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October 2009 Blog Posts (10)

5 Rules of Conditioning

Chapter #3 - The Art of Conditioning!

No matter what sport you play, conditioning plays a key role in the level of your performance. In an evenly matched game, the team that is better conditioned will have the competitive advantage over their opponent. Hence, many athletes and coaches seek to "outwork" their competition by performing an array of conditioning drills, runs, and exercises with no real purpose or design. Unfortunately, it takes not only hard work but also SMART work to truly… Continue

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Hedlesky's Training Log- Week of 10-25 to 10-31

This week has been a completel and total waste. Been sick since Sunday, not the swine flu. Still pretty crappy. No school work has been done nor have I really done anything even close to what I need to do to get stronger. Just been focusing on eating enough to not lose any weight and drinking a ton of water, hopefully picking things back up tomorrow, 10-30. We will see.

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Searching for the Thoracic Spine III

We all love here are a few examples of the t-spine in action. Obviously, t-spine mobility is critical for sparing other structures during high velocity rotational movements like throwing and swinging. However, I added the last picture (because it was awesome) as a reminder that dynamic stability of the t-spine is critical for movements such as sprinting and long distance running. There's a fair amount of rotation that occurs during these movements as well and for the core to… Continue

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Hedlesky's Training Log- Week of 10-19 to 10-25

Monday-10-19-09 DE Lower/I dont hate lifting weights anymore-day

Speed Squats- 140lbs of chain

280-8x2<~~~ very, very fast guessed this at 40-50%

Speed Pulls- 140lbs of chain





500x10<~~~ dang.

Standing Abs- Blue

wide stancex20

right foot forwardx20

left foot forwardx20

repeat<~~~ 120 total reps and it didnt even phase me, time to get a new ab exercise.

Plate… Continue

Added by Michael Hedlesky on October 19, 2009 at 2:10pm — 5 Comments

Something to learn from your family Radiologist

It has been some time now that I have been craving to write this little article here. I have been thinking of ways to help fellow strength coaches with their coaching of exercise technique. It reminded me of when I interned at the NSCA in Colorado Springs under Mark Stephenson.

While I was there I was exposed to a lot of really good information, training strategies, networking, experiences (hands on and otherwise) and various other things I could ramble on about. But one thing that I… Continue

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Searching for the Thoracic Spine II

The influence of the thoracic spine is very important in more than just the exercises I mentioned in Part I. As a general rule: if an exercise requires good scapular mechanics, then the t-spine must be in a good position to support the scapulae.

The "cart" and "track" analogy is commonly used to describe the relationship between the femur and patella to patellofemoral pain. As a reminder, how much good is fixing the "cart" when the "track" is broke? How much good are we doing working… Continue

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Beyond the Weight Room

Below is the blog post on

I met with a few high school athletes this week regarding either their performance or a lingering injury. Looking back on those meetings, there was a common thread among them. Each of their coaches and trainers had suggested different exercises and stretches for them to do. However, none of them did!

Were they the most appropriate exercises/stretches for that athlete? Not necessarily, but it would not have harmed them. What's… Continue

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Searching for the Thoracic Spine

Recently I had a two-part article on swing speed for rotational athletes published on both and In both sections (I think) I talked about the importance for thoracic-spine mobility in reference to throwing and swinging. The "X-factor" (dissociation between the shoulders and LPHC) is a very sticky concept within the golf-community, and with other types of rotational athletes, is doesn't take much to convince them of the importance of a good shoulder turn… Continue

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NSCA Bulletin Version 31.10

For those interested, the latest NSCA bulletin has been published: Version 31.10, concerning the month of October 2009. New in this bulletin:

-Ambush and Recovery (A Soldier's Testimonial)

-Education and Certification News

-Volunteers Needed

-Sport-Specific Training Conference and Webinar Announcements

-And more...

To view and/or download the document click… Continue

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Top 5 Performance Training Tips


Unlock your true potential!

Top 5 Performance Training Tips!


"The king of lower body exercises," is a movement that all serious athletes must master. The Squat and its many variations, is perhaps the greatest exercise out there for performance enhancement! To perform any style of squat correctly, there are a many muscle, joint, and mobility requirements that must be met first: hip, knee and ankle flexibility; core… Continue

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