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Cost of convenience

No matter how different one strength gym is from another, we all collect payments for our services.  As a customer, it's easiest to have money come out of your account rather than going over to an ATM to get cash. Likewise, its easier for a gym to have an automated system or gym management software to collect payments.  With such payments, you can accept credit cards and ACH payments- but…


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Green Eggs and Ham

Green eggs and ham uses 50 different words and only one of those words has more than one syllable!…

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Stop and Think

Before the day starts today take a minute and reflect. Why are you doing what you are doing when you are doing it and with whom are doing it? If you can’t sensibly and logically answer these questions in the context of the whole development process of the athlete then maybe you should not be doing it.

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Learning Context

The context in which we learn is highly important, but sometimes it impairs our development as a coach and how we help shape the future of athletes.  Learning context refers to the environment and/or situation in which knowledge and behavior is developed.  This association can be very strong and motivating in regards to future learning and perceptions.  It can open doors to learning, but close them, too.

Contextual learning…


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Coaching Pitfalls – Taper and Pre-season

Over the years, I have seen that there are two periods of the year where good coaching can go awry: The pre-season training period and the taper. Both are essential but both are fraught with perils and pitfalls characterized by the same root cause – the willingness/desire/need/obsession to do more than is necessary. Ultimately do to insecurity and…

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Training Smarter

Who the heck doesn't want to train smarter?  We all do, don't we?  At least we should, but on further review I don't know if many entities out there really want to train smarter.  I guess some do as long as it doesn't involve changing anything currently being done.  A more correct statement would be, "Who the heck doesn't want to look cooler when training?"  That's probably more correct.

There's a ton wrong with that train of…


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Topic #67: Planning for Success with Technology Tools, Part 2 of 4 #PlanningForSuccess

Topic #67: Planning for Success with Technology Tools, Part 2 of 4 #PlanningForSuccess

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Old Coach - Young Coach

As a young coach, I was sure I knew everything and I was dumb enough to tell everyone who would listen and some who would not. I thought a lot of the old coaches were out of it, behind the times. They did not subscribe to the latest fads and speak in fancy jargon, they just consistently produced results. My biggest regret is taking too long to figure this out. Those old coaches knew what they did know and they did it very well they seldom if ever strayed from the basics. When they did…


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