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It’s Not About The Coffee

Index I am a big fan of Starbucks and believe me it is not about the coffee because I am not much of a coffee drinker. I could not tell Sumatra Plus from instant coffee, but I do know one thing about Starbucks it is all about the experience. The joke among friends and family is…


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Physiology and Baseball Pitchers

Studies that examine athletes' physiological markers during and after sports competition help clinicians, sports scientists, and human performance coaches better understand what's happening to the body as the result of exertion during competition.  Interestingly, the topic of physiological response to exercise has come-up a few times over the past several years in cases of exercise-induced rhabdomyolysis among the cross-fit…


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Coaching the Total Athlete

Think about it, a training year is just 365 days.  To some this seems like a lot of time, but I'll tell you in terms of a coach being a change agent in the lives of youth, warrior or competitive athletes, it's like the blink of an eye.  Helping to develop performance attributes and athletic tradecraft simultaneously for a specific population is not an easy task and one that I've found…


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Failure - A viable option?

I find it interesting how popular failure has become. Experts are writing books about how important failure is. There are blog post and comments galore. Hate to say I told so, but I discovered how important failure was over fifty years ago. I was a thirteen-year-old ninth grader and I failed miserably in school. A grade of C was a good grade, heck I could not even take PE maybe my only chance to get above a C because of…


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Periodization and the Systematic Sport Development Process – Part Three

Periodization is a viable concept that certainly will help improve our sport development system, but we also need trained coaches to plan and then implement the plan. A productive sport development system is coach driven and athlete centered. The solution lies in educating our coaching in the principles of planning in order to optimize resources and time. To achieve athletic success in any kind of systematic manner,…


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Periodization and the Systematic Sport Development Process – Part Two

Matveyev was one of many who formalized the concept. Because he was Russian, and the Soviet Union was the dominant geopolitical force in the communist bloc, Soviet ideology tended to prevail even in sport. This explains the dominant influence of the Soviets in the literature of training methodology. Certainly, there were others like Harre in the GDR who made significant contributions.  Still, most of what we see in the…


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Periodization and the Systematic Sport Development Process – Part One

Periodization is simply planning. It is something that effective coaches have done forever. Planning gives direction and purpose to the training. It also provides a context to evaluate performance aside from wins and losses or personal records. Periodization is a concept not a model. It is a systematic attempt to gain control of the adaptive response to training in preparation for competition. There is little “hard…


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What is the WORST type of Athlete to work with?

You are having an initial meeting/consultation with a prospective athlete/client.

As a professional, you know that initially your objective is to establish rapport.

Rapport is defined as “a relationship marked by harmony, agreement, respect, accord or affinity; a relationship of mutual understanding and agreement between people.”

In other words, establishing rapport is to answer two questions:

  1. Do I like you/trust you? Do you like me/I trust me?
  2. Do I…

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Who Lost The Compass?

Squat on physioball Somewhere along the way someone lost the compass and is navigating with an outdated map. This was written twelve years ago, it is just as applicable today as it was then. “Nevertheless, the…


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Interns Train the Best in the World

Interns Train the Best in the World

by Riley Steinmetz

PARK CITY, Utah (Oct. 30) - In sports where wins are calculated in hundredths of seconds, athletes need a skilled team to make them Best in the World. The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team High Performance staff is constantly innovating and creating new programs to ensure athletic success. The…

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What is Training?

Training is not about the hurt or pain; it is not about puking and being at the max in each workout. That is not training. Training is systematic, sequential and progressive; it incorporates hard workouts and easy workouts to allow the body to adapt. Work is easy training is hard. Anyone can do mindless work that wears out the body; not very many can focus and put the pieces together to systematically improve performance…


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Moving to Learn and Learning to Move

If you want to learn about how to move spend fifteen or twenty minutes and watch kids play. I mean free non-directed play with no adult supervision or guidance. There are no limits, few inhibitions and no constraints. There is an unbelievable flow to what they do. We need to learn from this. The more we encourage and let our athletes be kids again the better they will be. Instead we start “coaching” them at young ages…


Added by Vern Gambetta on November 14, 2013 at 5:58am — 1 Comment

Periodization is too complicated?

“All that talk about “fitting the system to the athlete” instead of “fitting the athlete to the system sounds great, but I still feel that periodization sounds too complicated.”

“Furthermore, I don’t have the time to sit down and write a periodized training program for the athletes/ fitness clients that I work with.”

The above sentences describe the type of feedback I sometimes receive when I speak to strength coaches and personal trainers about The Flexible…


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Use Gravity - Don't abuse it

Defy it - But you can’t deny it

Enhance Gravity - Don’t chance it

Resist Gravity - It will persist

You can cheat Gravity, but it’s tough to beat it

Gravity is an amazing force that determines everything we do in training. To re-frame your thinking…


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Spaceflight Fitness Specialist Certification Pre-sale Registration Open

The industry first, Spaceflight Fitness Specialist certification is now open for pre-sale registration.  Visit for more information.  

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Innovation and Change

Everyone likes to think of innovation and change as major things you have to do. Radical departures if you will. I think of change as a constant, if you are not continually changing and adapting then you are not growing. The same with innovation, it is an ongoing process. If you want to stay ahead of the game then change and innovation is part of your daily routine. You have to see your world with different eyes. You…


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The Best Elitefts™ Sports Performance Articles of October 2013

The Best Elitefts Sports Performance Articles of October 2013

Elitefts™ strives to bring you the best sports performance training information from some of the most experienced coaches in the industry. Below is a collection of some of the best articles from the month of October 2013.

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Getting Better at Making Your Athletes Better

These are five books that every coach must read if you want to get better at making your athletes better. Ultimately how you you teach determines how effective you will be as a coach. I find it ironic that people spend incredible amounts of time studying sport sciences, learning technique and neglect how to teach - It is the pedagogical foundation that gave older generations of coaches the ability…


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Coaching - A Process

Coaching has been my life’s focus. I have had great role models and coaching mentors to guide me on this journey. I know it takes passion, commitment and focus, it also demands balance in your life if you want to be truly effective. Technical knowledge and proficiency is a given, that is the easy part. What exactly is coaching? Coaching is a process that has a strong foundation in pedagogy, supported by science, and…


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NSCA National Conference: MMA Training, Intermittent Fasting, and More

Presentations from Joel Jamieson, Dr. John Berardi, Dr. Disa Hatfield, and Mike Favre from the NSCA National Conference In Las Vegas, NV

Read the Article Here

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