it is low in mercury, and high in omega 3. However it is even higher in omega 6. Omega 6 is not supposed to be as good as omega 3. however omega 6 is much better than saturated fat. I am huge tilapia fan kind of a meat eater's fish.

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out of gym workouts

I am new to the blogging game, i am a college student,so money is tight. haha Anyway, i had a two month gym membership that ran out this week, so i have been doing the old pull up bar work outs, and they are awesome.just had a great out of gym work out, ran 2 miles at 6:30 pace to the local park, did a circuit which consisted of pull-ups, 20  clap push ups,50 mountain climbers, 20 star jumps with 15 second rest between activities. The circuit ends when you get to 40 pull ups, so you aim to do… Continue

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STACK Media Interviews Co-Founder of Strength Performance Network

STACK Media content director Brandon Guarneri (@BrandonGuarneri) posted a great blog about Strength Performance Network.  Who founded the site?  Why was it created?  What's its mission?  Check it out

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Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squat (Bulgarian Split Squat) Observations & Corrections

     The rear-foot-elevated split squat (RFESS) or the back-leg-raised split squat (BLRSS) are superior single leg exercises to improve athlete's lower body strength levels without destroying the low back.  I have become a huge advocate of single leg training since coaching at Endeavor and reading from other great strength coaches.  Back squatting is not "bad" but I cannot remember when was the last time I have ever watched someone in a commercial gym or weight room actually squat…


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Stop and Think?

What exactly are you doing in your training?

When are you doing it?

How are you doing it?

Why are you doing it?

Who are you doing it with?

Is the training mindful and meaningful or is it just a collections of task the athletes need to get done in order to end the workout?

Do the training tasks connect to the competetive demands of the sport? Are you coaching them or just keep them occupied and entertained?

Is it a partnership with your…


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Me and Linford Christie

Who says that training for downhill skiing always needs to be performed in snow?

The exercise in this video was considerably easier than I thought it would be, so load should be added, for example, by attaching a long band to the athlete’s waist.

Then the athlete walks backward up the hill until the band is as tight as possible. The band should allow for about 20-30 metres of jumping.


As the athlete starts jumping down the hill (s)he is being pulled by the band…


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The Measureable Strength Trap

A common question you hear between athletes is: what’s your max in the bench? Or clean? Or snatch. Or squat. What you can lift or how many foot-pounds of force you can express on a dynamometer are often meaningless numbers outside of the environment where the numbers were produced. Quality of movement, rhythm, synchronization and connections are more important than a one-rep max. It is easy to lose sight of the fact that… Continue

Added by Vern Gambetta on August 24, 2011 at 1:02am — 1 Comment

Gambetta Method Systematic Sport Development Principles – Principle One

The body is a link system - a kinetic chain. Training is all about enhancing linkage and connections with all the parts of the chain working together in harmony to produce smooth efficient patterns of movement. Most Traditional academic preparation focuses on studying individual muscles based on classical anatomy. This classical anatomical approach focuses  on learning about muscles in isolation and how those muscles…


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