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The Bowerman Influence

U10P1T1D86876F9DT20080807160100 Bill Bowerman had a huge influence on my decision to be a track coach. In the winter of 1968; my senior year in college at Fresno Sate Bowerman came to speak as the featured speaker at the first ever Fresno Sate Track & Field Clinic, he was brought to Fresno by Red…


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Simplicity Yields Complexity

I am a simplifier. If I can’t explain it in five minutes or less and explain to someone who knows nothing about training an athlete then I should reconsider what I am trying to do. The following is a summary of the process of preparing a completely adaptable athlete to be ready to compete to win at the appointed time:…


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Training Session Management

In coaching there are three management functions

1) Training Session Management

2) Competition Management…


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It’s Still Just A Number

In many ways the rush Random numbers to gather numbers in the guise of monitoring and measuring training and…


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Head and Neck Training for Wrestling

Dr. Ralph Cornwell Interview

October 10, 2014 — 2 Comments…

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Making Connections

One of the key aspects of a good training or rehab programs is making connections. Recognize that the body is a kinetic chain and we always need to be aware of how we are making connections between all the links in the chain. Ask yourself if in fact you are connecting or are you disconnecting? Remember that the core is the relay center; it is the center of the action, but not the originator of the action so it plays a…


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Online team collaboration

Teambuildr recently announced a team texting feature.  You can check out the feature below.  I'm interested to hear if/how online collaboration is changing how strength coaches communicate to and with the teams under their charge.  Do you communicate to your athletes online and/or use an online platform to enable your athletes to communicate to each other about their training challenges and wins in a secure environment?  …


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Buyer Beware - EMG Studies and Muscle Action

Put a muscle at a mechanical disadvantage or isolate it and you will get high degree of muscle action on an EMG. Put that muscle into a movement where it is has to work with other muscles and now watch what happens. The pattern of activity will be quite different. In the first case the muscle is screaming at you to set it free to let it work to its fullest capabilities as part of a team. In the later case the muscle is…


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Big Picture Thinking

As you surely know by now I think the big picture is very important, so important that you should never lose sight of it. First to be able to think of the big picture you need a plan. The more detailed the plan the better.  What is the big picture? It is an overview of the whole process and the objectives to be able to get to the big picture. What does it do? It lends perspective and context to what we are doing. It…


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Becoming An Athlete

This is a blog that I originally wrote in 2008, no need to reinvent the wheel, it is just as relevant today as when I wrote six years ago.

Yesterday during training I had a some time to step back and observe the athletes, not just my athletes but the football players and wrestlers who were in the weight room at the same…


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2015 Spring Internship Opportunity

The University of Mississippi is accepting applications for a spring semester internship position that would work with the Football Strength and Conditioning Department.  This is an unpaid position that is responsible for assisting the Ole Miss Strength and Conditioning Staff with the implementation of the off-season program and all other departmental functions.  This internship program contains an academic portion, which entails multiple readings and assignments, as well as a hands on…


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The Parable of the Buses

This parable was inspired by the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins.

Education school day care yellow school bus toy antique side view There were two buses, both going to the same destination. One bus was a rickety old yellow…


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How Coaches Can Get Better At Getting Better

How Coaches Can Get Better At Getting Better

Here in part one of this podcast series we discuss the following while focusing on the first part of his book titled ‘Rethinking Practice':

What does it mean to ‘engage the dream…


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Training Balance & Balanced Training

What is needed in training is appropriate physical preparation to support and where possible enhance the quality of the sport specific technical and tactical training. They all go hand in glove. All aspects of training are highly interdependent and must be trained in varied proportions at all times of the training year. You can artificially try to separate them but to be most effective you need to recognize and take…


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The Thrill of Drills

Neat complex drills using a myriad of props have an innate allure. I must admit when I see a drill or an exercise I have not seen before I video it or write it down. But here is the problem and it is a big problem – the drills or exercises often have no connection with what actually happens in the sport. They look like it, but transfer is minimal. Transfer is king here if the goal is to make the athlete better at their…


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Searching for Specificity

In my 44 years of coaching I have gone back and forth in regard to specificity. At times I have tried to make training as specific as possible going to ridiculous lengths to simulate the sport. At other times it was not even a consideration, we just trained with no regard to whether or not it had any resemblance to the sport. Obviously those are the extremes. With accumulation of experiences and better understanding of…


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Husson University Strength and Conditioning Coach Volunteer

Husson University Strength and Conditioning is accepting applications for a Spring 2015 Strength and Conditioning Volunteer. This is an unpaid position. Volunteer responsibilities include: Assisting with implementation of strength and conditioning programs at Husson University; Assisting with daily operations and facility/equipment maintenance; Effective set up and take down of strength and conditioning facilities for all programs at Husson University. Volunteer qualifications…


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Developing Athletes Introduction

Thus is the introduction to the book I am working on titled “Developing Athletes.” I thought I would share this with you now as I finally begin writing again after a long interruption. I plan on sharing excerpts as I write. I hope that if you were interested you would send me ideas, input and perspectives that you have on this subject. Other ideas and perspectives will help me make it a better…


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It’s not the bat!

This is from the feature story in last weeks Sports Illustrated “Exit Stage Center” about Derek Jeter by Tom Verducci. If you want some great insights into sustained excellence, competitive greatness and leadership read this article. This story in the article about the bat really resonated with me.

“The day Jeter reported to the Gulf…


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