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Load management and Injury prevention in tennis

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Some Coaching Advice From An Old Coach

Here are some tidbits that that I have learned over the years. If you are just staring out on the coaching journey it will get you going in the right direction and if you are an experienced coach it will serve as a reminder of things to do to be effective as well as food for thought.

Clearly define and…


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Do you currently use an injury risk profile program? If not here's how...

In this episode of 'Coach's You Should Know' I have a conversation with my buddy David Joyce about his latest book 'Sports Injury Prevention & Rehabiliation' and we talk about:

-What does the phrase 'Coach Your Best' mean to you?

-What were the 2-3 things that you took away from your experience when writing this book?…


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Why Strength Coaches Quit and Why the People that Hired them Don't Care

With no objective methods to evaluate strength & conditioning coaches and not many administrators qualified to do so; the profession is devalued from saturation and immeasurement.

Just over a year ago, I wrote an article titled What is Really Wrong with Strength and Conditioning. The article received a lot of positive feedback,…


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It’s Always More Than An Exercise

There are many exercises available some good and effective other pure rubbish. How do you choose? You can’t do them all. Ask yourself these questions when you see a new exercise that you are considering using in your training program. What is context? Where will you use it? Is it an absolute need to do exercise or is just nice to do? (Nice to do exercises often just make you tired but don’t make you better.) Does the…


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Thinking About Training

Over the past 5+ years I helped facilitate and/or oversee thousands and thousands of fitness tests for the military.  What a great learning experience this was for me.  It never ceased to amaze me some of the patterns that I saw emerge among this population regarding both training and physical-fitness testing.

Here are a few trends that I saw over and over again.

1.  There is a…


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Daily Challenge

What are you doing different today and everyday to make yourself better that no one else in your world is doing? To do this demands that you get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, your colleagues and your athletes. It is making good choices and setting priorities. Are you up for the daily challenge?

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Copycat Training

This is the time when coaches and athletes watch great athletes achieve astounding performances at the Olympic games. It is certainly inspiring and interesting to see what these athletes did in their journey to achieve that success. It is tempting to try to copy their training methods in an attempt to imitate their success. I know that because as a young coach and athlete I did that. Needless to say the results were less…


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Hurricanes are the new Super Rugby champions…And they prepared their triumph with AthleteMonitoring!

New Zealand’s Hurricanes, won the Super Rugby championship, arguably the toughest professional rugby competition on the planet. They beat South Africa’s Lions 20-3, and they prepared with AthleteMonitoring.



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Strength Performance Launches New Website Highlighting "Best-of" Strength and Conditioning Industry News and Updates

Strength Performance LLC launches Strength Performance Daily, a new website created to deliver daily updates from throughout the strength and conditioning industry direct to the desktop and mobile…


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GAIN Swimming - September16 to 18, 2016

Coaching Athletic Development for Swimming - Design to Implementation…



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Human Systems Integration

Human Systems Integration has become a buzzword in the corporate planning world in terms of how various work-functions integrate to improve production and efficiency.  In terms of working with athletes and tactical warriors, human systems integration, at the ground level, relates to how well the whole body functions in response to stress (i.e., the competition continuum). …


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Prepare to Train

There's probably no more important aspect of physical training than preparing to train.  As far as actually getting some tangible results, this process is invaluable. Personally, I like to write stuff down.  I keep a formatted set of index cards in my coach's companion binder and set aside time to think about how training is going to look in the future.  For me, the process does not end here, myself and a few others actually do…


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Training is a Continuum

This process of trying to develop "total human performance" with a specific theatre for performance in mind, albeit sports or tactical purposes, could be set on a linear continuum, I think.  The formula may look something like this:

THP (continuum model) = Prepare (Perform…


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Let the “Games” Begin

As the games begin I run the gamut of emotions from the excitement of seeing the best of the best go head to head to deep despair and disappointment. As young coach in 1972 and 76 the Olympics was pure excitement, it was in my mind the pinnacle of athlete excellence. I trained with some Olympians and getting to see them in the big show was special. I got to go to Montreal as a spectator. It was so exciting I was like a…


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Some Pearls From Recent Reading

From Feynman’s Rainbow page 78.

Leonard Mlodinov talking to Richard Feynman, noble prizewinner: “Let me ask you something,” I finally said. “Do you think it would be wise to work on a theory that almost everyone thinks is nonsense?” “Only under one condition,” he said.…


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