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Eddie Jones – Building Sustainable Performance Excellence – Part Two

After going through the Japan Way Eddie then went onto to detail the Five Components of Building a Championship Team but before that he underscored the Japan Way values of Pride, Respect and Courage and  how important it was to live those values not just speak them.



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Eddie Jones – Building Sustainable Performance Excellence – Part One

Eight_col_Eddie_Jones_Japan_16x10 Eddie Jones is coach of the Japanese Rugby team that has shaken the rugby world by their performances at the 2015 world cup highlighted by their opening match upset of South Africa, a real David slays Goliath moment -…


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GAIN Introduction Presentation

GAIN_logo_new copy GAIN is an acronym for Gambetta Athletic Improvement Network. GAIN 2016 will be our ninth year. Each year at GAIN I give an opening presentation on the state of GAIN looking at the philosophy of GAIN…


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I don't know if your like me, but I find myself continuously communicating with the groups I work with about dietary supplements and related entities such as energy drinks.  I am hard-pressed to go too long without witnessing someone dealing with the negative effects of such concoctions especially energy drinks or pre-workout…


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SPS Performance Concepts Chat - Episode 005

In episode 005 of our podcast, listen to Derek Hansen and I talk about the role and value of free play in athletic development.

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If you are doing so-called finishers – Whether they are heavy sled pulls or sets to exhaustion, anything in the form of a so called “gut check” to make the athlete tougher – Think again and ask yourself what you are doing? Why are you doing them? In all probability you are negating the effects of the previous segments of the workout by doing something totally incompatible and contradictory to what came before. For…


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How do I know what’s right?

Recently during a presentation to swim coaches on dryland training, a coach asked me how he could know that what I was saying was right? He pointed out that the next day someone else was going to speak on the same topic as me and he could have a diametrically opposed position. My answer was quite succinct - you don’t know. Never forget that context is king. You must do what is right for you and your athletes. What is…


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Making Shapes

This is another way to look at flexibility. You can look at flexibility as the range of motion around a joint that you can control - certainly valid. You can also look at it as the correct amount of motion through the required range of motion, at the correct in the correct plane at the correct time – also valid. But a simpler way might be to use the paradigm of shapes inspired by Eyal Lederman in his book…


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Photo And Vid Opportunity With SMARTER Team Training

I am excited to announce new partnerships and continue with many that have been with SMARTER Team Training for many years now. But not quite yet. Some hints have been added on …


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Function, Form, Perform

This morning during my morning swim, I reflected on three words, FUNCTION, FORM, PERFORM, and their inter-relationship to training.  Collectively, these three words have a lot of meaning within the performance training continuum.   



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Mental Toughness

Prior to the Cubs/Cards game on Friday night I saw a quick camera view of Cubs Manager Joe Maddon talking with sports psychologist Dr. Ken Ravizza in the Cubs dugout. 

Dr. Ravizza has some really great youtube videos regarding Mental Toughness…


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5 Ways to Move Your Workout Indoors (for the Winter)

While it might be true that working out in nature is healthier, more pleasant and cheaper, beggars can’t be choosers when the coldest of seasons is at the door. There are far more options out there than simply opting for a gym subscription, although this is in no way a bad thing. Moving your workout indoors can be a hugely beneficial thing while you’re waiting for spring to blossom. and it’s a hell of a better option than sitting it out while your…


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Are you equipped to educate your athletes on the long term approach?

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my ax.” - Abraham Lincoln

Have you ever experienced athletes or fitness clients coming to you to become faster or more powerful for a certain activity?

They often bring the expectation that they will be spending the most time - beginning immediately! - training with the most obvious power and speed exercises, like Olympic lifting, sprinting etc.

However, taking into consideration how the body works…


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SMARTER Team Training And Instagram

We have been working HARD to provide incredible content on our social media. And this is where most people may stop reading...

If you are still on board with the message, there is amazing content being shared on SMARTER Team Training's Twitter, Facebook fan page, and YouTube outlets. But my goal this year was to share over 1000 new images and impactful messages on Instagram. The feedback has been…


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Thanks to Interns

Hey, God bless interns.  Many of us have served in this capacity.  Personally, along my path I have completed (3) clinical internship experiences as well as served as a volunteer strength coach at the NFL level for a couple of teams. …


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Tactical Perspective: The Problems

From a tactical strength and conditioning (TSAC) perspective we have many challenges facing clinicians.  If I was going to create a problem-oriented record it may look like this:

1.  Injuries are the number one health expenditure of the military.

2.  The average American…


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Changing the Game

The only way you change the change the game is to change how you prepare for the game. Now we are in NBA preseason and on the NBA channel they are traveling to the various training camps and interviewing coaches and players. It was the same in NFL preseason. What do see in the background – The same old time worn drills, players standing around in lines, coaches talking, players not listening much less learning. You see…


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Countdown to Rio - What are you doing?

Rio-Olympics-2016-logo-640x360 Right now as I write this post there are athletes all over the world preparing for the Olympic games in Rio. I can’t help but wonder how many will be victimized by that fatal disease called the Olympic year syndrome. That syndrome is defined by doing more work, adding…


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