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Training Log (Filth) 8/31/2012

Dynamic Warm up & Foam Roll

1a. Plyo push up  3:4

1b. kneeling med ball toss  3:5

2. Fat Grip Bench 5:8 (185)

Bar*5, 95*5, 135*8, 185*5:8

3a. Alternate Incline DB press 3:12 (40)

3b. DB Rows 3:10 (60)

3c. Plate Curls 3:15 (35)

4. ITY 2:8 (2.5/hand)

** shoulder prehab **

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All In

Striving for and achieving excellence as a coach or an athlete in not part time commitment, it requires a total commitment. You must be all in. A partial commitment is no commitment at all. Excellence and the drive necessary to achieve it is not a comfortable proposition. You must be a coach or an athlete twenty-four hours a day not just the three or four hours you are training. A wise old coach told early in my coaching…


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Training Log (Filth) 8/30/2012

Dynamic Warm up/ Foam roll

1a. Broad Jump 3:4

1b. Seated Box Jump 3:4

2. Box Squats

Bar*5, 95*5, 135*, 185*5, 225*6,7,6,7

**** Working on imbalances within the hips ***

3a. Farmer Walk 3:40yd (75lbs/hand)

3b. Barbell Step up 3:12 (115lbs)

4. Sprints 4:200yds (1 min rest between)

*** Lower body will be lighter weights, emphasis on building a stronger base ***

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Nonlinear Periodization

So I am not sure if I am behind in the times, but I am trying to learn more in the training of Nonlinear Periodization.  I have heard the training format used a couple of times and have only recently started to look into what this type of training has to offer.  I was curious as to how many people choose this type of periodization for team sports (football, basketball, baseball, etc...)  and who still use the traditional American training method?


If anyone does have an…


Added by Adam Burken on August 29, 2012 at 4:01pm — 6 Comments

Hiring considerations

good article on what rich rod does. i think the strength and conditioning profession is too competitive and the only ones who make it are the ones who have the resources to intern or who are lucky to know someone in the field. There are some great coaches at the lower levels DIII NAIA High school who are probably…


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3 Ways to Improve Your Quickness and Agility

You have to train purposely to improve your quickness and agility.

In many instances, quickness is more important than straight ahead speed. In many sports, maximum speed is rarely reached or needed, but explosive reaction is often necessary. Athletes can improve reaction times by training…


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Training Log (Filth) 8/28/2012

Dynamic warm up/foam roll

1a. Plyo Push up  3:5

1b. Kneeling med ball toss 3:5

2. Bench Press

95*5, 135*5, 185*8, 225*7,5,5,3

3a. alternate db bench 3:12 (40lbs)

3b. Band push up 3:fail (grey band)

3c. Body weight push up 3:fail

3d. Tricep push down 3:15 (60lbs)

4a. Band Pulls 2:25 (red)

4b. Farmer walk 2:40yds (75lbs/hand)

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Bodybuilding: Working the Triceps

Bodybuilding is becoming more popular as people see the great bodies that come as the result of an active workout program. Aerobics, and other heart-stimulating exercises, are necessary to reduce fat deposits and keep the heart in shape, but after a half an hour on the treadmill or the bicycle, move to the free weights and start building your muscle tissue.

Most people don’t know this, but when there is more muscle composition, more calories are burned with less effort. The goal is to…


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Paleo Diet - 45 Day Update

It’s been 45 days since I overhauled my diet to a much more strict Paleo regimen, so I figured it was time for a check in to not only assess how things have been going, but share my key learnings as well.

Overall, the diet (or “eating lifestyle” as some would say) has worked very well for me.  Like anything else, I have made a few mistakes here and there (some minor, some major) but those mistakes have led to more research, asking more questions, and has been key to finally hitting…


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Make em don’t break em

Are you really a good coach when only one or two survivors of your program run fast and the rest are hurt or cast by the wayside? Development is not a war of attrition, but a systematic process of gradual adaptation to training stress. It takes talent, time, patience, dedication, planning and focus on the process. No quick fixes. Honor and respect for the individual is important. No two individuals are the same. Before…


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Do we really need them?

Lance and Roger will you please exit stage left. To see each of them featured on the New York Times sports page today was upsetting to say the least. You are both dopers – the media are the dopes for continuing to give attention to all your exploits. Lance says, “Nobody needs to cry for me.” Don’t worry I won’t just go away. Take your Lite beer and ride into the sunset and keep living a lie.  I never bought into the…


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What I learned from Usain Bolt

I don’t watch much television, but I enjoy selected events, for example Usain Bolt's sprint performance in the 100 meter race during the 2012 Olympics. in London I enjoy it not so much to see who wins, but rather to watch Bolt's sprint performance, because it is a chance to see what – currently – world class speed looks like, in terms of stride length, stride frequency and relaxation with speed.

Usain Bolt has supplied my reference point for world class linear speed, my “10 out of…


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Fit For What?

V02_max Are you fit for the sport or fit for the test? I learned a long time ago that are what you train to be. I know I want the athletes that I coach to be prepared for the game or match not some arbitrary fitness test that gives a meaningless measure that has no relation to the…


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The Compass

Images Certainly we all recognize how important it is to have a clear goal – that is the destination. But without a working compass oriented to true north it is difficult to reach the destination, to achieve the goal. It is important that the compass be oriented to true north not…


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Home Gym?

It's the million dollar question: Can I get as good of a workout at home as I can at the gym? Well, yes and no. Having lived through both scenarios, I have learned that there are pros and cons to both. Not being a huge fan or the "meat market" that most gyms provide - you know, the shifty eyes, knowing looks, constant glances. I like the privacy of working out at home. Here's a few other things to consider when trying to decide to join a gym or start an at-home…


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Red Flags & Dysfunctions

Images I am tired of hearing about red flags and dysfunctions. Why is something a red flag or a dysfunction? Watch what happens when the athlete gets up and actually moves; it is amazing how many of the red flags disappear and the supposed dysfunctions discovered in isolated…


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Images I think there is a time in everyone’s career when they think they have all the answers. Learning how to say smart things and give smart answers seems very important. I know I have been there. The longer I coach and teach and the older I get the more I realize it is not…


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getting a job

5 years ago I embarked on a career path change. Having tuaght karate for 20 years, been an employed actor for 30 years, and having then begun as a personal trainer, I decided that collegiate level athletics was where I wanted to be. Consequently, I pursued my Master's degree in Sports Conditioning, became CSCS certified, and began an internship at the local college. The college had not previously had a Strength and Conditioning program. My whole goal was to get in on the ground floor to…


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Optimum Not Maximum - Stimulus Threshold

Optimum training stress is the goal in order to stimulate a positive adaptive response to training. Training is cumulative and synergistic. It is an accumulation of the demands placed on all systems of the body muscular, metabolic, nervous, and endocrine/hormonal. It is also adaptation to the synergistic effect of work demands on all the biomotor qualities. They are all interdependent. There is a tendency to try to…


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Smell the Roses

Yesterday when I was swimming (This is my meditation and thinking time – very quiet & relaxed) I started thinking about how fortunate I have been and what is good about the world we live in. In today’s crazy chaotic world we are bombarded with negativism, bad news and hatred. We don’t have let this be our world; I refuse to let it be my world. We each can create our own reality and influence and be influenced by our…


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