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Escaping Depression: Living Life Fully

The Hero's Journey Blog

We all have ups and downs, obstacles that seem insurmountable, tragedies that leave us wondering why but it is how we respond to these events that determine who we become. Those are just things that happened - How you respond when adversity hits is how we we are judged.…


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It's Not Where You Start - It's Where You Finish

The Hero's Journey Blog

Thank you for checking out the blog. 

If you find any value please share with your friends.

Enjoy your labor day weekend and be safe!

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Seeing The Change in Others: A Beautiful Experience

The Hero's Journey Blog

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Reinventing the Wheel

It just amazes me to see how every generation of young coaches have to reinvent the wheel. No need. Connect with people who have been there before and the journey is much easier and direct. These the exact words from coaching legend Tom Tellez to me in 1982 "Why don't you come and spend three days with me, no need for you to make same mistakes I have made." Those three days changed my coaching. The path became more…


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Specificity of training must be a primary consideration when developing healthy training programs for athletes and tactical warriors.  Yet, the term almost seems lost today within the training landscape.  I think there is plenty of value in spending time researching the term as it vital to creating successful outcomes and helping others to reach…


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Quick Guide to In-Season Training

Quick Guide to In-Season Training


            The harder you work in the off-season the more your chances of success during the season increase, but the sweat you poured in the off-season won’t make that big of a difference  if you follow a poor…


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Evidence Based

So your training is evidence based. Who has gathered the evidence? What actually is the evidence? I get it, it is published and peer reviewed – so what? So much research I see is still on untrained college students with a very small number of subjects for six weeks to nine weeks in duration. It always makes me wonder. I am very partial to practice based evidence. Find someone who has been there before, preferably many…


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Some Tips To The Top

Smart work, very focused and directed to meet individual needs is necessary.

Embrace risk and failure – Take calculated chances and learn form the mistakes.

Do ordinary things in an extra ordinarily manner everyday. Basics executed…


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One Trick Ponies

One-trick-pony Are you preparing your athletes to be a one trick pony? What’s a one trick pony? A one trick pony is an athlete who is highly specialized in a narrow range of skill sets and conditioning. They are highly adapted to one way of doing things, very fixed in mindset and highly…


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Odds and Ends

I am enamored on what it takes to be the best, to be great, to sustain excellence. This interview with Smokey Robinson on NPR gives some insights into what has enabled this man to sustain excellence for forty plus years. He works at his craft everyday. He runs everyday and has been doing yoga for thirty-five years he finds it fuels his creativity. He has a new album…


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More Colleagues Responses to Beware The Keyboard Coaches

Dear all,

The amount of professionals around these days that have the wisdom, balls and credibility to email such a ‘rant’ are few and far between. Thanks Vern.

There always has and always will be short-cutters and frauds around. They have just found a…


Added by Vern Gambetta on August 17, 2014 at 11:17am — 1 Comment

Colleagues Responses to Beware The Keyboard Coaches

Hi All. I couldn't agree more. We see short cutters in all sport and the arts today. I will answer in depth in a couple of hours. In swimming we observe coaches conducting practices for developing age groupers without the correct measure of SKILLED aerobic backgrounds of technique muscle memory and sustained motor pathway learning. In preference to preparing non sprint white fibered athletes like they are a senior high…


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Sports Psychology

I can't speak for anyone else, but there's a delicate balance in my coaching arsenal between applications of exercise science and sports/behavioral psychology over the course of…


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Beware The Keyboard Coaches

(I sent this post to many of my colleagues – over the next few days I will post their comments and reactions. I think you will find it informative and enlightening. Some of these people are icons in coaching; all who responded are coaches who are coaching – no keyboard coaches.)

We have a whole generation of…


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Future Olympians?

Fat-kids The 2020 Olympians are 14 to 18 years old and the 2024 Olympians are 10 to 14 years old right now. For me that is cause for alarm. Why? Sport does exist independent of society it reflects society. We are a hypokinetic society characterized by exercise deficit disorder.…


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Preseason Training

Preseason training & training Camps are usually characterized by multiple practices in a day. In my experience this is the genesis of many more negatives than positives. The resulting residual fatigue carries deep into the season compromising performance and predisposing athlete to injury. Why do we do it? It is quite simple; it is a tradition, a vestige of times past when you used the preseason to “get in shape.” It…


Added by Vern Gambetta on August 12, 2014 at 12:09pm — 1 Comment

Meaningful Measurement

Just because it is convenient or easy to measure some physical quality does mean that the measure is meaningful. If you do measure it (whatever it is) make sure it is meaningful and will yield actionable results or don’t waste the time measuring it. Gathering random numbers that look cool on graphs does not make the athlete better. Remember a simple axiom I have lived by for years: Training = Testing and Testing =…


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But this is how we've always done it

I have been spending each day over the last couple weeks making the trek around the League to watch my personal athletes perform at their respective training camps. Well, so far this week, I have experienced some things from both football coaches and strength coaches alike that I believe everyone should take some time to re-think their approach with...and thus, I wrote a blog about those thoughts that you can read at my football performance site listed below.

All in all, I believe…


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