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Strength Training - A Definition

Strength is often trained is an independent motor quality, I certainly have made that mistake. Strength is a highly interdependent motor quality. Unfortunately it took me too many years to really understand and apply that. I think some of the problem and confusion lies in the definition of strength training. In order to clarify what strength training is it is important to have a good operational definition of strength…


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After reading an article entitled “This is your brain on Football” by Paul Solotaroff, which appeared in the January issue of Rolling Stone, I felt a deep sense of sadness for the parents mentioned in the article who had lost their teenage children due to football related injuries: more specifically from concussions.  I couldn’t help but think about a period of time, approximately two years ago when my own teenager, now 17 years of age had reported symptoms of a concussion including…


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Intellectual Incest

If you look at the history of Europe you will see that effects of incest when the various members of royal families intermarried among first cousins and relatives. The result was idiocy. This is what I see in many areas of physical performance, rehabilitation and pseudo sport science today. You have too many people who are in effect marrying their first cousins by passing around the same ideas, never going outside their…


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Functional Path Training Rules

These are simple training rules that I use to guide me on the Functional Path to grow, develop and nurture adaptable athletes who understand the wisdom of their bodies and it’s ability to self organize and solve movement problems:…


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Continuous Improvement

Is it realistic to think that an athlete can seek and attain continuous improvement throughout their athletic career? At first glance it sees like the answer would be no, but in my experience that is not the case. As an athlete starts their journey the trajectory of improvement is almost linear, virtually everything the athlete does in training results in improvement in performance. Then there comes the inevitable…


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Football- In- Season Training program



Football is approaching and the question everyone asks is “Can athletes continue to build muscle and strength during the playing season?”  Do NFL, NCAA and CIS players’ workout during the season? 


YES!  Damn right they do…why waste all of your hard working gains and be de…


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It's Not About You

Despite what some coaches think it is not about you the coach. Lest we forget, it is about the athlete. Any good program recognizes that it is athlete centered and coach driven. The athlete is the reason we are coaching. Our effectiveness as a coach and the athlete’s success is highly dependent on our emotional intelligence. It is how we communicate, how we motivate that helps propel the athlete to greatness. Technical…


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What are you missing?

As we often miss key elements of movement because we become very stereotyped and always see movement from the same perspective.  It is so easy to have a confirmation bias and see what you are looking for and miss the real problem. It is so important to see movement with new eyes. Eliminate bias. Don’t focus on the site of pain or the perceived cause of the technical flaw.…


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A Daily Plan

Legendary British Prime Minister and military leader Winston Churchill once remarked that, "Failing to plan is planning to fail."  I believe this to be true.  Being that my background is medical-based working in physical rehabilitation and then subsequently transitioning into human performance in the football arena and then tactical environment, I've learned the value of daily planning as the most viable means to producing change over time in the human body and psyche.  Stagnation and…


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Every Bit Counts

Training is a process. It is a process of blending all components of training into a useable whole to allow adaption in pursuit of competition goals. Every bit of training big and small counts. The art is assembling those bits so that they fit together seamlessly.  Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that all components of training must trained during all phases of the training year. That being said it should…


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Concussive Blow vs Sub-Concussive Blow - Which is More Dangerous?

Dr. Robert Cantu, the prominent neurosurgeon out of Boston and undisputed concussion expert, has stated that a lineman in the NFL, on one 80 yard drive, can sustain up to 18 sub-concussive blows. 18! 15,000 in a ten year NFL career!

With that in mind what is more dangerous to the athletes - Concussive Blows or Sub-Concussive Blows?

Michael Felder, who is the national college football lead writer for the Bleacher Report covered a debate titled “To Ban or not Ban College…


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Figuring It Out

I don’t know about you but I don’t have it figured out. I think one of the biggest challenges in coaching and in life is the challenge of figuring it out. It makes coaching fun. I know there was a time 33 years ago when I thought I had it figured out and what followed was one of the worst years coaching I have ever had. If you think you have it figured out, you think you have cracked the code, sit down and get back in…


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Being Average

I find it very interesting to watch how hard people work at being average.  It is easy to be average so I don’t really understand why people work at it but they do. Ever notice how those that choose to be average are always making excuses, it is too hot or it too cold. They overslept or didn’t get enough sleep. They forgot their water bottle. They forgot their spikes or their bathing suit and on and on. They are the ones…


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Functional Path Training - Eight Years Into it

Eight years ago this week I started writing this blog. I had no clue about blogging and even less about the connected world of cyberspace. I started writing the blog as a daily “warm-up” for my writing of my Athletic Development book. I had no idea that I would still be writing eight years latter and that it would be syndicated and have the followers that it does through various social media. As I have said before I do…


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Favorite Exercises

I always get a good chuckle when I am asked what are my favorite exercises and I answer I don’t have any. Why don’t I have any favorite exercises, really it is quite simple. I have a big toolbox of exercises accumulated over my years of coaching; I must know how to use each of those tools appropriately as demanded by the needs of the athlete and the sport and position. I have to be careful that I don’t go to my…


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Top 3 Reasons why Baseball Players NEED to Train During the Season!


Top 3 Reasons why Baseball Players NEED to Train During the Season!




Another busy baseball season is upon us and many players are trying to juggle practices, games and schoolwork.  Add in-season training to this schedule and a player really has to be disciplined with his/her time.  SST athletes maintain a 2 days per week in-season program throughout their busy schedule.  How do they manage to…


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Culture – The Difference Maker

I have been fascinated all my life with why some teams win and some teams lose. As a young athlete and I coach I sensed it but I did not really know what it was. After about ten years of coaching it was quite apparent it was culture. Culture is in some ways abstract and somewhat intangible. You know good culture when you see it and conversely you know bad culture when you see it. In my experience great coaches create…


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It is easy to get caught in the isolationist trap. Trying to isolate an energy system or any system of the body may be mentally convenient and look good in theory but in practice it is like chasing a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. All systems of the body work together all the time and they work together synergistically to maintain a state of homeostasis. When you do a heavy lifting session it is certainly of high…


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